My Legs Fell Off

Not true, but they FEEL like they want to fall off! Gah! Yesterday’s Squats did a number on my very weak legs. But I guess that means its working right?

I decided since I couldn’t even walk down the stairs properly at work, that I wouldn’t go running…duh. I also had to go to the bank, and since it is now 4:52 and about as dark as I would want to be out running, I know I need to work out the minute I get home.

So to even out the soreness I will be doing this tonight:

I have managed to keep my house pretty clean over the last few weeks, and stay on top of laundry. This is very good for me (us). I’m so excited for our upcoming trip to Colorado and the Holidays! It’s what I think about while at my very boring job.

We got fancy-pants embroidered business shirts this last week for our business! This is very exciting. I still have a lot to do by January (when we officially launch) but I will have 3 weeks off from work soon, so I will have plenty of time.

My phone is uber-crapped out now, it hardly works.  Verizon has $99 iphones, but it’s so hard for me to justify spending that money…who know why, I’m sure Ill love it. I should just do it…sigh. I’m an over thinker.

Alright, Ive rambled enough. Mr. Gaunt and I are off to get free Chili from my mom!

My Secret List

I’ve been such a slacker with this blog lately.

I’d say its a mix of feeling super slugish, and being busy with other things.

I stepped on the scale this week….eek. Might be the wake up call I need.

The dark evenings are SUCH A BUMMER. I kind of hate that about fall/winter.

Thankfully the weather has been a very mild temperature, and that is awesome, I like mild.

I wish I had more energy. I know that eating good and working out are what give me more energy, but I’m so tired and my back hurts and WAHHH WAAAHH WAAH. (:

I also feel like I only eat carbs, lol. Halloween was such a gut bomb.

The harder (ie: BORING) my job gets, the harder I want to work on our new business. I’m just taking huge leaps, spending money, signing up for things, ordering this, making that. I feel like if I push hard enough its engine will get going!

I watched The Secret the other night.

These are my goals (in writing for the universe to see)



3. RUN A 5k


Alright, I’m off to work. Happy Happy thoughts. Hope everyone has a spectacular day!

Four Days notes to Self

-You will look very nice. You will look like you. No one will be let down.

-The projects will come together, they will make sense, they will be quirky and beautiful.

-Mr. Gaunt will be there, and you trust him.

-You planned enough. Its well-organized.

-The food will be amazing, people will eat it.

-You have a great DJ who will help run the show.

-Your friends are all here. Never have you had so much support in one place.

-Its ok to let it go.

-Its ok that your house is a mess of boxes.

-Your appointments are booked.

-There is one more day of work.

-Rely on your friends.

-Your photographer is coming, he will be here, it will be ok.

-Your nails are long, for the first time ever. They will look nice.

-Everything you ordered arrived, on time too.

-Your hair will come together, just trust.

-Your skin is blemish free

-Your going on a Honeymoon with the man of your dreams in 6 days.

-Next week there is no more wedding. Enjoy this week.

-Kiss Mr. Gaunt a lot. Remember he is prize.

-Your shoes fit

-The rehersal dinner is booked and ordered and will not require much from you.

-The music will be lovely.

-Its ok that  you didn’t learn to dance, a rock back fourth is still sweet.

-Your yard is mowed

-Your cell phone was in the lost and found at the bar. It pays to have a ghetto phone that no one wants to steal.

-Mom seems way more sane than you, she’s on top of things.

-Mom got cute shoes, a first? (:

-Your bridesmaids are all unique, beautiful and have great dresses and style.

-You get to meet baby Cecilia, your…ahem…God Daughter. (sweet baby smells….sigh)

Now go get dressed, get some coffee, and enjoy your last day at work as an unmarried women. Then go buy Bridesmaids and watch it with your girls!

’twas a Drive By Blogging!

I’m so busy I can’t even be bothered to find my camera and upload pictures, or even say anything interesting.

A few things to note though:

-I need an extra room for all the wedding shit I have ordered/made. It’s a zoo of Yellow and Grey.

-I also need an extra room for PAINTINGS! Umm I’m currently working on ELEVEN paintings! I might faint.

-My job may actually run longer than I thought.

-I found TO DIE FOR PERFECT wedding shoes and I can’t get over it! I will share pics soon!

-I’m spending my evening painting 3 cat paintings, stenciling 5 cars, and watching a million episodes of Greys Anatomy.

-Mr. Gaunt did AMAZING on his Tech School placement test! He tested out of all the basic classes except algebra. I couldn’t be more proud! Hopefully Math in the fall and NURSING IN JANUARY!!!!

-I have no time to run and this is kind of sad. Next week I will get back to it when my schedule goes to 8-2.

When to Catch up?

I have sooooo much to blog about:

-working out

-what we are eating/buying

-The Garden

-my brother moving in

-Wedding stuff

-Weight loss

-Recipes (cake pops anyone?)

-4th of July


-MY 100,000 VIEW!

-My blogs 2 year birthday (tomorrow)


BUUUUUUUT I have no time. None. Well, none to spare for blogging at least.

This morning I was actually shockingly productive:

-Watered the garden

-Ate Greek Yogurt

-When to get my car downtown

-Ran 2 miles (walked a 1/2 mile) around Lake Padden

-Got coffee

-Went grocery shopping for the week

-Mom dropped off our new wedding present (EEEK! Another thing I have to share!)

-Folded and put away all the clothes hanging on the line

-Did 1 extra load of laundry

-Cleaned the whole kitchen and washed all the 4th of July dishes

-Cleaned our bedroom

-Picked Kale for lunch

-Made scrambled eggs and sausage and Kale for lunch

Now I need to finish a painting and take a shower. I have to be at work at 3 for TEN HOURS. Are you jealous of my life…INSANITY!!!!!!!!! Anyways I managed to upload all my pictures but it will be a while before I can break them up into blog posts. Until then you get these precious little gems…

Friday Randoms

-I walked 12 of the last 14 days in a row. I’m trying to do at least an hour walk with as much running mixed in.

-I have been using my little 3lb dumbbells on my walks too, so even if I’m not walking very fast I keep my heart rate up by doing different arm workouts.

-I was doing really good and was only 1 pound away from my weekly goal of losing 2 pounds, but then I ate Pho and I think the sodium and liquid really bloated me. However I have been really on top of it the last two days, so here’s hoping tomorrow looks good!

-All the sunshine in the afternoons on my walks has brought out all my freckles.

-We have a huge wedding to do list that we are working on this weekend. First up finding groomsmen attire, which is proving to be hard.

-We found an awesome deal on Bare by Solo Disposable cups for the wedding. we got 150 cups for like $6.

-I ordered feathers and some ribbon off Etsy this week too. Next up is plates. Oh and my mom bought us 25 yards of burlap for our table runners!

-I stole Tank tonight, he is on my lap sleeping as I type.

-I love Diva Cup TIMES A MILLION! The fact that it took me 13 years to discover makes me sad.

-So many babies are being born these days it makes me all giddy! I want to buy all of the mommas this book!

-Speaking of babies, Liam’s little sister (my flower girl) is due to be born in a month! Mr. Gaunt and I have a project we need to get started on ASAP! Wish so bad we could afford to fly out there to meet her before the wedding!

-I planted my succulent pots today. My Bok Choy is doing amazing, my lettuce….not so much.

-Our wedding invitation design is like 50% done!

-Mr. Gaunt has lost like 12 pounds since moving here. He looks so good…love him!

-We are going Garage Sailing tomorrow…be jealous