My Closet and Pants are too Small

First things first, Mr. Gaunt arrived on Tuesday safe and sound. Hence the lack of posts.

We have been working on un-packing the house and finding a home for everything. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

My job will start on April 19th, but hopefully I can find something else to do in the mean time.

Today I worked on putting clothes away. the closet in our bedroom is TINY and only Mr. Gaunt’s clothes will fit, so I have the hallway in the guest room. It’s still tiny and sucks a bunch. One day I will have a good closet.  I had a few boxes of clothing that I hadn’t seen in a couple of months as we had packed a lots of extra clothing away a while before we moved. Some of these included pants that I SWORE to myself would fit by the time I un packed them. I would guess that they fit even LESS than they did before.

I feel horrible about my weight right now. Mr. Gaunt does too. We have both gained more weight than we would have ever liked to. It’s a vicious scary cycle of weight loss and gain. I promised myself I would never gain back the weight I had lost, but I have put some of it back on. It makes me feel absolutely dreadful!

I don’t have any specific plans for how I’m going to fix this problem, but I will. I know what I shouldn’t and shouldn’t do. I have a wedding motivating me too.

There is lots of money, weight, moving, wedding, job stress in my life right now. I’m just trying to chill out and make things better. Sigh.

In brighter news Mr. Gaunt and I too a 4 mile walk this morning, plus we have spent the last two days unloading a truck and unpacking, so the exercise is getting in. Tomorrow morning we will be doing Lake Paddens 2.6 mile walk.

And I promise to share a few more house pictures this week.

Anyone else feeling super down about the winter weight blues? Would love some motivation right about now.

Not So Connected

Tomorrow a wonderful creature will come to my house, and bestow upon me the ability to see the whole world and all its glorious beauty…


Comcast is coming to hook up my internet tomorrow.


my mom “borrows” internet from the bar downstairs, and it comes in and out depending on where you are sitting. It annoys the crap out of me. I can hardly blog, let alone upload and edit photos. Hence the lack of anything interesting on here. It also means I have been staying at her house the last two weeks instead of my own, as I have no furniture and no Internet: No Pandora, No Facebook, No Netflix, no nothin!

But after tomorrow all that will change, and I will probably attempt to stay over there more.

And despite the lack of posts, I have actually been really good at documenting my house re-model. I have taken lots of before and afters to show you later this week!

Painting is taking WAAAY longer (and way more paint) than I had thought, as we have plaster walls and they drink up the paint like its their job. Lame. But things are coming along well.

I miss Mr. Gaunt more than anything. I’m glad we had some time apart, but I would like him back now. And my stuff, and my cat. A few more weeks and they will all be here with me!

Oh and today I bought some Zig Zag fabric that my sister and I are gonna make pillow covers for! I got it at Fourth Corner Quilts, they have a waaaay better selection than JoAnns, and my fabric was 50% off!

This Old House

Oh hey, I moved!

Sorry that this is the first update, its been a bit of a transition moving to Washington (from Colorado) but I finally have something worthy of talking about.

So prior to us moving here, my mom found us a little old house to move into. For the last 3 years we had been living in very nice upgraded condo, but never had  a yard or a patio or anything like that. We knew when we moved to Bellingham that we wanted a different sort of living situation. Something that well help us focus more on the lifestyle we want to live.

Now I will be the first to say that I had a minor freak out when my mom and I met with the landlords on day one. I knew the house would be older and wouldn’t have the brand new shiny appliances I had been a custom to. However I was not prepared for the dirty grimyness of the place. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of money and work that would need to go into a place we were just renting. On top of that, Mr. Gaunt is till in Colorado, and he is the one that keeps me focused, keeps me level-headed.

So I went back and forth on how I felt about the house. Was the work worth the benefits? Could I handle crazy unreliable landlords that felt it fine to leave a bathroom unpainted and house uncleaned? (note: I spoke with them about having it professionally cleaned, and they are giving me a $150 budget to pay someone to clean)

During all of this I am living at my moms on her couch with all my stuff spilling out of suitcases. I’m a bit in the way, and my 4.5 years of life in Colorado has definitely changed the way I look at life and things a bit. Its been hard. Not stepping on people’s toes, not freaking out. I’m not really  a “go with the flow” kinda girl (I’ll add it to my very long list of NEEDS IMPROVEMENT).  All in all my minor freak out turned into a balls out yelling and crying freak out…..ugg.

So I did what I always do, I called Mr. Gaunt.  And we talked for an hour. Talked about the pros and the cons of everything. Talked about all our plans that we had. Talked about how to clam me down and focus. Needless to say I’m pretty pleased I am marrying his butt.

Last night (after said total meltdown) my sister and I went back over to the house to make a video for Mr. Gaunt.  Being there at night actually made the place feel warmer and cozier than in the day.  And my sister was really great at pointing out all the cute things, and agreeing at all the dirty things. I felt better overall. This might work.

So Mr. Gaunt (I say this, because although he is not here, we are a team) and I have hired a family friend to come in and do a good cleaning, using the $150 our landlords will pay, and then paying whatever else on our own. After that I have to get some repair supplies, paint, contact paper, etc. And spend the next few weeks making this funky old house a home.

So I leave you with the Video we made for Mr. Gaunt. Please ignore my dorky voice and commentary. Oh and because it was night I was unable to film the yard (which is almost the best part). I will do a 2nd video of that later….maybe today.

Real Goodbyes

The house is all packed in storage.

Its been 4 years and 6 months since I moved to Colorado.

Tomorrow I move back home.

I am happy and sad.

I will miss my love and my cat. Spending a whole month apart is the longest we have gone in 4.5 years.

I will miss my Liam. I cry every time I think that he will not recognize me in September. I love him so so so much. Who would have thought I could have so much love for someone else’s child.  He is perfection. We are spending one last night with him. We are bringing cupcakes.

I will miss the friends I have made. They better all come to my wedding!

I will miss my beautiful Apartment. All shiny and new.

Mr. Gaunt and I will be married in 7 months!

I am so in love with the life we are living and the life we have coming.

XOXO Colorado, Its Been Real. Real Hard. Real Life. Real Sunny.

Buh Bye Blue

Our landlord is a total Jekyll and Hyde. Whenever Mr. Gaunt talks to him on the phone he is crazy and evil and “INSISTS HE COME OVER DESPITE ME HAVING THE FLU IN BED!” and then he comes over and he is super sweet and apologetic. Its bazaar.

So two weeks ago we called him and told him we were leaving a month early. This is only ok in our books because we never actually signed another lease. We have been here 2.5 years, and had a lease only for the first year, so whats he gonna do? However Mr. Gaunt is a lot more paranoid nicer than me and agreed to doing a very short notice walk through with him and his wife (who lives in California and we have never met). So we scoured the house and lit yummy candles and they came over.  We managed to hide the flaws (broken towel rod and screwed up bathroom sink) and accentuated the positives (made bed, clean stove) and overall they seemed pleased with how the place looked. BUT Homegirl decides that she isn’t cool with the paint color. She didn’t directly say she  didn’t like it, more that she was concerned that it wouldnt match new tenants taste. Yeah your boring white didn’t match MY taste so I painted it, that’s what you do! He actually really liked it, so we all compromised and agreed that the bedroom could stay and that we would just need to paint the livingroom to match that olive/tan color of the entry way. Fine.

So today we cleaned and packed and moved furniture. Mr. Gaunt taped off and I painted over my LOVELY Perwkinle grey….sad day. The color really looked so nice against the dark cherry cabinets and the (in my opinion slightly too orange) wood floors. And especially looked stellar against our perfect Greige couch. However they want boring, so now there is a very drab olive/tan where my beautiful blue once was.

The day wasnt a total bust though. Mr. Gaunt was especially willing to run errands, which meant Starbucks, Chipotle, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cupcakes…swoon. And it was super sunny and Hula looked especially adorable sun bathing.

House = Complete disaster

Goodbye Blue

Taping off

20 minutes Later

Thin Mint Cupcake Via GiGi's in Littleton.


Check out that ear hair...GORGEOUS!

Evening naps

All done, tv back up for the week

why its important to make sure your furniture wont clash with your paint...eww