Weigh in: 8 Weeks Till Thanksgiving!

What the what?!

8 Weeks until Thanksgiving! That’s coming up fast! My poor fall weather will be in and out before we know it! Sad day. I LOOOOOVE fall. Today after my Weight Watchers meeting I walked (yeah usually I would drive through the drive-through) across the parking lot, and ordered a “non fat pumpkin, spice? pie? whatever yah got that tastes like pumpkin” <—Imthatgirlinthefall. Needless to say DESPITE going on vacation and eating all kind of delicious foods, I still managed to lose:

-1.2 lbs

Huzzah! That’s also pretty awesome because with a big loss like last week of 5.4 lbs, in can be hard to follow that with another loss. Anyone who watches The Biggest Loser knows the DREADED WEEK 2 can strike, often resulting in a gain. So VACATION+WEEK2 = 1.2lb LOSS = ME A HAPPY GAL!

Next week I’m shooting for a solid 2lb loss, 10,000 steps every day, and at least 1 new physical activity with Mr. Gaunt.

Oh! I just remember on top of all that, yesterday my new job had Espresso training, plus they are in the process of deciding which baked goods to sell, so they wanted us to do a taste test. SERIOUSLY FOLKS! See Proof:

That’s me in the background with some SERIOUS BITCH FACE happening.

But in the foreground you see lots and lots of pastries (there are tons more not in the photo, and this was AFTER we had taste tested them). Anyway when we first got there and she started unpacking all the treats I really debated saying “Oh I can’t, I don’t eat that stuff” but what I know about Weight Watchers, is that they encourage you to face real life decisions with control and thought. So I took about 6 different items, items I had never tried (I’m not going to taste test a bagel or a croissant when I already know what they taste like) and I sat down. I then meticulously took one SMALL bite from each one, followed by a sip of water, and gave my opinion. GOOD, DRY, YUCKY, FANTASTIC. Then I put my plate that was full of one bite samples behind me, and never looked back.  I was one of the few people who actually gave an opinion and didn’t just eat them all and say YUM! I also was the only one who had a plate full of samples after I was done. Everyone else just ate big plates full. I felt really proud of myself. YO GO GLEN COCO!

On to today’s Weight Watcher meeting topic: 8 Weeks till Thanksgiving.

If you lost 2 pounds every week, you could lose 16 pounds by Thanksgiving! Holla! That’s what I’m shooting for. This weeks challenge is to write down everything you eat, and all the exercise you do for a whole week. Then at the end of the week we are going to submit our logs (with a made up name. Which once again to prove the “oldness” of this meeting, they all made jokes about using Della Street from Perry Mason as their fake name….seriously. I plan on using Suri Cruise…obviously) and then we go over/critique the logs. Did this person use their activity points correctly? Did they eat at the right times? Where were they consuming too much sugar? That sort of stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what other people eat.

And as my personal goal (like I said above) to find one new physical activity to do. Preferably a hike that we haven’t been on. I’m making Mr. Gaunt research this.

Last someone in my meeting suggested picking out a Thanksgiving outfit now, that is maybe a little too small, and make it your goal to fit into it perfectly by Thanksgiving! Love it!

Have a Happy Friday!



Ending the Year Quietly.

I’m going to take a break from this blog. Not a forever break, but at least until the end of the year.

Mr. Gaunt and I have started our own Event Clean up, Set up and Coordination company that we are really trying to focus our energy on. Our company is called TIED BOW and you can see our Wedding Inspiration blog here. We have a big wedding convention January 8th that we are getting ready for.

W are also continuing to do our custom portrait paintings that you can check out here. There’s still time to order for Christmas!

This year has been such a whirlwind of change, that I just need a breather. I of course love this blog so much, but I just don’t have the energy to share like I use to. I’m hoping the new year will bring me new job opportunities that allow me to spend more time doing the things I love…like blogging.

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving! I know we did!


Mr. & Mrs. Gaunt

Making Fall Wreaths

I didnt actually take pictures of our Wreath Making Process, but today my good friend Manda and I watched Step Mom (BEST fall movie EVER) and made awesome Fall Yarn Wreaths!

We got everything at Joann’s this afternoon, and whipped these bad boys out in a about 3 hours. The wrapping of the yarn takes the longest. Here is a link of a good How To in case you want to see how its done. We didn’t do the traditional felt flowers, instead we bought little Fall Embellishments that we hot glued on, or stabbed into the foam. I added a few Pom Poms from my wedding too!

I think they are so cute! My front door looks adorable, until you look up and see the spider web Mr. Gaunt put up…(: He’s making tombstones for the yard today too! I love living in a house.



Thanksgiving 2010


A haircut for Mr. Gaunt

Maybe a bit short?

Dressed up and ready to eat!

Pies I made. Apple and Pumpkin

Goat Cheese with Cranberries. So good with smoked oysters!



Its a beaut.

Celebrating our 3rd Thanksgiving together.

Kale Heaven



Sweet Potatoes to go with the Kale

Home Made Fried Onions.

A million Mushrooms

Ms. G and me.



Mashing after Ricing. My guns were tired.



NO Canned Green Bean Casserole here!

Michael carving the turkey

Getting good at making Gravy

Ms. G's Table

My plate.

Gluttony at its best.

After dinner nap

Mr. Gaunt and his mom

Opening Presents (his Birthday is in 3 days)

Blowing out his 30 candles


Mexican Train

After dinner game



Thankful For

-The loving man in my life. Who will be 30 in 3 days. Who will be my husband in 303 days. Who will be by my side when we move to Washington in 5 months. Who lets me listen to Taylor Swift over and over, and always agrees that “yes” I do in fact need Starbucks. I have never met anyone better than you. The love I have for you is forever. And it is SO THANKFUL.

-My Family. Who have taught me more patience and acceptance than anything else. Who always brings me back to the girl I want to be. Who always seems proud of me. Who I will always love, good and bad, but mostly good.

-My health. My Youth. The life I have yet to live and the wonderful life I have already lived.

-Hula. Who may seem silly, but is teaching me that one day I will be a very good mother.