Finding Focus

I’m having a bit of a struggle these days finding something to focus on, and feeling strong enough to actually do anything. A killer headache that lasted all day today made me feel fat, lazy and sad. I feel like the wedding really took a lot out of me, and mellowing down is both much need, and frustratingly difficult for me. I WANT to do nothing, but after a few hours of laying around I feel the internal struggle of my mind saying “You should be doing something!” Sigh.

Mr. Gaunt

my momma

The wedding also produced a lot of stuff and a lot of garbage. Lots. It’s taken us 3 weeks to get it all under control, and we still have boxes of stuff to sell or give away, and wedding gifts to find a home. Before we moved I had made an honest effort to downsize and get rid of all the extra STUFF, but now its back! Gah! A lot of it has to do with the fact that there are 3 grownups living in a pretty small 2 bedroom house, plus my sister has some stuff in our garage, and we have a bunch of wedding stuff. On top of that, our neighborhood LOVES to give stuff away for free, and the men in my house love to scoop that stuff up. We have an excess of patio furniture, chairs, tools, etc in our garage, all that we got for free.  Needless to say I foresee a garage sale in the spring. We are also sharing 1 dresser and 1 TINY (like 3 feet wide) closet between the two of us, and that just sucks!

My job right now is well…boring. It is what it is, it’s not the worst thing in the world. The biggest problem is that it gives me way too much time to think about things. I sit and think about all the things I should do, with my job, my blog, my life in general. Its frustrating. I so want to have the strength and energy to move forward on some of my projects, but for whatever reason, I’m just not able to. I often think I need a partner (not Mr. Gaunt) to be the 2nd half to push me into something. My job is also making me take 5 unpaid weeks off before January 27th…eeek!

Lastly, my weight. I had planned to give myself a month off after the wedding, to chill out. To eat what I want, and not workout. I’m 3 weeks in, and I feel like shit, absolute shit. I feel fat and bloated, my skin feels bad, I feel tired and weak all over. Before the wedding, despite not having lost much weight, I actually felt really strong and fit. I was running 12-15 miles a week, eating small healthy foods, and felt pretty good. Cutting myself off from all of that (as fun as it might have seemed) has made me feel awful. I think tomorrow I will go running again (which I can now do outside as it’s not too hot) and ditch the sweets, cheese, cream, fat, carbs. I need more lean proteins, vegetables and water in my diet…STAT! I actually haven’t stepped on a scale in over a month, and I’d like to feel comfortable enough to do so by the time we go to Colorado (November 26th).

So for now I’m working through each day, trying to let life flow naturally and not stress about what I should be doing, could be doing, or want to be doing.  Oh and the pictures through out this post are just random fall fun (:


Facebook for Skinny!

Look over there ——————>

That’s my blog’s Facebook page! This way I only annoy my friends who want to be annoyed, and readers of my blog that I don’t know in real life can get facebook updates too. Baby steps.

I also changed up the blog theme a little in appearance. The Header photo is from our Honeymoon in Oregon. I still hope to be able to get a real custom blog layout made for me at some point this year, we will see.

I will leave you with a few other Honeymoon shots that are cute…

Wedding Thanks


We celebrated our Moons Over My Honey this past week, and now we are back and ready to settle down.

The wedding week, wedding, and Honeymoon were all a whirlwind of action, and I’m so very ready to just hang out and do normal stuff again, like eat meals and hang out with friends, and hug Hula.

I think the thing I’m having the hardest time with right now is finding a good way to say Thank You to everyone who helped us. It was such a great gift to have all of our friends and family in town and come together to help us put on (what many have told me was) the BEST WEDDING EVER (I may be biased). We are waiting on a few pics from our photographer (who by the way, rocked my socks off!) to make our THANK YOU cards, but until then, because the people closest to me know this is my favorite place to express myself, let me say

(Black Apple)

A few shout outs need to go to:

-Deborah Malone – For making all of my flowers AMAZING (my bouquet had Kale!)

-Grandma and Grandpa – For cooking the most delicious wedding food of all time!

-Aunt Jody- For making almost all the desserts for the dessert bar (people are still talking about the carrot cake Cake-pops!)

-Hilary Hall – Describe by many as “The perfect choice for your officiant” Graceful and professional to boot!

-Amanda DeRosa – For greeting all of our guests, and helping us with our guestbook/notes ( a project I will share soon)

-David Clausen, Ricardo Gil, Amanda DeRosa- For taking lots of pictures so we have something to entertain us before the real pictures get her. And for swamping Facebook with my wedding.

-Linda Melim (mom) for busting her ass to make sure everything went smoothly from start to bitter end finish.

Taylor Rae- For doing all of the hair and makeup for the bridesmaids, and looking damn good herself!

-Mallory Malone – For being the absolute best Maid of Honor anyone could ever ask for!

-Aaron Iwagoshi – For getting our Keg, hanging our fans, and digging through our house when we lost our marriage license. You helped more than we could imagine!

Deborah Gilbert & Mary Catania- For making two very special side dishes for Mr. Gaunt (and everyone)

And lastly all of the wedding party (Mat, Kelli, Drew, Rita, Dane, Taylor, Jake, Mallory, Dan, Danielle) and extended wedding party (Jenny, Jared, Dana, Arpita, Sarah) for helping us with the fastest and most efficient wedding set up ever!

And of course everyone who flew in from out of town, drove from far away, sent cards and well wishes via mail, text, and facebook, and everyone in town who all helped us celebrate! Mr. Gaunt and I are eternally grateful to share our day with all of you, and if anyone ever needs wedding help, or anything, we are your people!


Mr. & Mrs. Gaunt



Tonight we are sleeping on new sheets….SQUEEL!

I wont be posting much more about the wedding until our professional pictures come in a few weeks.

After a week of “SAYING YES” my body is in serious need of the gym and a healthy diet.


Ok Ok, I leave you with a few random shots from WEDDING WEEK:

Mr. Gaunt and I at our Rehearsal

Mr. Gaunt, Cecilia and me at Mr. Gaunt's Bechelor Taco Bar (women and babies allowed)

my own Bachelorette party wasnt so tame.

Me and Cecilia, setting up the morning of the wedding.

An AMZING overcast fall day



From the Fourth

For the 4th of July we did a friends and family BBQ at the Mead Bar my moms runs. My mom made Ribs, Salmon, and BBQ Chicken and everyone else brought sides and I brought dessert…duh.

The previous tenants in or house had planted strawberries, and I was smart enough to leaved them mixed in with all the weeds this spring when I was clearing out some of the yucky beds. They have no produced TONS of strawberries. In an attempt to use what we grow I made a Strawberries, Angel Food Cake, and Whip Cream Trifle. This is the easiest yummiest dessert known to man. Of course you HAVE to use home made whip cream. I only add the tiniest bit of sugar to my home made whip cream, as I like it more natural.

My sister and I also made Patriotic Cake Pops (here you can see that they outer decorative icing is melting…ooops) they were definitely a challenge, but I want to perfect them for the wedding. I’ll do a later post on these.

Uhh…do you see that AWESOME fire pit? Yeah THAT is Mr. Gaunt and my early wedding gift from my mom! Isnt it cool! They used it for the fourth, but now it lives on our patio! If I only I had an evening off to enjoy it. Marshmallow roasting! We are too lucky!

Shockingly no one bought any fireworks (my brother usually buys a ton) but luckily my moms neighbor gave us a few boxes of cheapy sparklers. We were also really pleased to be able to see the big Bellingham Fireworks Show over the water from the bars patio!

gracious Mildly Drunk Bathroom Pic

So it was a really good fourth. It’s awesome that my family is so on board with all hanging out on Holidays! Oh and in case you didn’t know the girl with the short Platinum hair is my sister Taylor and the blonde boy is my brother Forrest.  Oh and of course the adorable woman with the nose ring in the picture with me is my mom!

Hope everyone else had a great 4th!


When to Catch up?

I have sooooo much to blog about:

-working out

-what we are eating/buying

-The Garden

-my brother moving in

-Wedding stuff

-Weight loss

-Recipes (cake pops anyone?)

-4th of July


-MY 100,000 VIEW!

-My blogs 2 year birthday (tomorrow)


BUUUUUUUT I have no time. None. Well, none to spare for blogging at least.

This morning I was actually shockingly productive:

-Watered the garden

-Ate Greek Yogurt

-When to get my car downtown

-Ran 2 miles (walked a 1/2 mile) around Lake Padden

-Got coffee

-Went grocery shopping for the week

-Mom dropped off our new wedding present (EEEK! Another thing I have to share!)

-Folded and put away all the clothes hanging on the line

-Did 1 extra load of laundry

-Cleaned the whole kitchen and washed all the 4th of July dishes

-Cleaned our bedroom

-Picked Kale for lunch

-Made scrambled eggs and sausage and Kale for lunch

Now I need to finish a painting and take a shower. I have to be at work at 3 for TEN HOURS. Are you jealous of my life…INSANITY!!!!!!!!! Anyways I managed to upload all my pictures but it will be a while before I can break them up into blog posts. Until then you get these precious little gems…


Just pics from this mornings trip to Whole Foods (very yummy recipe coming soon) and all the snow we got last night.

Hope you are staying warm today and eating yummy football food! Hula is spending her day on her heating pad, which is her favorite place on earth these days. We are off to a party, might need coffee #2 on the way out.