Ending the Year Quietly.

I’m going to take a break from this blog. Not a forever break, but at least until the end of the year.

Mr. Gaunt and I have started our own Event Clean up, Set up and Coordination company that we are really trying to focus our energy on. Our company is called TIED BOW and you can see our Wedding Inspiration blog here. We have a big wedding convention January 8th that we are getting ready for.

W are also continuing to do our custom portrait paintings that you can check out here. There’s still time to order for Christmas!

This year has been such a whirlwind of change, that I just need a breather. I of course love this blog so much, but I just don’t have the energy to share like I use to. I’m hoping the new year will bring me new job opportunities that allow me to spend more time doing the things I love…like blogging.

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving! I know we did!


Mr. & Mrs. Gaunt

Four Days notes to Self

-You will look very nice. You will look like you. No one will be let down.

-The projects will come together, they will make sense, they will be quirky and beautiful.

-Mr. Gaunt will be there, and you trust him.

-You planned enough. Its well-organized.

-The food will be amazing, people will eat it.

-You have a great DJ who will help run the show.

-Your friends are all here. Never have you had so much support in one place.

-Its ok to let it go.

-Its ok that your house is a mess of boxes.

-Your appointments are booked.

-There is one more day of work.

-Rely on your friends.

-Your photographer is coming, he will be here, it will be ok.

-Your nails are long, for the first time ever. They will look nice.

-Everything you ordered arrived, on time too.

-Your hair will come together, just trust.

-Your skin is blemish free

-Your going on a Honeymoon with the man of your dreams in 6 days.

-Next week there is no more wedding. Enjoy this week.

-Kiss Mr. Gaunt a lot. Remember he is prize.

-Your shoes fit

-The rehersal dinner is booked and ordered and will not require much from you.

-The music will be lovely.

-Its ok that  you didn’t learn to dance, a rock back fourth is still sweet.

-Your yard is mowed

-Your cell phone was in the lost and found at the bar. It pays to have a ghetto phone that no one wants to steal.

-Mom seems way more sane than you, she’s on top of things.

-Mom got cute shoes, a first? (:

-Your bridesmaids are all unique, beautiful and have great dresses and style.

-You get to meet baby Cecilia, your…ahem…God Daughter. (sweet baby smells….sigh)

Now go get dressed, get some coffee, and enjoy your last day at work as an unmarried women. Then go buy Bridesmaids and watch it with your girls!

I dont even know where it went!

I’m talking about the whole week that has passed without me posting anything here.

I’m so ridiculously busy that I think my brain might explode, or Ill just fall asleep at work in the bathroom. Ok that last thing has happened at least every day around 10am this week.

I’m trying to be in bed by 11 pm tonight as I have to go in a 1/2 hour early (7:30am) tomorrow so I can get off a 1/2 hour early so I can go babysit for 2 hours, then go to the gym, then come home and paint and then go back to bed. My life is scheduled to a T!

Wedding in 36 days.

At least 10 more pounds to lose.

A list 10 miles long to accomplish.

Zero dolla’s in the bank to spend.

Five paintings to complete and ship out

Such is life.

I have worked out 9 out of the 13 days that have passed since I joined the gym. PATS SELF ON BACK.

I have also managed to not cry for two days! HA! PATS SELF ON BACK EVEN MORE!

Ok I’m off to bed so I can play with this cute boy tomorrow…




’twas a Drive By Blogging!

I’m so busy I can’t even be bothered to find my camera and upload pictures, or even say anything interesting.

A few things to note though:

-I need an extra room for all the wedding shit I have ordered/made. It’s a zoo of Yellow and Grey.

-I also need an extra room for PAINTINGS! Umm I’m currently working on ELEVEN paintings! I might faint.

-My job may actually run longer than I thought.

-I found TO DIE FOR PERFECT wedding shoes and I can’t get over it! I will share pics soon!

-I’m spending my evening painting 3 cat paintings, stenciling 5 cars, and watching a million episodes of Greys Anatomy.

-Mr. Gaunt did AMAZING on his Tech School placement test! He tested out of all the basic classes except algebra. I couldn’t be more proud! Hopefully Math in the fall and NURSING IN JANUARY!!!!

-I have no time to run and this is kind of sad. Next week I will get back to it when my schedule goes to 8-2.

Every Excuse

I am not working out today.

It is the first day of my period.

I was stung by a wasp yesterday and my arm is swollen.

My house is a disaster.

I am tired.

I have to paint.

I have to ship a painting.

I have to edit a stencil.

My workout clothes are dirty.

I’m annoyed.

Its been an unpleasant morning. I’m just irritable (for all the above reasons) I’m sort of annoyed that my job is taking forever to replace one of the supervisors. I’m also annoyed in that I assumed I would be making friends at work (as I have done every year I worked there) but alas I only work with two very odd and very annoying older women. There are zero options for friend making. Bummer.

I just feel a little like something is wrong with me. I am incapable of making friends, because I am a bitch? I’m also mildly insecure and awkward. I’m sure you are all nodding your heads. I just don’t know how to change. Everything has changed so much since I was young. I fear that my four years of solitude in Colorado has made me completely incapable of socializing or meeting people.

SIDE NOTE: Everyone I know is having babies, I’m mildly jealous, but not really. I don’t want a baby now, just soon.

I have no idea how my weight loss is going this week as Mr. Gaunt hides my scale. This makes me angry. I’m a grown up, I should be able to weigh myself if I want to! I bought that scale! Hmmph.

I’m out of yogurt, and it’s only Wednesday. What will I do until Friday? Sell blood for yogurt?

Its one of those weeks.