My Wedding

We Got married September 24th, 2011 in Bellingham Washington! These are my blog posts about our wedding planning.


-Engagement Photos

-Our Engagement

-Our Save The Date Magnets

-Wedding Dress 3 (The first try on)

-Wedding Dress 4 (the purchase)

-The Ring

-Budget 1

-Budget 2

-Wedding Aisle

-Planting Succulents

-My Shoes

-DIY Projects

-Medal Boutonnieres

-Our Wedding Invitations

-Wedding Crafts

-Pre wedding pep talk

-Bridesmaid Gifts, Groomsmen Gifts, Parent Gifts

-Wedding Thanks

-Our Honeymoon

-The Wedding Party

-Wedding Set up and Decorations

-Us on our Wedding Day

-The Ceremony

-The Reception



-Wedding Shoes

-Wedding Shoes 2

-Bridesmaid Apparel 1

-Bridesmaid Apparel 2 (Accessories)

-Grooms Apparel

-Groomsmen Apparel

-Invitations (Posters)

-Invitations (Papers and Envelopes)


-Wedding Dress 1

-Wedding Dress 2

-Table Cloths

-Table Linens (Burlap)

-Decor 1 (milk glass + moss)

-Decor 2 (Misc with DIY links)

-Decor 3 (Flowers and Feathers)

-Decor 4 (Large Balloons)

-Decor 5 (Dried Flowers) PURCHASED

-Decor 6 (Napkin Rings)

-Decor 7 (Doilies)

-Food 1 (dessert bar)

-Food 2 (Cake)

-Our Colors (gray and mustard)

-Wedding Hair and Makeup


2 thoughts on “My Wedding

  1. Oh what fun planning! I am from Ferndale and am planning my 2012 wedding in Port Townsend. Love the ideas you have (succulents are AWESOME!) All the best to you and your wedding and life and future!

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