Daily Eats – Day 33

Banana. Grapefruit. Mini Cliff Bar (they are TINY!) Greek Yogurt with Gronolla

Lean Cuisine. Wine. English Muffin with jam. Veggie Soup.

I also had some shake n bake chicken but forgot to photograph it.

Today felt like SPRING (despite that dumb groundhog) all day long. I woke up to extra sunlight, and the sun didnt set until 5:30! Which is an hour later than it was last month. I love it. So we skipped the gym and walked around Lake Padden instead, it was the fresh air I needed.



Daily Eats – Day 31


Or better yet 1/3 of the way DONE with food journaling.

Special K. Half my leftover salad from yesterday. Raw Almonds.

Greek Yogurt (a new kind I HATE!) with Granola (also a new kind, its high fiber pumpkin Granola).

At work we had a Bake Potato bar with all the fixings, butter, cheese, sour cream chilli, bacon, etc. I only had a steamed potato with broccoli on top and salt and pepper (no butter…nothin) and a salad with fat free raspberry vinaigrette.

Rice Pudding

Dinner was Organic mac n cheese with collard greens, onions, peppers and chicken sausage.

We didn’t do the gym today, because I was feeling blue. Tomorrow we will go.

Daily Eats – Day 29

Happy Sunday!

Mr. Gaunt made breakfast which included 1 egg, peppers, chicken sausage, minced potato, and salsa. Non fat vanilla latte.

Chicken sausage with marinara. Low Fat Split Pea Soup, Baguette Sandwich. Rice Pudding.

Back to work tomorrow, but the house is clean, business chores are done, and a bridal shower is planned!  We were quite productive, and in an all around good mood, which is nice. The week ahead is going to be busy, but its my first 4 day week (I get Fridays off now for Tied Bow work) and I’m throwing my BFF a bridal shower on Saturday! I have plans to cook a lot this week too.

Daily Eats – Day 25

Today was a nice food day. I ate healthy, but it was all delicious! At work they had a party and of course all the leftovers were veggies and veggie sandwiches. Yay for me! For dinner I had roasted Vegetables (that my mom gave me) with Collared Greens, Chicken Sausage and a little rice. Then I caved and let myself have rice pudding! Oh how dreamy it was, and yeah there is a little sugar in (14g) but it felt more like a yogurt than a pudding, so I’m ok with it.

Gym was good too. ABS ABS ABS!