Wedding Walking

Yesterday we did a wedding (I own a wedding clean up business), and I hadn’t worn my pedometer all day long, so I put it on right before we left to the venue. From 8pm-11:45, so less than 4 hours, I walked 11,455 steps. Today I also weighed 1 pound less. MANUAL LABOR IS AWESOME FOR WEIGHT LOSS!

I have only ever hit 10,000 steps 1 other day since I bought my pedometer, and that was over a 8 hour span. No wonder my feet always ache after a wedding! Not to mention its such a small area, maybe 200 square feet that I’m walking around in. It was kind of cool to see.

Speaking of my wedding business, lately I’ve been having these day dreams about turning my tiny company into a huge corporation. An umbrella company of all things weddings (think Martha Stewart in Homemaking). I just feel it in my bones, that this business NEEDS to be bigger and better, that I NEED to bigger and better. I want to have a fleet of small wedding business all under my name, and to run them all. I want to be a one stop shop for brides and grooms.  Needless to say, this dream is obviously in the very early stages of coming to fruition. It will take years to grow and become something bigger, but my sister use to really be into The Secret, and they talk a lot about putting your dreams out into the world, that it helps them become a reality. So here it is world! My wedding business Industry dreams! Maybe I’ll make a dream board?

Today I’m going to finish painting my moms kitchen cabinets, and maybe if we finish early Mr. Gaunt and I might go out Bellewood Acres and get apples to make applesauce! When you don’t work on Mondays, Sundays really aren’t so bad. GO BRONCOS!

(this post brought to you by this amazing song…its MY song)

I Would Walk 10 Thousand Steps…

That’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I seriously love it so much.

So I bought a pedometer on Amazon on Saturday. It showed up yesterday (so fast!), and I started using it this morning.

I’ve wanted one for a long time, but I didn’t know what kind to get. I ended up getting an Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer because of it’s simplicity and awesome reviews (It’s so light weight!). Weight Watchers is a big promoter of just getting out and walking. Moving more. Jessica Simpson recently talked on Katie Couric about how she wears a pedometer, and tires to reach 10,000-14,000 steps a day. This is a good little article about the reasoning behind 10,000 Steps. It’s not a magic number, but its a good way to know your moving a fair amount. Apparently you take about 1,500-3,000 steps in just your daily inactive life, so 10,000 means you really are pushing yourself to just move more, I like that. 10,000 Steps is approximately 5 miles of walking. Trying to hit these goal can be especially important if you have a desk job where you sit most of the day. I’m looking forward to having it motivate me to keep moving.


This morning I walked to get coffee. I got a Tall (small) non fat Pumpkin Spice Latte (5 WW+Points), and logged about 3,000 steps. Walking is one of the few workouts that I really don’t mind. It’s low impact, and moderately interesting if you are walking outside (I’m not a fan of indoor walking).

This weekend Mr. Gaunt and I are celebrating our one year anniversary! He has planned a 4 day trip to the Olympic National Forest. We plan to do lots of beach and forest walking. The place we are staying even has a little kitchen if we decide to do a little cooking at “home”. I’m really looking forward to it, just the two of us, no phones, so so nice.

Oh and in case you need some music inspiration, a friend of mine is a DJ and he created this “chic work out mix” for his wife who owns a gym. It’s really upbeat and fun. Listen to it here for free!

Last I’m on a big 90’s TV show soundtrack kick. Such fun nostalgic fall music, I listen to the Pandora/Slacker stations for all of these….YOU’RE WELCOME.


Herbed Potatoes and Bikini Bodies

Quite the title isn’t it.

Mr. Gaunt and I went on a long hilly walk today, I’m kind of hating the gym lately, too hot and stuffy. I’m loving the nice weather, and feel awful not taking advantage of it, so we have been walking a lot. Today we walked to the Post Office, the Library, and strolled through Maritime Heritage Park (which is a beautiful park that unfortunately ends up being kind of sketchy with all the homeless that hang out there). Needless to say our walk ended up being exactly three miles. So that’s nice.

I did have a little breakdown on our walk. I feel so unhappy about my weight right now. My physical fitness has to pick up, and my decadent splurges have to go down stop. I need way more veggies, and way less cheese and bread. I just know how much better I would feel minus 30 pounds. Lordy. It’s never-ending is it? I feel like my ass and stomach are larger than they have been in a while though, which is just so unpleasant. Consider me on a diet!

For dinner we had grilled chicken sausage, asparagus, and herb potatoes.

The potatoes were leftover from Mothers Day that I sliced up. Then I just cut some thyme, dill and oregano from my garden, tossed with some olive oil, pepper and salt, and baked at 425 for 15 minutes. Super yummy, and not too bad for you.

Also in super exciting news!!!! Mr. Gaunt got a promotion today! He will now be a supervisor, which is more responsibility, but also more money! Yay! We really could use more money. I also have taken up a twice a week cleaning gig at my moms wine bar via our other business, which will be bringing in a nice little monthly paycheck. I have also sold 3 paintings this month, and booked our largest wedding yet for November! Mr. Gaunt has also started a used media shop on Amazon that he is done really well at so far. You would think with all our little business adventures that we wouldn’t be nearly so poor. The funny thing is, all this money will be coming in later on, so far now we just have to keep treading water and hope for the best. HARD WORK! HARD WORK! HARD WORK!

Mr. Gaunt and I spent time the other night talking about our jobs, and how hard we are working, and our dreams. We have a philosophy that it is better to work our butts off trying to work for ourselves, and have freedom, then to just work a basic 9-5 for someone else. The saying “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” rings so loud for me. The passion and desire I have to build a career around my life, and not build my life around a job, will continue to fuel me through the hard times. We will make it. We will work for ourselves. We will be able to do the things we want to do. We will get everything we need.

On that note, I did ZuzkaLights ZWOW #19 video tonight. I did it the best I could, and my abs feel it. She says its to prepare me for my bikini body…yeah…uh huh. You should really do it too! It’s not to bad, and its super fast.


Full Time, Thank God!

This week I start working FULL TIME!

This is awesome as to say Mr. Gaunt and I were poor would be the understatement of the year. This week things took a turn for the worst and we have like $5 between the two of us. I’m actually shocked that we have managed to get by so long on such limited funds, but its done. I will now be working at LEAST 40 hours a week, more if they offer it to me.

So my working out and blogging may lighten a little as I will have less free time.

However money will mean more wedding planning AND trips to Seattle (for Wedding shoes and Rita) Olympia (For Mallory) and Portland (for Kelli). All LONG over due trips.

Today Mr. Gaunt and I walked to the library to get some more books on tape for me at work. We jogged the first mile-ish then walked. Although we did stop to race up the stairs at Maritime Heritage Park. In total about 3 miles.

Alright its shower time, as I am cold and the chicken on the BBQ is almost done.

Back to Work

Three day weekend was nice, although not as nice as when I hated my job, which I guess is pretty damn nice in its self. I did however do a 5 k yesterday, then Mr. Gaunt and I did Mondays Workout when he got home from work last night. Then we got all pumped and decided to have a “Who could do the most crunches without stopping” competition. I won at 60 (on top of the required 40)…GO ME! Hey maybe we wont just be skinny, but dare I say…fit?

I work at 3 today. I’m making Mr. Gaunt get up and go do a 5k with me this morning. I have always worked out alone, so we will see how it is working out together. I usually listen to my music, will I still do that?

The Honeymoon plans MIGHT actually be moving forward…eek! Which means spending a lot of time in a bathing suit….HELLO MORE MOTIVATIONS.  Must get skinny and tan….lol.

Well here’s a link to Tuesdays Workout! Everyone get out there and do a little working out whether they want to or not!

A Brother Birthday

My Brother Forrest turned 28 today!

He is leaving on Saturday to move to California…sad…but exciting for him! We went out to dinner this evening to celebrate. It’s the last time all of us will be together for a while. It was so short-lived that we were all living in the same city. At dinner I ordered a pasta dish that kind of sucked a whole bunch. Which is actually a good thing as I only had a few bites, yay for not ingesting 1 million calories!

Also don’t forget to do Mondays Workout (seriously it takes like 15 minutes!) I had to move my workout to the Mornings this week as tomorrow I start my first night shift.  I did a 5k in 50 minutes, not great as I got super tired at the end. The first half though I actually was able to run 2 blocks walk 1 block, instead of my usual 1 to 1 ratio. I can feel myself getting better! I’m hoping by July that I can run a whole mile without stopping, we will see.


Forrest, Me, Mom and Taylor