i gotta lot to talk about

Ok just a big blabbering of topics, would love comments or advice on any of them:

1. Protein and Bringing Back Eggs: Now about a month and a half ago I gave up eggs. This was after reading Skinny Bitch and deciding that I need to go as close to Vegan as possible. Well since then the weight went downa  good 10lbs, but now it is resting in a slump…boo. My big concern is Im not getting enough protein to help with err…digestion. I mean I eat fiber like its going out of business, but fiber has to have something to stick to (like protein) to work its magic. I tried the whole Greek Yogurt thing and just didnt like it (but please note I have creamy texture issues….do not make me eat pudding…gag) I dont do beans in the AM cause they take too long and that just seems odd. So Im thinking of bringing back the eggs, or egg whites, or Egg Beaters. Opinions on this? I need to do a little diet re vamp in hopes of shocking my body into dropping weight again.

2. Food Processors: I want one. A good-ish one. Easy to clean, under $75. Tell me what you know.

3. Wii Fit and Golds Gym for Wii: Im trying to do my Wii Fit more, trying to boost my working out in all ways. Mr. Gaunt bought me Golds Gym Cardio for Wii so far Im not in love, it seems to pretty much be only boxing with a little jump rope. Im gonna try it with Mr. Gaunt and see if he can figure it out for me. It does play Journey though when your working out so thats at least 5 cool points.

4. Underwear: I finally got new underwear! I bought a number of kinds, but my favorite are these cute ones from American Eagle 5 for $25! Woo hoo! I also got two new bras at Vicki’s. I heart new undies!

5. WORK WORK WORK: So they moved me BACK to the front end, so no more chickens, this is not because I said something, but becuase they are dumb and mixed things up. Although yesterday I got to be door greeater for 8 hours. My feet hurt. I interviewed last Thursday for Mr. Gaunts team and will hear in a week or so. Fingers crossed.

6. Crafts: I have my first craft fair coming up in October. I signed up back in May I think. I have since put my Etsy shop on vacation because I was focusing on all this stuff. The show is over the weekend and my work wont let me have it off, hopefully by then I will have a new job starting shortly and can just quit. I think I should start working on stuff again, get back into the whole crafting thing. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “i gotta lot to talk about

  1. Hey Morg!

    God, I feel like I’m in the EXACT same place you are right now. I have been hovering on the same weight for almost a month now! It really sucks not seeing a drop in numbers!! I think you’re right when you said we need to maybe “shock” our bodies into losing weight again. Some ideas (for both of us):

    1. I think you should re-introduce eggs into your diet. They are an excellent source of protein, they’re filling, and they taste yummy. I know Skinny Bitch says bad bad eggs, but I think you have already cut out so much animal based food, that eggs are fine!

    2. At least for myself, I gotta revamp my diet. Something I’m doing isn’t working… the last few weeks I’ve been eating way more carbs than usual, and I’ve not been planning meals. Maybe we need to take time each day to set aside for meal planning and stick to the plan!

    3. The last few weeks I’ve adjusted my gym routine. Your body gets used to doing the same work out and then it doesn’t respond as highly to that work out… so you gotta mix it up. I cut out seated weight machines because I was kind of getting bulkier muscles, not long lean ones. Do you have free weights at home? Like 5-15 lb ones. You might try to get a set and work out with those. Free weights are a great way to tone and shape and building muscle burns fat after your work out.

    4. I got new undies from AE to!!

    5. CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT!!! It seems to feed your soul!!!

  2. Are you getting enough calories?? I know this sounds crazy but when you lose a lot of weight quickly your body at some point will basically think you are starving and start stubbornly holding onto what it can for survival. And eggs are a great source of protein and energy in the morning! I eat 2 scrambled, no butter, just salt and pepper. But I only eat 1 egg yolk of the 2..Keep it up!

  3. coral (the health freak) is a big fan of eggs. if you make two, only eat one yolk, throw the other one out, because that’s where all the cholesterol is. (or just buy the egg whites, i bought a small container of egg whites for $2 at safeway). and you need to craft again because i want you to make me something! i LOVED chris and amanda’s gift and want something to put in our new apartment!

    • Oh I will make you something! Send me your address in a private convo on facebook and I will make you and coral something bad ass!

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