Thighs and Yoga

I’ve been doing Yoga now for a month and a half now, on Tuesdays at my gym. It’s basic Yoga that my gym offers for free, but its taught by a real Yoga instructor, and not just some gym employee. It’s easy enough that I don’t feel embarrassed, but hard enough that I leave sweaty. I love it.

I’m actually really flexible. I can stand with my knees straight and put my palms flat on the floor. I can grab my hands behind my back and balance while holding my foot in the air. I can do a Sun Salutation fast and fluid at least 5 times before getting a winded. I feel like I’m built to do Yoga…well, except one thing.

I have the biggest thighs on earth, and Calves, both of them…HUGE. When I’m in Yoga, sometimes I get fixated on looking at my legs in the mirror. They are massive. One might think this would depress me, and although I have spent years hating my legs, in Yoga, I’m more fascinated by them. I see where my hips touch on the mat compared to everyone else. I see how much higher I am when we sit on our knees. I see how high in the air my butt is in Childs Pose. The sheer thickness of my legs makes my body move in completely different ways than everyone else in class.

So far there are only 3 (basic) positions I have found close to impossible. One is something similar to a spinal twist where you wrap your arms around your back and legs. There is no way in hell my hands could ever touch. Another pose is where you sit on your knees, and lay back slowly so your thighs are underneath you. this proves to be just too much weight/pressure on my knees. I also am not able to do a traditional cross-legged pose where you bring your feet up.

The thing is, I’m not even really bothered that I can’t do these few poses. The rest of me is strong and balanced, and I can confidently do most of the other poses. There are tiny girls in the class who fall over, or get to tired and fall behind, but I don’t. I find my inner strength and focus and breathe through any pain or uncomfortableness I feel. I pay attention, and I push myself to be faster and more accurate each class.

I am obviously so very much in the beginning stages of learning Yoga. I would love to eventually take a real class and learn more accuracy and technique. It’s very expensive though, so I’m happy with City Gym Yoga. And I’m even accepting of my huge thighs too. At least black yoga pants are moderately slimming….right?

I should probably invest in my own mat too some time soon.



My shoulders are totally sore from doing yesterdays little workout. I actually really love these, how they target different muscle groups. My friend Mallory brought me a whole set of dumbbells and they have been perfect for these workouts. These also only take like 10 minutes, but every day I can feel that they are working. I just wait an hour or so after my walk and do these while watching tv. So easy. I’m excited that todays are legs/butt, because I REALLY need help in that area.

My weight is still around the same place as yesterday. I had two large glasses of Wine/Mead last night, so I’m happy there was no real gain. I gotta think of a real calorie burning activity for Mr. Gaunt and I to do this weekend. Suggestions?

Last night I made this Brussel Sprout recipe and it was pretty good. I mean Mr. Gaunt use to say he hated Brussel sprouts, now he eats a meal mostly consisting of them, love it!

I don’t know much about Tumblr, but there are some pretty SWEET workout/weightloss blogs on there. Here are two that you can wast some time with:



TJ Breakfast


-Fat Free Vanilla Greek Yogurt

-Low Fat Vanilla Almond Granola


-Organic Honey

Mr. Gaunt and I walked to The Farmers Market and got BreadFarm Samish River Potato Bread, and walked back home (3.2 Miles). It was super windy, but felt great to get some exercise in. Then we drove down to Seattle to go wedding dress shopping for my friend Mallory, and lastly Ikea. Mr. Gaunt bought an entertainment center because our old one we had to leave with the house. All in all a lovely day.

To Resist

It’s VERY hard to convince myself that I do not get to eat 800 cheeseburgers after working a 60 hour week and a 12 hour day.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to make myself do the Wii Fit at all.

Although I was thinking today after coming home from job #1 with only a few hours till Job #2, that working out is for people who do not spend their ENTIRE day being physically active. I’m talking moving 200+ boxes of blinds out of 3 bays and into 3 different bays. Going up and down ladders. Standing up, kneeling down….repeat 500 times. Walking back and forth over a huge warehouse. Spending 4 hours straight putting away Vases, wineglasses, christmas decorations, huge stacks of plates. That was today.

I wish I had one of those Body Bug things they wear on Biggest Loser so I could see on average how many calories I’m burning at my jobs. Lets hope with my reduced calorie eating that the weight starts coming off. I’m down about 5 pounds this week. 10 more and I’ll be back to my lowest weight! Fingers crossed I can do it by January 1st!