Leaving the Country to Shop

My friend Jenna and I went up to Canada on Saturday to go to H&M (we don’t have one in Bellingham) and to dinner for her Birthday. Canada is only 30 minutes north of our house, and with an enhanced license you don’t need a passport to go.  Vancouver is crazy busy, but H&M was great, cheap basics galore! We had dinner in White Rock, because Vancouver was just too crazy. We need a parking lot, we are small town girls. (:

Purchased the teal dress underneath, not the yellow tank.

Purchased lavender tank and orange cardigan

$7 basic white t’s

Cute dress, but a little too tight on the butt

Purchased this navy pocket dress…$5!!!!

This is what I wore to go shopping. The shirt is from a thrift store for $3, and the capris are from Maurices for $20

Oh and these new dressing room photos are all brought to you by my new camera (my other one finally died after heavy use for 4 years) which is this SONY Cyber-shot I debated for a long time about getting the Canon Rebel t2i that I have dreaming of, or another point and shoot. In the end I couldn’t afford both (well, I really couldn’t afford the Canon) and I decided I would use the point-n-shoot more often, so I bought it after our first wedding we worked. So far I’m really pleased. I went with the same brand and model as my old one (which was the WORLDS GREATEST POINT-N-SHOOT!!) but the much upgraded HD, 3D 16.2 version. I’ve been testing it, and I’m really pleased with how it does in natural light, low light, and even the dark. I’m still hoping to get the Canon this year, but a vacation for the husband and I might take priority.

More regular blogging will return now that I have a camera. (:

Spring Weight Loss, and Cooking

Oh the battle continues. If nothing else, at least I haven’t gained MORE than 25 pounds. not that a 25 pound gain isn’t substantial, because trust me, my pants tell me it is. Buuut after I gained 25 pounds a year ago, I have managed to go down 12 pounds (at my wedding) and then back up 12 pounds, but no higher.  Which means there are a few pairs of pants that I can no longer wear (which were my fitted pants at my smallest) but other than that, I haven’t really had to buy a new “fatter” wardrobe. However today I ripped some linen pants (truth be told I wore them to the threads last summer) but needless to say they felt a smidge tighter this year, and sure enough the threads gave way and ripped. Ugg….so fat. Which also puts me at ZERO capris (homie doesn’t wear shorts…eww) for this summer. Speaking of Capri’s, I’m feeling like I don’t even know what Capri trends are this year. Who can clue me in? Is it skinnies? Linen? Boyfriend? I’ll have to look this up. As you can tell I have not stepped foot in a  mall this season.

Moving on from Capris, I’m still (and let’s get real here folks, as long as there are cupcakes and potato chips on this earth, always will be) on a mission to lose 25 pounds. The weather is nicer, and I’m spending more time in my yard, and less time on the couch. Mr. Gaunt and I have stocked the fridge with healthy food tonight, including bottled water (which I know is bad, blah blah, but its the only way I drink water). My hope is to get back on track with cooking!!! My family really really likes to eat out, and there are tons of great restaurants in Bellingham, BUT it’s so easy to make it a habit. Therefore we are going to really try to only eat out on the weekends. All of this in attempts to just get a little more in shape for summer.

Tonight I searched “Healthy baking” on Pinterest, and got some great ideas for snacks. First up I made these NO BAKE ENERGY BALLS. I made a couple of substitutions, being no chocolate chips (that just makes them candy in my house) I also did flax meal (is that the same as ground flax seed?) and I did Apple infused Honey, because I found it on sale at the BGO.  All the ingredients (besides the honey) I actually had on hand too! These are pretty yummy, in a granola bar/oatmeal cookie sort of way. Although not so amazing I will eat them all in one sitting. Which is pretty much the key to all food in my house.

I also whipped up some of these Zucchini Parmesan bites, which actually ARE amazing, so I might eat all of them before I have time to take a photo tomorrow. We will see. I felt really proud of myself because I actually used frozen shredded Zucchini from last summer! Go me!

Last but not least, I’m really trying to do some interesting things with my hair. Pinterest is just riddled with adorable do’s, I really shouldn’t be so hair-lazy.

Also in BARGAIN SHOPPING NEWS: Guess who found (not expired) Aveno Spray Waterproof Sunscreen for $1.99 a bottle at the BGO today! THIS GIRL! That is such a good deal on spray sunscreen! I stocked up too, we are pale folks.

Plus What?

I hate the word “Plus Size” almost as much as I hate “Full figured” “curvy” or “Big girl” gag. These are stupid terms that I hate. I’m actually fine with XXL-XXXXL to describe a size, don’t try to cute it up by saying “Voluptuous” gross.  In my life I have shopped for a lot of “Plus Size” clothing, lots. Its one of the most unpleasant things about not being thin, the clothing. On top of that, I SWEAR I have a body shaped like NO ONE ELSE. Well maybe my mom, she is pretty much shaped just like me (not my sister though). First thing is whenever I see “Plus Size” models, they ALWAYS have thin arms and legs, always. This is so they can make them seem sexier by putting them in some super short tent dress. “LOOK, WE COVERED HER FAT MIDDLE AND CHECK OUT THOSE GAMS!”

I do not (really) have a fat middle. In fact based on my measurements and proportion, my waste is the smallest part of my body. My WASTE is a size 14. HOWEVER I have the hips, thighs, shoulders and arms of a LINEBACKER….


I don’t even have to wear those pads to make my thighs that big.  Skinny jeans for instance are EVERYWHERE! They encourage fat and skinny girls alike to rock those denim leggings! I however could NEVER wear skinny jeans, ever. My legs look like sausage casings, and its AWFUL. See here is what a “Plus Size” girl is supposed to look like in skinny jeans, and me in skinny jeans…

Ha! See the difference? See my calves trying to burst through those jeans. See the bunching around the knees, the only place where that poor denim can even breathe! That’s not cute! Give me a wide leg trouser STAT!

Also my arms, they are only slightly smaller around than my thighs. My arms also took quite the beating deflating when I lost a bunch of weight. They are ugly from every angle. They sag and bunch and buldge. I like them best in a 3/4 length shirt, its absolutely the most flattering. I have actually perfected the art of taking photos that reduce my arms size by at least 40% I almost feel bad that I have deceived you all into thinking I DIDNT have world largest arms, but I do. Oooh! Here I’ll show you a  few precious “arm” gems!

This photo captures the elbow fat quite nicely!

Good LORD! I dont even know why I'm showing these to you. Here are my beast arms at work on our patio.

This was a few weeks ago when I was stung by a bee. THANKS bee for making my fat arm even fatter!

Mr. Gaunt always catches my "best" features in photos...gag.

So as you can see, I had a good reason for needing a little caplet/cardigan/sleeve with my wedding dress. Most of the time though I do still rock a tshirt or tanktop (and an occasional strapless dress) because who really cares but me. But I do care, and its a never ending struggle in my life, these fat arms of mine.

These are photos of a wedding dress that I actually considered for a minute. I thought it did nice things for my waist. In the end I couldn’t look past the arms/shoulders so I went with a non-strapless dress.

So yeah, this body has its challenges. Not that other bodies don’t, but sometime I think people think that I have a “Skinny” Fat body (mostly due to my smaller waste) but that just isn’t true.

However there is a point to this blog other than pointing out all my flaws…lol! The point is that there are some AMAZINGLY cute plus size clothing out there (if your rich and don’t mid purchasing online) kidding…no…not really. Here are some websites that seem awesome:




-Swak Designs




Salmon, not the fish.

Well my one day off FLEW by, obviously. Not much was done, nothing around the house. I did however go on Saturday before work and got a new Sports Bra and a new dress. Oddly they are the same color. Then on Saturday night Mr. Gaunt and I had Date Night! We got dressed up and went to eat at Pepper Sisters (my landlord is the owner) it was amazing! Then we got super drunk on wine, went dancing with my sister and walked home.

(My camera was dead all weekend so all the photos are from Mr. Gaunt’s cell phone, so they aren’t great)

This is what I wore Saturday morning. Its sort of exciting, as these jeans havent fit in like 6 months, and I really like them. They are smidge long (really cute with heels) but they have a smaller waist and now they fit! Motivation.

I tried on a few sports bras, and this one fit the best. I like a little bit thicker bra that really straps everything back, no boob-moveage over here. And it was a fun color! The bra is Nike’s Swift Running Bra, similar to this one. It was slightly fancier than my last one, but I think I deserve it…(: I’m excited to try it out tomorrow morning.

This is the dress I bought. Mr. Gaunt says Salmon is my color. This dress is just stretch cotton, it will be great for summer (if summer gets here). I personally don’t like my legs at all, so I think it might be a little short. I will probably wear leggings unless it gets super hot. Mr. Gaunt and my sister disagree on the length issue, maybe I’ll take it for a bare leg test run.

This next week will be pretty exhausting. I just have to focus on working out and eating healthy. No matter how crazy things get or how tired I am I have to stay focused. Being worn out is a crappy excuse to let your body go, and its so easy to do that. Not this time though, I have my priorities and this blog to keep me held accountable.


Summer Wardrobe!

I have no money at all, so I also am not buying any summer clothing. However if someone gave me $200 right now, you bet your ass I would run to the mall and SHOP! Oh glorious shopping, how I miss thee, with your clearance racks and dressing room mirrors (for blog photo shoots) and your new patio decorations…droool. NO! no shopping for me.

So I’m doing a little virtual shopping today, for things I would buy if I had money to blow. Click on any picture to go the site.

LOFT - $39.50

LOFT - $79.50

LOFT - $39.50

GAP - $34.95

GAP - $22.99

J.CREW - $88.00

J.CREW - $34.50

J.CREW - $65.00

Seems like all Capris this season are skinny. In my opinion only black capris should be allowed to be skinny…

I am in desperate need of some casual cotton or jersey dresses. All of mine are bit more formal. Moving from Colorado to here I definitely feel like my wardrobe needs to be a bit more casual. I havent pulled out my heals since my first week here. Poor heels, I promise to wear you again soon! I also think I hate all of the sandals this season. They aren’t quite as awful as the Gladiator look, but still a bit too much strap for me. Although I’m a simple sandal kind of girl.

I also need a big sun hat….like BIG!

Priorities now will be 1 or 2 cheap cotton stretch dresses and bras (regular and sport). The rest can be a just a dream…..


She Needs…

Tonight for the first time in a long time I am having a few “I NEED IT” pangs.

Things I currently am feeling like I MUST HAVE:

1. The ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol with friends on patios.

2. The ability to drop $500 on clothing, shoes, and accessories for summer.

Obviously neither will be happening for me. I have made choices that require sacrifice. Moving here and quitting my job means that I am happier despite the fact that I can’t go buy a new wardrobe. Also the NEED to lose 45 pounds in the next 4.5 months ALSO means no to alcohol (and for that matter no new clothing either)

So that’s that.

I might go buy myself a Starbucks to feed my need to drink and consume all at the same time. I love Starbucks. The End.