Raising Vada: 15 Months, She’s A Toddler?

v1Vada turned 15 months old on the 12th of February. Remember when she was just one? Ahhhh! Her brain is in super power mode right now. She is busy busy busy, chatting, singing, dancing, playing, exploring, eating, and soooo much sleep. Today Mr. Gaunt said to me “It’s so sad that she is going to grow up and be her own person and move away from us.” and it is sad. Every single day I think how freaking true that saying about motherhood is:


Every day that statement echos in my head. Those long whiney days where it’s a struggle to keep her entertained, to plan all the meals, to wash MORE dishes, to change a million diapers, fight naps, make messes, change clothes….” and then you blink and they are suddenly responding to the words you say “should we brush teeth?” and she runs to the bathroom and says “ahhhh” pointing to her mouth. Where she picks up a hairbrush and runs it through her hair. Where she pulls your high heels out of the closet, dusty, and slips her tiny feet into them “shew shew, bye, mama, mama, shew” and you can see her mind expanding as she grows and grows and grows. Like lighting. I was thinking today about how important it is to me to keep an updated log of her growth and changes, which is what this blog is for me, a glorified baby book. So here is what’s going on in our world.


Working Mama:

I had to work a lot more in December and January than normal. We had some employee turnover, and some maternity leave, and vacations I had to cover. Vada went to a new nanny for a couple of months that worked out really well. Childcare is a HUGE pain in the ass. It’s so expensive, especially if you need part-time childcare. It’s basically a wash, what I pay out and what I bring in. It’s also hard to find people who you trust and are available for my somewhat unpredictable schedule. I could probably qualify for some state assisted childcare, but I do not have any desire to put Vada in childcare full-time. I want to stay home with her 80% of the time. I love to get away sometimes and I often need alone time to get things done for work or around the house, but when it comes to the day-to-day stuff, I want to be the one to teach her things. We have been really lucky to have had such great childcare. In both our nanny experiences I chose to have Vada go to someone else’s home, who also had children. This way it felt small and safe, but they were already equipped for babies, and there were lots of toys and other children to play with. I’m a HUGE advocate for exposing children to lots of people! Build trust away from mom, learn to share, to explore, to communicate with other people. I want Vada to feel safe without me, and to trust and respect other adults and children. Exposing her to lots of people has been one of the BEST decisions I have made with her. Anyway we are now taking some time to decide what kind of childcare I want, how often, and where she will go. I don’t have to have it right now, so I’m in no rush. I’ve also tried to be better with setting boundaries for myself, not take on too much and be really clear about how much I want to work. It’s really nice though feeling like I can take Vada nearly anywhere to be babysit and she will adjust fine. I know lots of moms struggle with STRANGER DANGER or their children simply being uncomfortable without them, this is not our case. Unless she’s crazy awful baby and her babysitters just aren’t telling us, I think she’s a pretty good kid and easy baby to watch.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my purpose in life, and my career. I’ve definitely decided that RIGHT NOW I’m a mom first, and everything else is coming 2nd. This is what I want, and what I believe is best for our family. I know that I am smart and that there are lots of work and creative opportunities out there for me, but right now my role is mama/wife. Let me be clear that’s not in some yucky 1950’s sort of way, its in a strong independent, I DO WHAT I WANT sorta way. (; I know there will be a time when all my babies will be grown and I will have time and energy and spark to do some great things in my professional life, but I’m not going to beat myself up that I want to take a step back from that right now. I’m not dead, I’m just being a mom for a bit. This has also relieved some of my anxiety about having a second baby. A second baby will be much less frustrating if I have fully embarrassed the mom roll instead of fighting it all the time. Let’s just get all these nursing/diapering/playdate days out-of-the-way in one decade. (:


Talkin’ the talk:

Vada’s vocabulary is bursting at the seams. Besides her near constant baby talk rambling, she can say so many real words. As of 15 months Vada can say:




















-pretties (necklaces)

-sister (Hula)





-See Yah



Plus she does signs for “more” and “all done”

She can also repeat things if we ask her, they just don’t always stick. And she can understand so much. The other day I asked Vada “Where’s your hair?” and she ran her fingers through her hair. If I ask her to sing, she will sing one of two songs “Hello To The Grandmas” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, if I ask her to dance, she will dance. If I ask for a hug or love, she will hug me and rest her head on my shoulder and give me a pat and say “awwww”. She follows direction pretty well, and understands “no”, and “follow me” “lets get jammies on” “do you want to eat”…the list goes on forever. I can’t wait until all her gibberish become real words. We try to talk to Vada all the time, repeat words a lot, not use baby talk. When her and I are running errands I narrate where we are going and what we are seeing or doing. I show her things and call them by name over and over. We try not to do too many flash-card style exercises, and are just letting words come naturally to her. She doesn’t know what a cow says because we flat out don’t talk about cows much in this house. She does however know how to get a paper cup and fill it with ice at the restaurant…priorities people.  It’s really a fun thing to watch someone learn to talk. Every single week she is saying more and more things and showing that she understands so much. I know everyone thinks their kid is really smart, but seriously folks…


Bed Time, and All the Lies

I can’t believe how many people warned me about sleep, or lack there of. Even when Vada had proven she was a good sleeper, people would still say “it will probably change, be prepared, teething…blah blah blah” Its been 10 month since Vada moved into her crib, and 8 solid months of sleeping through the night. Since Vada hit about 11 months old she upped her sleeping to nearly 14 hours a night, and it’s stayed there. The girl LOVES her shuteye. She goes to bed at 7:30 every night, I rock her with a 6oz bottle, when she is done with her bottle I put her in her crib, awake, turn on her white noise machine and put a blanket on her and she goes to bed. Every single night. Am I lucky? Yes I suppose, but I also think that we made some choices for her sleeping, we didn’t coddle her too much (we didn’t cry it out either) and we really just trusted her to be ok in her room all night long. And she is, she’s the best damn sleeper of any baby I know. Shes also gotten really good at nap time. We can generally lay her down at 2 every day and she will sleep until 4 (MOMMY HAPPY HOURS!). She’s also proven that she can go to bed at other people’s houses just fine. In fact twice now I’ve put her down at other people’s homes and then woken her up around 1am, drove her home and laid her back in her crib and she goes right back to sleep, no tears. I think all this sleep keeps her happy and healthy and her mind open to growth. Sleep deprivation is so bad for you, sleep is your bodies time to rejuvenate! We recently went on vacation and I was so worried about the hotel room, where she would need to sleep while we were still awake in the same room watching TV. Vada did excellent, with the exception of night two she woke up at 5am and was up for two hours (we wandered the hotel) but then went back to bed for 2 more hours, so not too shabby. I guess my point is that don’t believe what everyone says. Kids CAN be good sleepers, just like they can be good eaters, and good socializers. Have faith!


Don’t Feel Sorry For My Big Girl

Vada is big. She’s super tall, and sturdy. She’s 98th in height and weight. The doctors have no concern because her growth has been even and is proportionate. They say it will slow down, but at 14 months she was 30 lbs, and I’ve started buying 3T clothing. I know we live in a society where people don’t appreciate a big girl. They for whatever god forsaken reason think petite wisp girls are cuter, and sweeter, better? It’s sad, but it’s true, and its a stereotype that THIS FAMILY will not tolerate. We promote strong healthy smart nice girls, that’s what we care about. I will do everything I can to tell Vada every single day to be proud of her body, her strength, her stature. She is such a perfect powerful human being, and she will conquer the world in that big body. We are doing our best to show body pride, and to teach Vada how to eat well, and play hard. We will encourage her to play sports, to be creative, to dance, to perform, to express herself. We will teach her to respect her body and to respect other people’s bodies. We will lead with example, show her how wonderful a life, and how happy and loved and successful you can be in any body. So I hope other people will teach their own children that different is perfect too. I hope she towers over everyone, with height and personality.

v10The ‘Tude

Now that I’ve bragged about her sleeping and talking, lets talk about her attitude. One is a challenge. She has so many opinions, but she can’t communicate and she can’t understand me. It’s a constant battle of the “no’s” and the “please sit down” and the “no you can’t eat that” all day long. Vada has good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes she’s mostly chill and we can go to the store and she will eat a little snack in the cart while I shop. Other times she will arch her back and twist around and scream and throw a fit until I let her out of the cart, only to throw herself onto the ground when I make her hold my hand. She wants to walk everywhere! But she still just rips stuff off of shelves, and goes up to strangers and asks “up” and eats shit she finds on the floor. She would throw herself into traffic if I let her. She also has days where its whining allll day long. Where her and I just battle each other on everything, and by the time Mr. Gaunt gets home from work I nearly sprint out the door to get away. It’s super hard sometimes. When she was 7/8 months old we could go to a restaurants and she would sit in a high chair and eat and be happy. Now she wants to get down and yell and grab things and drink our water and make a huge mess. We are definitely limiting the places we go now. She wont sit on my lap anymore, we get about 30 minutes of good behavior before she melts down and we both leave feeling exhausted and sad. The last month was SUPER tough, but then about a week ago she settled back into her mostly sweet self and things have been better. That’s how babies are, they go through these crazy phases and then one day they are back to normal, just in time for you to cancel those adoption papers.

So what is one suppose to do? I’ve read a bit about child discipline, and I have a pretty good understanding of what I want my kids behavior to look like. Yes Vada is a baby and babies do not understand or care about societies rules. She is here to learn and explore and no one is going to convince her that she shouldn’t. And that’s a good thing, I want her to be smart and curious and fearless, that being said, I don’t want her to be an asshole. We respect people and their things. We respect other patrons, wait staff, and property. We pick up our messes, we wipe down our high chairs, we leave if we can’t stop yelling. Vada needs to hear NO and to listen.  We try to get down on her level when she is frustrated and explain to her why we need her to stop doing something. We talk about how we are sorry she feels sad or mad or upset, but that sometimes we can’t act the way we want. And when all else fails we let her lay on the grown and have all her feelings out until she stands back up and is better. Sigh. Mr. Gaunt and I want to discipline her with education. We want to show her how to be a respectful member of society by making her understand the way things work. Is she too young to get it? Maybe, but if we start now, eventually it will make sense to her. As for us, we have to keep our cool, which is so so so hard, especially for me. I’m someone who doesn’t like to disappoint or upset strangers. I’m the mother picking up all the food she drops under her high chair at a restaurant. I’m the mother that will up and leave a store if my kid is crying. I’m the mother that apologizes and cancels play-dates if my kid is in a bad mood. So its hard for me to be patient and sensitive to Vada’s needs and struggles. I work really hard to keep a loving calm voice when she’s being crazy. Mr. Gaunt and I consistently talk about being on the same page with her behavior. We both agree that loving her and educating her will be our best bet when teaching expectations. We are not push over parents, but we are not jerks either.


So here we are, in the thick of parenthood, and not feeling too bad about it. Vada is funnier than ever, and a total smarty pants (at least we think so). I’m looking forward to summer when we can get OUT of the house more without getting soggy soggy. We have HUGE backyard plans, and so many adventures (and alcoholic drinks) planned too! I hope nice whether will let her explore the world a little more, and make me feel less cooped up, less like a maid cleaning up after a tornado. Im excited for her to continue to learn new things, to impress me and make me smile. Happy 15 months crazy.



2015 Goals, and how I never really accomplish much.

Lets take a quick hop back to the end of last year, and the goals that I wrote here. I just started thinking about this post a few days ago, and I honestly couldn’t remember if I had written any goals for 2014, so tonight when I pulled it up I was genuinely saddened. I had in fact made some goals, and I honestly didn’t accomplish any of them. A quick recap: I wanted to focus on my health, my job, my finances and finally take a family vacation.

I will say the one thing that kind of ties into these goals would be that after almost 9 years Mr. Gaunt quit his job and got a new job that will hopefully have more long-term opportunities for advancement. Mr. Gaunt also started DJing weddings, and worked his ass off this summer to make more money for our family. This of course helped our finances temporarily, but overall we are still in the same place. We are still living paycheck to paycheck, and we are still nowhere near even looking into buying a home, or a new car, which we so desperately need. I struggle with this a lot, especially around the holidays, especially with my own job and my own purpose, financial shit bogs me down. I feel lost, and ashamed that at 29 I am still not on a path to success. I don’t know why this is, and I don’t know why some people seem to find their path sooner than we have. I worry that things will never change. I worry that I will let the “not enough” cloud my overall happiness. I worry that I am not thankful enough for what we have, which is true, I’m not….add this to 2015’s goals, be more thankful.

Another thing that I didn’t work hard enough on is my health, and lets boil that down to my weight, which is up. I will say though that 85% of the time I don’t give two shits about my weight. It doesn’t define me, it’s not something I want to focus on, and I genuinely think the people who care about me don’t think of me as just a big body. I feel good about the lifestyle I am raising Vada in, and I will NEVER present anything but body pride to my kid. That being said, I’m not exactly thrilled when people tag me in candid photos on Facebook, and that suck, that is lame, that is not something I want to let ruin my day. I have no dreams of being thin, but I wouldn’t mind taking some weight off just so I feel a little bit better about the way I look. Physically I don’t feel too bad. Post birth my lack of ab strength and sore back from nursing genuinely felt scary. My body felt wrecked. Now I feel like myself again, I feel healthy, I feel like I have good digestion, that my body doesn’t feel too achy, that I’m generally in good health. So it’s a catch 22, feel good, look good, make changes, be proud. All that stuff is tricky.

One of my biggest goals of last year, in which I BOMBED at, would be finding passion and success in my business. I will say that the business is doing fine (anyone in the restaurant business understands what “fine” means) and we are busier than ever before. Our business has grown organically, and we have a great following. That being said, this business has been the hardest thing that has ever happened to my relationships, and my self-worth. I have never felt as crappy about myself as I have running this business. I’m in a constant struggle, there are just not enough words for me to describe it. I also have damaged a number of important relationships this year over this business. I won’t get into details, because it is overwhelming and too complicated, and would be a therapist dream to dig through. So what does this mean? Is it not working? Yes and no. It is what it is. We have learned so much about ourselves, our relationships, and what this sort of business requires financially and emotionally. The sheer time. It’s all been a really tough learning lesson. Are there good parts? Yes. Is this business the best path for us? I don’t know. There will always be more that I should be doing, I am never enough. That is the overall feeling of shame I get from the business. Morgan, you are never doing enough. You are not enough. Its heartbreaking really. I avoid talking about the overall struggles with people because it just isn’t worth it. There are many breakdowns, but the goal is to hold it together, to get through the days, to not focus on the struggles. Just do what you can, and let the rest run off your back. We are thinking about having more kids, the financial burden, the lack of space, time and energy are nothing compared to worry that my getting pregnant would simply me that I would be even less available to my business. That I would be even MORE of a let down. Would I be able to support that guilt? I don’t blame anyone but myself for this guilt by the way. These arefeelings that I have put upon myself and feelings I let my own mind drown in. It is me, and lord am I a struggle.

Now that I’ve been a total debbie downer about all my shortcomings this year, I will toot my own horn and say that I have done a few things right this year. These were not on my list, and yet they are things I need to share (with myself).

1. We’ve managed to maintain our home. This sounds silly for someone who is 30 years old, and should have been maintaining their home for a while now. But seriously the learning curve of accomplishing all our daily chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work…with a baby seemed really daunting. I bet this year my house has been cleaner and more home cooked meals on our table than ever before. I think Mr. Gaunt and I have really developed an ok system, and I’m proud of us.

2. I made REAL friends. THIS is a huge deal, I actually made some real friends that I spend real-time with this year. Do you know how hard it is to make real friends when you are a grown up?! I feel like this year, being a new mom, that I really needed a community around me that supported me. I feel like I put a good amount of energy into nurturing relationships, being social, getting together, going to play dates and trading childcare, being a good friend. It’s so hard not to be flaky, to just stay home every day, look at Facebook for socialization. But I succeeded, and I feel really proud of myself!

3. I made my social media a positive place for me. I deleted any and all groups that made me feel not good enough. I unfriended people that I was “hate reading” or that I found myself regularly wanting to pick fights with. I made my Facebook and IG very private and only approved friendships with people who really made me happy. I also stopped comparing myself to anyone. Social media does not make sad, it only makes me happy. I have a number of mom friends on social media that are so damn beautiful and positive and supportive, I love it. I feel genuine love and support from so many people who like and comment on my photos of Vada. I get and give advice. I share peoples causes, and promote as many local business as I can. I genuinely feel like I have developed a good healthy relationship with it all.

4. The BEST thing I did this year though, was raise Vada. I have put so much time and energy into being loving and patient with her (AND WITH MYSELF!) in this first year of motherhood. It has been so so challenging. Every day I wake up and I try to be the best mom I can be to her, and some days I’m a crappy burned out, kinda yelly, super annoyed mom. And some days I wake up and I am an adventurous, nurturing, goofy mom. I cut my self some slack though, and I know I’m a good mom. I know I am always there for her, and she is always on my mind. I have given her as many tools as I can to help her little mind grow, and as much love and joy as I can to blossom her spunky personality. Vada is seriously awesome, even when we have crappy sad days, she is still overall super awesome and smart and fun. I feel so much pride for her. She could not be any greater than she is in my eyes. I beam with pride for her, and I have to hope that I helped create that little personality.

With that, I’m moving on to my 2015 goals!

1. TO BUILD UP MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MR. GAUNT: phew, babies are hard on marriages! Also new businesses, money struggles, lack of vacations, job changes….my list could go on. Mr. Gaunt remains my best friend, but I don’t always treat him that way. This year I want to find focus and strength in his words, in his hugs, in his spirit. I want to speak kindly to him and about him. I want to have fun with him. I want to trust that he is doing his best, that his short comings mean no harm, and that he will always be there for me. I want to hear the good things he says to me and not just criticism. I want to date him. I want to me more passionate and more romantic. I want to build a stronger physical relationship with him. I want to strengthen the shield of our family, to always be a united front. I want to be proud parents together. I want to end this next year more in love with him than ever before.

2. I WANT TO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT PUTTING FAMILY FIRST: Mr. Gaunt and Vada are my #1 priorities, and always will be. I need to let the guilt and judgment of others wash away. My JOB is to be a mother to Vada first and foremost. She depends on me for everything, and I need to feel good about that job. Being a mom is my choice, my current path, and what I am doing right now. I will not make Vada take a back seat to anything else. Mr. Gaunt and my relationship is the backbone of our family, and it needs to be strong. I can’t let outside relationships interfere with our bond and strength. I want to feel pride in my family and in my role in our family. I may not work as much, make as much money, look as productive as other people, but if the year ends and we are all healthy and happy and thriving, then I know I did a good job. I need to temper my constant guilt about all of this.

3. BUILD A BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD: I have so many goals with our yard. I want to replace the fence. I want to build an outdoor play area for Vada and friends. I want to plant gardens, and beautify my yard so I can throw my sister a beautiful bridal shower. I want to do a small vegetable garden too. I also want to not be self-conscious about my small old house, and actually invite people over this summer to enjoy backyard parties. Cocktails and babies playing, what more could you want?

4. TAKE 3 MINI VACATIONS: It’s hard for us to spend a bunch of money and do a big vacation, so I’m trying to be more realistic and plan 3 mini vacations. In February we are going to The Great Wolf Lodge for two nights. In May I want to take Vada for a long weekend to Portland and do a bunch of fun kid things! For our 4 year wedding anniversary I would like to take a trip to the coast with Mr. Gaunt and Vada for a few nights.

5. GET OUT AND DO STUFF: Like lots of stuff, festivals, parks, ballgames. All the stuff. We love to do fun things, and I love sharing stuff like this with Vada. We did pretty good this last year, so lets keep the momentum going!

6. Be healthy…yah know, try to. (:

I leave you with our 2014 Christmas Card

Gaunt Xmas Card

Raising Vada: Eat All The Food

I’ve been meaning to talk about Vada’s food eating for. like. ever.

You know I love to take some photos of food, and share recipes, and promote healthy-ish eating. Kid nutrition is probably in my top 3 “causes I bitch about” along with yah know, gender equally and LGBTQ rights. It’s something that OBVIOUSLY not enough people research or put time into, and I think it’s so so important. Proper nutrition and good eating habits will shape Vada’s long-term health, so we are on top of it!


Before Vada was born I researched Baby Led Weaning (which I wish was called something else, because it has nothing to do with weaning) it’s the method of feeding babies solid food, that the whole family is eating, instead of purees or baby food. Basically they eat what you eat, maybe softer smaller pieces, but they learn to gnaw and suck and chew real food. I watched a ton of YouTube videos and read a lot of Pro and Con (and the in between)  blogs about it. I also researched what kind of foods babies can have, what are allergens we should watch out for, what were good starter food, easy and nutritionally dense. I also researched when to start solids, how that effect nursing and milk consumption, and all that good stuff. I like to research, and I really don’t understand people who don’t when it comes to their kids. That probably makes me sound kind of snotty, but its true. RESEARCH WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR KID! Don’t just buy whatever is at Target, or use whatever you mom and grandma used, don’t do whatever it is your doctor tells you. I hate that so many pediatricians tell people to start with rice cereal, what the hell is nutritional about rice cereal? Nothing! Its total processed crap! There are so many better option, and I think its parents responsibility to research that stuff. Be informed. Know better, do better. Feeding kids healthy food is NOT one of the mommy-war points, it’s not breast milk vs formula, it’s not organic vs not, it’s not baby wearing vs stroller, it’s not even vaccination vs not. No one can argue that they are against healthy food, there is no argument. So get the sugar and the processed foods out of your kids diet, really don’t ever let it be there. Get it out of their lunchbox, out of their birthday parties, and out of their heads. KIDS ARE SUGAR OBSESSED, unless they don’t even know what candy is. This is a battle I’m willing to fight. When Vada goes to a new nanny the first thing I say is “She doesn’t eat any sugar” bam, conversation over, its pretty clear. If Vada goes to birthday party, she’s not getting a cupcake, sure I’m the mean mom, but she’s 1, she doesn’t even know or care as long as she gets some food, and I ALWAYS have a healthy snack on hand. Not that Vada hasn’t had sugar, she has. I gave her a marshmallow to sit on Santa’s lap. I’ve also given her a little bite of pie and whip cream, and she had part of a rice krispie treat at her birthday. This is because as important as I believe the no-sugar rule for children, I also know I can’t be perfect forever and always, and that sugar is part of our culture, and I don’t want her to miss out on some of those fun things. But again, she’s one, she doesn’t even know or care, so until she does care, nope no cupcake at birthday parties, no juice box at play dates, and no candy at Halloween.

So now that I’m done bitching about what I don’t let Vada eat, lets talk about what I do let Vada eat, and ways I avoid junk food with her. We started Vada around 5 months, in hindsight I might have waited until 6 months, but I’m not getting worked up over it. We started with occasional tastes of food every few days. At first I watched for allergies, but I didn’t wait a week between foods because she has never shown any signs of allergies, and no one in our family has food allergies, so I was pretty lax about it. First foods we did were banana, hard boiled egg yolk and avocado. I gave her hunks that she could hold and eat with her little hands, or that I could help her take a bite.


-Hardboiled Egg Yolk

-Steamed (very very soft) broccoli

-Canned (homemade, no syrup) pears


-Homemade Sweet Potato Fries

-Mum Mums (store-bought snack food. So easy on the go!)


Once Vada got some teeth things change a bit because she could take bites. This made things a little scarier because she could bite off chunks of vegetables instead of just sucking on them. It also made things more fun because she stated to learn to chew! This opened our food world up a lot. We also stopped worrying about allergies as she had shown no sign to any of the danger foods. We also started letting her eat whatever we were eating at restaurant, like sushi, ribs to chew on, anything she hold on to and gnaw on. Vada has only ever choked on a tortilla chip (and that was like 2 weeks ago!) she was not a gagger, and had she been I may have had a harder time with this feeding method. Please research the HUGE difference between gagging and choking though, they are different things, and one is normal and safe (Good job, get the food out!) and one is scary and dangerous (do you know how to clear food from a choking babies airways?)



-Scrambled Eggs, hardboiled eggs

-Sweet Potato

-Peaches, plums, banana, watermelon, berries…etc.

-All cooked vegetable: peas, beans, asparagus, broccoli, etc


-Turkey or shredded chicken

-Hardboiled Eggs

-dried fruit (no sugar added)

-Lara bars.

By 9 months I decided to start making sure she had at least 2 meals, if not three meals a day. In hopes to comfortably wean her (from using milk as her main food source. I don’t encourage weaning from the breast until you both are ready) around a year. This was a little challenging for me, because I don’t always eat 3 meals at the same time, I found it easy to forget to do a meal, and because she was still getting enough milk to really sustain her, it wasn’t like she would go hungry if we skipped lunch. So I tried to adjust our schedule and focus more on meal time. I got a small divided plate and made sure she has lots of veggies, fruits and meats, and would let her feed her self completely. She loved it!

vada eats 3


-Everything. Seriously, everything.

-Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach (sauteed)

-Homemade pizza

-Ground turkey, meatballs

-Eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, grilled onions

-Apples, figs, grapes,

-Wafles, pancakes (topped with cinnamon and coconut oil

-Brown Rice, pasta, beans, quinoa

-Fish, meatloaf, gyros

-Grilled cheese, soup, tacos

-Plain Greek Yogurt

vada eats 5 vada eats 4

Now at 13 months, Vada eats it all. We waited until a year to do any honey or peanut butter. She now sometimes has a peanut butter (or almond butter) and banana on whole wheat sandwich, which is easy and fun. She can drink smoothies too. I try to do plain greek yogurt a couple times a week, but I wont lie, Ive NEVER spoon fed her so I find the process of spooning her greek yogurt to be terribly boring #lazymom . Sometimes I just let her eat yogurt or applesauce with her hands, whatever. We’ve also given her tuna, and egg salad, which were both a hit. We sometimes do convenience “kids food” too, here are some of my tips for things like that:

NO SYRUP: I do not put any sweetener on Vada’s waffles or pancakes. When they are warm I smear a little Organic coconut oil and do a shake of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice on them. I sometimes add banana, pumpkin puree or pear to the batter to make them more interesting too. You can also top them with unsweetened applesauce or yogurt and berries.

NO JAM AND HONEY: Both are basically sugar, and right now she doesn’t have a sweet pallet, so she doesn’t care if things are sweet. Vada is happy to eat plain nut butter, or plain yogurt. If I feel like making yogurt more interesting I will put some thawed frozen organic berries in it. For nut-butter sandwiches I throw thinly sliced banana or pear on it.

NO JUICE: Vada only drinks Organic Whole Milk and Water. Sometimes I let her have sips of my sparkling water, or I squeeze grapefruit into her water, or float some frozen blueberries, but 99% of the time she is happy with water. I make sure she has water all day long at her disposal.

NO CUPCAKES: At birthday parties, if everyone is having cupcakes I’ll give Vada at Lara bar, or an organic fruit leather. At her birthday I made sugar-free banana muffins topped with cream cheese mixed with a little honey. She loved it.

NO KIDS MENU: Kids menus are awful! AWFUL! They usually offer buttered noodles, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, chicken strips, or pb&j. Total GARBAGE! There are a few restaurants in town that have awesome menus. Boundary Bay has the BEST I can get a piece of salmon, grapes and mashed potatoes for Vada for $5! A lot of restaurants that serve breakfast foods have good options. Eggs and steamed veggies, or a kids teddy bear pancake (hold the syrup and powdered sugar). I hate when I go somewhere and ask for steamed veggies, or Avocado, or whatever, and they act like I’m crazy and offer me nothing. I am 100% willing to pay for food for my kid, you should have at least SOMETHING I can feed her that isn’t cheesy bread. Gross. So I try to have healthy things on me. String cheese, cut up fruit, some leftovers, just in case.

SPICES AND FLAVOR: I’ve never thought babies needed bland food. I don’t give her things that are super spicy, but herbs, and spices are so fun and wonderful! This is a great post on how to spice up your babies food with mint and vanilla, and ginger and garlic, and ALL THE FLAVOR!

WEIRD VEGETABLES: Vada doesn’t even know that “kids don’t like their vegetable” why would she? At every single meal I offer vegetables. There isn’t a single vegetable I wouldn’t offer her unless it is too spicy (jalapeno, etc) or too hard (raw carrots, etc) or raw (lettuce and other raw vegetables she struggles with). Vada eats dark leafy greens sautéed and cut up small at least 5 times a week. She eats onions, and beets and peppers and eggplant and all the vegetables you are supposed to “hide” in kids foods. Nope, not hiding them. They are a huge focus of our meals, nothing to hide, we enjoy them, we appreciate them. She doesn’t know any different.

Now we are working on silverware, and real cups. They are messy, but she loves practicing. I’m hoping her love of good food grows and grows. Right now I wouldn’t even say she has a favorite food, she loves all food. She loves to sit in her high chair and be apart of meal time. She doesn’t throw food on the floor, and although she is messy as hell, she eats so much. Plus she is tall and healthy and strong and so so smart, so it must be working. I cant recommend enough offering up all kinds of “adult” food to your baby. Throw away your own preconceived ideas about what kids eat, about what you didn’t like as a child, about what you like to be sweet, those are things you have learned over a lifetime of eating, your baby doesn’t have any ideas about that stuff. They are little sponges that will love and absorb what feels good to them, and I promise a healthy diet, and healthy offerings will create a healthy eater. I know some kids aren’t very interested in food, or go through periods where all they want is noodles, but that doesn’t mean you cant keep offering good foods. Picky eaters aren’t going to starve themselves (please note the importance of researching eating disorders! And keeping on top of a possible resistant eater).  Give them time, and options. I read somewhere that its a parents job to decide WHAT a child eats, and its a child job to decided HOW MUCH. Keep that in mind, and happy meal planning!

A few blogs i love about healthy eaters:

What Marlow Eats (Oh Dear Drea) Great for Vegan and Veg families!

100 Days of Real Food: School Lunches!

My Lovely Little Lunch Box: Baby Led Weaning Recipes

Raise Healthy Eaters


Vada’s 1st Birthday Party – The Apple Of My Eye

Vada turned one year old on the 12th of November. In truly crazy-mom behavior I had already picked a theme back in July for her first birthday party, I had plans to go ALL OUT. Some people might think it’s a little crazy to throw a big birthday party for a one year, saying things like “she wont even remember it!” but I will! This party was totally for me! It was a reason to celebrate our first year of parenthood, and a blatant excuse for me to throw a party. I’m not getting married again, and the bridal/baby showers are dwindling down, so I take any excuse I can get to plan a party.

I went with an Apple theme, as Vada’s birthday is in the fall, and I felt like I could really do a lot with it. Have you read The Alison Shows How To Plan A Party Regardless OF BUDGET? It’s so good you guys! And so helpful! It asks things like “Do you even like to plan a party?” because if not, don’t! It also was really helpful in helping me think of the flow and overall purpose of our party. We invited a lot of people (about 40 including children) and good number of them showed up! We had kind of a short time frame, I only had about 2 hours for the actual party in the space I rented (time at the beginning to set up and time at the end to clean up) but this was plenty of time for greetings, food, cake, craft, presents, goodbyes. I think the kids and parents all had a really great time too, I know Vada did!

I wanted to share some photos and tips for planning your own apple-themed party!

family vbday2For the invitations I designed this quick little ditty using free images and fonts off the internet. Because I wasn’t selling it, and just using it for personal use, there are so many good free files. I kept the info short and sweet, but made sure to tell people there would be food and drinks. I also didn’t bother with an RSVP because people NEVER do it. Lastly we went ahead and let people bring Vada gifts, despite not really needing a lot. Have you read this funny article on kid’s birthday presents at parties? A good read. I decided to actually mail invites instead of e-vites or FB invites, as I think its more reliable. I had my invitations printed as a 5×7 photo at Costco because its mad-cheap folks! Costco is bomb for photo printing. The little silhouette is Vada’s face too!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.16.06 PMI started planning this party a couple of months ago for a few reasons. 1. I have a baby now and getting stuff done is so hard, especially crafty stuff. Vada loves to get into ribbon and paper and tape, so crafting with her is nearly impossible. I did most of the little projects after she went to bed so I wouldn’t be frustrated and my projects wouldn’t get destroyed. 2. I was working on a very limited budget, so I paced my purchases over a few months so it didn’t feel like such a hit. No matter what, a party is expensive. I made 90% of the decorations myself (Mr. Gaunt made me those big apple trees!), and a lot of the items were purchased at thrift stores too. A few splurges were the apple Oil Cloth for the tables, which I only bought because we determined we could re-use it at our restaurant. The other splurge was obviously hiring a professional photographer. This was really important to me for a million reasons, and I do not regret a single penny spent on it. I booked her early so that I could pay it off over a few months, which made it feel less impacting too. On the day-of it was so awesome not having to even think about taking photos, and then a week later getting over 400 photos to relive the day! Vada might not remember it, but she will at least be able to look back and see all the fun we had. If you can swing it, and you like to put a lot of work into a party, I can not recommend enough hiring a professional photographer (photogrpahers info at the bottom of this post).

decor vbday1

decor vbday6

decor vbday5

decor vbday3

decor vbday2For food we decided to go with kids food that adults would also enjoy. I wanted it to be fairly healthy, not just candy everywhere. Because the party was at 2:30 I didn’t feel like we had to do a full meal, just lots of snacks. We went with string cheese, Baby Bell cheese, pretzels, oranges, fruit leather, Veggie-humus cups, apple-peanut butter cups, ham and cream cheese pretzel sliders and apple straws. I also made a few sweet things too, because it IS a party. I made rice krispie treats shaped like apples (with royal icing piped on for detail), as well as healthy (no sugar, just a little honey) banana-apple muffins with cream cheese/honey frosting (also what Vada’s cake was). My friend made vegan/raw/sugar-free caramel apple pops too that were soooo good! It was just really important to me that all of our friends could feel ok about what their kids were eating, and the kids could still have fun. I run my mouth a lot about kids health food, so I didn’t want to be a complete hypocrite.  For drinks we made an adult apple sangria, plus we had apple beer, bottled water, kids apple juices in cute mason jars, and Apple Dry Soda. It was all very cute.

food bday1 food vbday2 food vbday3I wanted to have an activity/craft at the party in case things got boring (ha! they didn’t) something that older kids and parents could do if they wanted. I ended up purchasing some inexpensive canvas tote bags, put a piece of parchment paper inside each one (to prevent bleed-through) and set up apple stamping. It actually turned out really adorable, and kids over 3 were able to do it with a little parental help. The tote bags came out so cute too!

art vbday1

Most of the projects were handmade by me, or from thrift stores, but here are a few resources links from the party:

-Photography: Katheryn Moran Photography

Canvas Bags

-Venue: Fairhaven Library Fireplace Room

-DIY Party Hat Template

-Plates, Napkins, Cups, Favor Bags, Honey Comb Balls: All from Target’s Spritz line.

Mason Jars, Daisy Mason Jar Lids.

Mod Apple Oil Cloth

Custom Confetti

-Catering: Leaf And Ladle

Raising Vada: Our First Trip Around The Sun

gg5My sweetest (spoiler: she’s not that sweet) babe turned ONE YEAR OLD on the 12th! A year ago I was giving birth to a huge-o baby, spending hours and hours on my coach learning to breastfeed, soaking in all those newborn smells of joy and fear and wonder. Oh how times have changed. Now my big girl is leaping off the couch and trotting around like a crazy girl, talking about babies, and papas and sisters (her cat). She’s pushing her toy shopping cart around, swimming under water, and hosting her first party like a pro.

Here’s what 12 months is looking like in our world:


The End Of Nursing:

Around 11 months, Vada weaned herself. She just plain old stopped caring, and never made attempts to nurse again. Our 11 months of nursing were NOT like I had planned. They weren’t easy, they weren’t that enjoyable, and they were anything but perfect. The start of nursing was fine, painful but fine. Vada had a good latch, and although it was more time-consuming than I had thought it would be, we got the hang of it. Around 3 months I felt a drop in my supply, but was told by breast-feeding advocates that this was just my supply evening out. By 4 months Vada was thin and angry. I had two lactation consultants come to my house and tell me that she hadn’t gained any weight in a month, and that she was “failure to thrive” ugh. We spent about a month pumping, taking supplements, drinking water, nursing around the clock and supplementing with formula via an SNS tube. It was hell and it made no difference in my supply. by 5 months I threw all the pumps away, swallowed my pride and began a formula schedule of 4 bottles a day, plus nursing when she wanted. It worked great, Vada gained weight and was happy as a clam. I however felt sad and hurt and robbed of this magical breastfeeding process. Why did this happen to me? I tried so hard! I was so on board! All those stupid Le Leche women acted like if I tried hard enough it would work for me! WHY DIDNT IT WORK FOR ME!? It took me 10 months before I let the anger and guilt wash away, before I felt ok with our situation, ok with how things turned out. If we have another baby I’m going to give it another shot, to start fresh and hope for a better turnout, but I won’t be nearly as let down as I was this time around. I will say that there were a lot of really great things about feeding Vada formula, and I think that mothers who formula feed should feel good about those good things. The fact that Mr. Gaunt could feed Vada, or my mom, or her nanny, that was wonderful! When she was older Vada fed herself, even in the car she could hold her own bottle, or she wander around the kitchen while I washed morning dishes holding her bottle.  NO PUMPING! Weaning her from the breast was no big deal, I didn’t even do anything, I would have been happy to let her continue her (by then once a day) feeding for a few more months, I had no plans to take it away, but she just didn’t care about it anymore. Formula also probably was a huge contributing factor to Vada sleeping through the night by 5 months. Being able to give her 6 oz right before bed kept her belly full from 7pm-7am, and lordy that is nice. So I’m glad that she is healthy, and happy, and perfect, and I’m glad that I tried and managed to give her at least some breast milk for as long as I did despite our struggles. Hooray to all moms that keep their baby bellies full.


My little Fish and Other Activities:

We have now completed our 3rd session of swim lessons at the local pool, and we have hit a major milestone in Vada’s swimming abilities (we started at 6 months old). Now when we count 1,2,3 Vada plunges her own head underwater and kicks her feet and arms and can swim about 3-5 feet underwater. ITS AMAZING! She will also on the count of three jump off the side of the pool and swim to you (again about 3-5 feet). She is such a good swimmer. Her teacher was absolutely amazed at her skills and has encouraged us to push her limits with distance. We hope to regularly keep her swimming to she gets more and more comfortable with swimming. Id love for her to be swimming on her own (like being able to stay afloat) by next summer. We also did a music class this fall, it’s been fun, but not amazing. We won’t do another session, as it just isn’t quite are style. To be honest I HATE The Itsy Bitsy Spider, that song is so stupid, and I refuse to sing it or do them dumb hand signs. Really I hate all kids music, cant we just play Vada the kind of music we like? Cant we teach her how to drum or play the piano, or dance hip hop? Toddler music is a bit too cheesy for me. I feel this way about library story time too, and to be honest, I think Vada thinks it’s lame too. She’d much rather run around the restaurant chatting with the customers, or play outside, or do toddler indoor gym time, and I’m cool with that. Those baby-baby activities just aren’t for us. We are thinking about trying out a toddler gymnastics class soon, which I think Vada would really like. It’s a slippery slope of signing up for too many activities though, I like to keep busy, but I also like to be able to do last-minute play dates too, and sometimes just quiet dinners at home without a bunch of stuff going on is really nice.


Kind Actions:

This might sound odd, but as Vada has gotten older, and smarter, I have found it easier to be kind and patient with her. When she was younger it was so frustrating because we just couldn’t understand each other, I couldn’t always meet her needs. Now that she’s smarter I can manipulate her emotions with my words and actions a little more. For instance she doesn’t like to have her hands and face wiped down after a meal, but if I get down on her level and I make a goofy song “wipe wipe wipe those hands, pat pat pat those cheeks” she loves it and will happily stick out her hands to be washed. If she’s in the hallway whining, I can stick my hand out and say “come see mama” and she will get up and run over to me and hold my hand, and we can take a little stroll over to some toys and talk to them until she is happy and lets go of my hand to play. In the morning when I brush her teeth we say “ahhhhh” and show our teeth, and if she gets distracted I show her how to brush mine and then she lets me finish brushing hers. I know that seems so DUH! But I couldn’t do those things a couple of months ago, she didn’t understand commands or jokes or fun games like she does now. It makes connecting with her on a friendship level so much more rewarding. I can make her feel happy with things other than food, or nursing. Its been really good for me too, I feel so much more compassion for her when she’s having a tough day. Sometimes she just needs to sit on my lap while she plays with her legos, when she’s done feeling needy she will climb up and venture out to play on her own. To know that my mood and reactions can keep her calm and happy is really empowering as a mother. I’m hoping that her and I can continue to grow and communicate with each other through all these coming stages.


Mom Friends, and having the best ones:

I’ve been really really fortunate to meet some awesome moms with babies Vada’s same age. Mom’s who are like mindedly “chill” with their parenting technique, mom’s who have good style, interesting hobbies, who like to drink (; Mom’s that are supportive, and casual, and up for random play dates, good birthday parties, and chatting about shoes and food and business. Last weekend I threw a big birthday party for Vada, and at one point a family member came up to me and said “what an awesome group of friends you have” and I looked around and had to whole heartedly agree! I hope these are the friends Vada grows up with, that these mom friends of mine last a long long time. I’ve had a little bit of a rocky year with my own pre-motherhood friends, I had always imagine that all my friends would have children around the same time as me, and that our kids would all grow up together, but life doesn’t always work that way. Most of my friends have moved to other cities, some other states, and are in various stages in their lives, some ready to have children, some not, but we are all in different chapters of our lives and that’s ok. We aren’t connecting the same way we once were, maybe we never will, sometimes holding on to what you had makes the present harder than it needs to be. I’ve decided to let my relationships be fluid, to let them flow to and away from me as life sees fit, and to respect and be ok with that. For now I know that I have love for my old friends, and love for my new friends, and to feel really damn lucky that there are so many cool people in our lives.



Marriage and The Empty Heart:

You know how people worry about having a second baby, that they won’t love it as much as their current baby, and people say “you will, your heart will automatically grow to accommodate your new love” and I hear this is true, that there is instantly enough love. That same thing isn’t really true with your spouse. When you have a baby your heart doesn’t necessarily grow to accommodate equal amounts of love for your baby and your spouse. When I say “love” I really mean: Patience, kindness, sensitivity, passion, love, strength, tolerance, control…… you get my point. When you have a baby, your spouse takes a back seat, even if you really really really don’t want them to. I love Mr. Gaunt to the moon and back. He is my best friend, and the greatest person I have chosen to have in my life. I believe our relationship is the backbone of our lives, of our family, and nothing will be good if we are bad. That being said, I had to pull some of my compassion, patience and kinds from him in order to tolerate this first year of motherhood. Vada, and ALL newborns are greedy greedy love-sucking creatures. They take take take take take and they give you back so little, but you MUST LOVE THEM! But where do you find the strength to muster up all that extra love? Well in my case, I ripped it from my husband and left him a big IOU that I have yet to repay. It’s been a rough year. We take it day by day and we say IM SORRY, I FORGIVE YOU every single day, because every single day we are not nearly as loving to each other as we should be. We talk about this a lot, we acknowledge our shortcomings as spouces all the time, we know we will get through this, that in our lifetime together we will have shitty days, months, years, maybe even decades, but when we got married, we swore to stick it out, and we will, because when times are good, he is my greatest love, and our family is so worth it. Until then we will be kind when we can, and we will forgive when we can’t. We will respect each other as much as we can, and we will love our baby with everything we have, even if it means short-changing each other a little bit.

It’s been a really interesting year. Its been fun, and sad, and challenging, and adorable. I’m excited for all the fun and new experiences we will have with our big girl this year.

Also I’m hoping to get photo back from Vada’s birthday soon to share with you, it was an amazing party!

Raising Vada: The End of Infancy


We are just 10 days shy of Vada’s 11 months birthday. I remember last year around this time thinking THIS COULD BE THE MONTH! Obviously I was new-mom-delusional, but still, October was full of excitement and the buzz of new baby in our household. This year is pretty darn exciting too! I’ve already finished sewing Vada’s first Halloween costume, and if I can convince her to leave the head-piece (no she’s not a Native American!) on for 5 minutes, I will get a photo of the cutest thing on planet earth. It seriously turned out way better than I could have imagined. As for Mr.Gaunt and I, he likes to get his moneys worth out of costumes, so he will be the Stay Puff Marshmallow man again this year. I went simple and sweet and am going to be the Morton Salt Girl.

We also have plans to attend at LEAST two farms to do the whole “How Tall This Fall” pumpkin hay-ride bonanza. We love Stoney Ridge (whose website is sorely lacking in showing you the cool-ness of this place), and possibly Foster’s Corn Maze, and maybe Bellewood Acres too for some apple picking. We plan to take Vada trick-or-Treating (I’m hoping some houses have non-candy treats, yes I’m THAT mom, no she can’t eat any candy) a little bit either downtown, or just in our neighborhood early, and then pass out candy in the evening at our own house. I think she will LOVE all the kids in costumes! We have some super fun Halloween decoration plans too that will either go up this weekend or next, depending on how long I can hold out. EEEK!

I haven’t blogged in a while. Did you notice the blog name change! It was a big step for me, but I wanted the blog to reflect more what I’m blogging about, and not so much my weight. Cha Cha Changes! So onto a few topics that I’ve been storing in my head for a time when I paid someone else to watch my kid so I could blog….ehem…right now.



I went last night with my friend Haley to see the new documentary The Empowerment Project which you should totes go see, and cry, and feel super empowered to go out and do something amazing with your life. UNLESS that something is being a SAHM (Stay at home mom), because then you are only doing something kind-of-empowered-but-you-gave-up-all-the-dreams-that-would-have-made-you-actually-inspiring type a thing. I kid, kind of. The documentary features tons of awesome women of all ages and races, and all types of careers. They even interview (the producer’s mother in law) a STAHM, but I STILL cant help but get the underlying message of “SAHM’s are the OTHER thing you can choose to do, if you aren’t going to do a cool job” they ask questions like “did you feel like you had to give up a career” “what will you do with yourself now that your children are raised and you have no work experience?” It all tied back to a slightly “I’m sad for you” tone. I wish they would have talked to that SAHM and asked her:

“How did you instill morals in your children?”

“What training and life experiences got you to the position of being a PEOPLE CREATOR?”

“What dreams and goals came to fruition for your child because of your help?”

“How many hours/days/months did it take you to teach your boys to be good honest people”

“What mothers are your inspiration?”

“Show us these awesome people who YOU created. What good are they doing in the world?”

Because seriously folks. Every time you meet an awesome, loving, intelligent, talented, respectful person in this world, I can almost guarantee there was a good parent (or parental figure) who was there building them from scratch. Children are not born with the skills to be a good person, someone must teach them. And ITS A DAMN HARD JOB! It’s not a cushy job, it’s not a job that gets credit or praise or PAY! So lets all stop acting like being a SAHM is a job you have when you give up the opportunity to have a REAL COOL JOB, and just talk about it like it’s a hard-ass career, and thank god someone out there wants to do it. (note: this goes for all parents, working or otherwise)

I would say I straddle the line of working outside the home, and working in the home. I NEVER thought I wanted to be a SAHM, just like I never thought I wanted to be an astronaut, it just didn’t sound like my cup of tea. It sounded too restricting, not independent and creative enough for me. Then I had a baby, and it really struck me hard that I didn’t want someone else to be spending the majority of her waking hours with her. I wanted her to know me, so see me interacting with people in the world, to learn her behaviors from me, not someone else. I wanted the opportunity to sculpt her life, and fill her sweet baby brain and heart with all the things I know. BUT I also wanted to work, and to keep filling and inspiring my own brain and heart. So I do both, kind of. I work from home, I drag Vada to work (I own a restaurant with my mom) with me. We run errands together, and she spends many an hour sitting at the counter with the regulars. It’s hard though. I can not get nearly enough done with her, so I have two days a week where I have someone watch her so I can really focus on a task, like taxes, or blogging, or ordering things, or helping in the restaurant. I’m thankful for this time, as she is exposed to more kids, a different home, new toys and adventures. I want to teach her everything I know, but I don’t know everything she needs to learn, and for that I am so thankful for all the people in our community who inspire her as well.

One thing that I hadn’t prepared myself for was the guilt and the judgment of motherhood. I have my own personal guilt (as do almost all SAHMs) that I might not be doing an equal amount of work as my husband (he would disagree). It’s challenging for me to ask him to solo parent after he gets off work, so I can go do something on my own. It’s challenging for me to ask him to wash the dishes (is this in my contract?) it’s challenging for both of us to not throw each other under the “who worked more today” bus. It just is. We are new at this, our roles are different, and we are still adjusting. We both have eternal respect and support for each other, but the fact is we have been together for 8 years, and only one of those years did we have our current rolls. It takes time.

Judgement from outsiders is a whole ‘nother story. It comes from friends, from family members, from strangers. It’s people’s opinions or perceptions of your life that they get from online, or quick encounters. People love to judge, it’s just in our nature. People develop a fantasy about what they think your life is like, and what you do all day, and they compare it their own lives, and then they judge. I share a lot online, on my Facebook, blog, and Instagram. I share the good things, the sweet things, the messy things. I share the projects I am proud of, I share my family photos, I share our adventures. I share because I believe my life is WORTH SHARING! I believe the things I do are awesome, and that my family is awesome, and that my struggles are valid, and that I am an inspiration to other mothers and other women. I do(should) not care if you think that I am not working HARD enough. I do(should) not care if you think I am doing the right things with my time and money. I do(should) not care if you think my food photo is stupid, or my lunch date is frivolous, or my workout picture is bragging, because it’s not. These are pieces of me, they are what get me up in the morning, and what keep life worth living, and sharing them, and building a community of people who love and support the things I do with my life MAKES ME FEEL GOOD.



I am knee-deep in apple craft projects for Vada’s first birthday (November 12th- Apple Of My Eye). I am having so much fun planning this party. It’s feeding my soul so much! It’s so important to feed your soul, to fuel the passion-fire, to really bring yourself joy. That’s what party planning does for me. Some people love politics, some people love cooking or traveling, I love party planning. So I’m going all out, and it’s really rocking my world. I heard recently that your job doesn’t have to be your passion, but that you must have passion in your life. That really spoke to me. I want my job to encompass parts of my passions, and it does sometimes, but I also need to accept that it wont be my main passion. Do I want to turn my passion into a job? I’m not sure right now. I feel like I already have a lot on my plate, and that it would be silly to add more. I know that I adjusted (NOT GAVE UP) my priorities this year to have a baby. She’s awesome, but she does not allow me to do whatever the hell I want. Right now I am raising a person full-time, and when she is bigger, and doesn’t need constant attention, then I can re adjust my priorities again, and maybe make money from my passion. Planning parties for other people takes a lot of time, and you need to be reliable. I am NOT RELIABLE right now. I am only reliable for Vada, and she needs that reliability 24/7 right now, so everyone else has to take a back seat to her. That’s the truth, and when you are running a business you have to be able to be really reliable to your client, and because I can’t be, I wont be.

This brings us to baby #2. I’ve finally after 11 months, decided that there will be a baby #2, and we will probably try for one sooner rather than later. Let me be very clear that I hate pregnancy, and I am completely terrified of having two babies, and our house is way too small, and we are pretty poor most of them time, and I realize that having another baby will SUCK A BUNCH for at least the first couple years. That being said, I do not want Vada to be an only child, and I want to get this baby-stage over and done with, as opposed to dragging it out. I want to work more one day. I want to follow my dreams, and live for myself, and have some freedom, one day. I do not want to be a mother of small children for 10+ years, I just don’t. I want them to grow up and be more independent, and I want to move into the next phase of our lives. Therefore I’m going to jump off a cliff and just be a little crazy for a few years, and then we can start a new chapter. (not currently pregnant, not currently trying to get pregnant, ill let yah know when that happens….maybe)



I get that a lot, the “she’s such an easy baby” and maybe it’s true? I guess. When shes pulling toilet paper out of a toilet that wasn’t flushed, and falling off the cat hammock, and dumping glasses of wine on her head, she doesn’t FEEL THAT EASY, but whatever. She’s not a hard baby per say. She didn’t have colic, she slept through the night in her own crib by 4 months, she’s rarely sick, she has no allergies, she eats everything, she has no stranger-danger, and she’s friendly as hell. She’s social, and funny and mostly happy. So yeah, she’s pretty great. I’ve heard from a lot of people who say she seems older than babies her age. I don’t know that many babies her age, so it’s hard for me to compare, but yeah, she’s pretty smart. Someone once said that Vada was an old soul. I can see that, she seems wise, and fiercely connected to people. She just loves people, she is so different from me in that way, it takes me a lot longer to warm up. You know those people that when you are around them, even if you just met them, they make you feel so good, so happy, so welcomed, she’s THAT person. It’s really inspiring. I watched a crabby older woman come into the restaurant and order some food to-go. She did not smile or joke or chat when she ordered, she did not come off as happy or friendly. Her face looked old, and tired and annoyed. Vada happened to be sitting at the counter eating some snacks, and she caught the women’s eye. While the woman waited for her food I watched her interact with Vada, and literally LIGHT UP. She chatted with Vada, and shared some of her snack when Vada offered it to her. It was like her and Vada were in their own little world, where they were best friends having lunch together. When the woman’s food was ready I handed it to her, and she said “Thank you for letting me hang out with her, she’s amazing.” I felt my heart swell! This baby, who can not talk words, is so in love with interacting with people, so full of joy, that she can make a complete strangers day brighter in just 5 minutes. How did I grow this perfect little person? That is not something I instilled in her, that is something that grew inside her from the start, and I am not a religious person, but I PRAY THAT SPARK LASTS HER A LIFETIME. If she can bring so much joy to people, see so much good in them, inspire them to feel good about themselves and the world around them. She is a gift. She is easy.



Well, Ive rambled enough about my life for today. I have to actually shower and clean my kitchen before the family comes home. The weather is beyond lovely today, and a walk is in order.