Rug: A Love Story

My living room has remained more or less the same since we moved in a year and a half ago. It was in need of a little upgrading, or change. I tend to stick to neutral walls and neutral large furniture, but love to make bright pops with smaller furniture, and accessories. There is a lot of lime green in my house, but you might not notice it at first, that’s how I like it. I also love to mix old and new, modern and rustic. My house by no means looks vintage or antique, nor ultra urban, but we do have a few old things. I like it to be comfortable, and pretty.

I bought this Ikea rug for our living room when we first moved here. It was modern and cute and SOOO CHEAP! $20! However it’s not great quality, and after a year and a half, it looked a little run down. It’s also not soft, and not kid “floor-time” friendly (not that we have kids) but our friends do, and Id like them to feel ok with setting their baby on my rug. It also became a little blah and boring, plus I have no less than three friends who own the same rug.

My mom told me she would help me buy a rug for my birthday last week, so I have been looking EVERYWHERE! We went to Ikea about a week ago and I hated everything. Does anyone else feel like Ikea goes through seasons, and sometimes it all looks like a preschool? Yuck. Anyway I also checked out Costco, Target, Ross, Craigslist, Rugs Galore (one of the only large rug stores in wa), Home Depot, Lowes, and tons of online rug stores. NOTHING! All a bunch of tacky ugly fuddy-duddy hotel style garbage. The thing is, maybe if rugs were like $45, then I would be ok with buying something I “kind of” like, but they aren’t! Rugs in the size I wanted are generally $150-$300! There is no way I’m dropping that kind of cash on something I settled for. I found a number of rugs online that I liked, but they were all around $300, and I didn’t hate my current rug THAT much.

So long story short (apparently not that short) I ended up going down yesterday to Seattle with my mom. We spent a couple of hours in the ADORABLE downtown Snohomish! Who knew? So many cute little shops!  Then we went to a rug store I found online, that was lame. Last we went to Cost Plus World Market after a friend (hi Brittany!) recommended it on Facebook (where friends bitch about the difficulty of finding rugs to friends). OMG you guys! Heaven is here on earth, and in the form of World Market!

First let me say, I’m not a huge fan of anything with an “Oriental” style (is that a politically correct term?). I don’t really care for any Asian or imported furniture or accessories (a large portion of this comes form my hatred of the color red). I think its great for some people, but just not me. So I was definitely under the impression that World Market was all that style (and it does have a lot of that, but not necessarily the majority). It’s also a lot “hip-er” than Pier 1 I would say (and I love me some Pier 1). Needless to say their style was great and so were there prices! I bought a rug, a new desk chair, two couch pillows come white cotton napkins I’m going to Ombre! I couldn’t be happier with the new stuff, just the change I was wanting!

For your shopping convenience, the following items can be found here:

-Plum Stripe Napa Chindi Rug (looks way more red in the online photo!)

-Ribbed Throw Pillows (clearance mine are green, obviously)

-Concrete Hayden Dining Chair

Also just in case you’re dying to know, our couch is from Costco 4 years ago, our coffee table is the LACK Ikea one, and the little desk is Target’s Dolce Desk.

Leaving the Country to Shop

My friend Jenna and I went up to Canada on Saturday to go to H&M (we don’t have one in Bellingham) and to dinner for her Birthday. Canada is only 30 minutes north of our house, and with an enhanced license you don’t need a passport to go.  Vancouver is crazy busy, but H&M was great, cheap basics galore! We had dinner in White Rock, because Vancouver was just too crazy. We need a parking lot, we are small town girls. (:

Purchased the teal dress underneath, not the yellow tank.

Purchased lavender tank and orange cardigan

$7 basic white t’s

Cute dress, but a little too tight on the butt

Purchased this navy pocket dress…$5!!!!

This is what I wore to go shopping. The shirt is from a thrift store for $3, and the capris are from Maurices for $20

Oh and these new dressing room photos are all brought to you by my new camera (my other one finally died after heavy use for 4 years) which is this SONY Cyber-shot I debated for a long time about getting the Canon Rebel t2i that I have dreaming of, or another point and shoot. In the end I couldn’t afford both (well, I really couldn’t afford the Canon) and I decided I would use the point-n-shoot more often, so I bought it after our first wedding we worked. So far I’m really pleased. I went with the same brand and model as my old one (which was the WORLDS GREATEST POINT-N-SHOOT!!) but the much upgraded HD, 3D 16.2 version. I’ve been testing it, and I’m really pleased with how it does in natural light, low light, and even the dark. I’m still hoping to get the Canon this year, but a vacation for the husband and I might take priority.

More regular blogging will return now that I have a camera. (:

Dress May

It’s May already! That basically means its smooth sailing to summer…seriously.

Mr. Gaunt and I went for a lovely 2 hour alley walk (where we walk the alleys of our neighborhood, its awesome, people are slobs) and then tonight we went and got Menchies, which resulted in the owner recognizing me from this post, which NEVER happens to me, so I’m all sorts of blogger giddy.

Anyway, all around the states its warming up. In Colorado it’s been in the 70s and 80s, in Missouri its in the 90s, on the East Coast people are having high 70s. Here in little old Bellingham Washington we are looking at the next 10 days under 65 degrees. THAT my friends is a little something I like to call SPRING!

Spring is this great season full of rain and bursts of sunshine…hope. Its the light at the end of long wet winter, it’s the tip toe into summer. Spring is prepping the gardens and growing the tress. I feel bad for all the states that miss out on Spring. Yes sometimes I think I too would like some 80 degree weather, but I know there is a time and place for 80 degree weather, and its in July, not in May. I know to appreciate 80 degrees you need 2 months, not 5 month of it. To prep your lawns and vegetables, and rivers for those hot summer days, you NEED spring.  Spring I welcome you with open arms, and I accept all the rain you want to give us. My Succulents are lush and happy and my car is clean. (:

Another great thing about Spring is that it gives you time to window shop for Summer! And window shopping I am. (click photos for source)

Of course I can’t afford any of these clothes or accessories. Which is fine. It’s fun to see what prints and styles I’m interested in, and to obviously keep my eye out for similar styles that are more budget friendly.


Daily Eats – Day 13

Yup, I missed yesterday. Not on purpose, I took photos of everything, but then I went to bed and totally spaced it. Oh well. Today I got to work from home. Starting in February I get to take all Fridays off to work on Tied Bow stuff! This is pretty much amazing. So in an effort to be as productive as I would on a regular work day, I dragged my butt out of bed at 8:30, took a shower, got dressed and put on my face.

Freakishly flattering photo. Don't be fooled.

Had Non Fat Greek Yogurt, Frozen Berries, and Low Fat Granola for Breakfast. Plus a 16 oz Non Fat Vanilla Latte (no photo).

I worked until 1:30 and then met Mr. Gaunt at the gym.

Supposedly crossing your legs makes you look thinner in photos. I'm not convinced.

After the gym I worked more, until 5:30pm when my mom came over and we went to Costco and Old Navy. I was on the hunt for the perfect Black, Non-Shiny, Capri Length, Flared workout pants. None could be found. Old Navy is currently having a sale on workout gear, but its all skin tight spandex nastyness. They did have some nice clearance shirts that I bought.

Home Made Banana Chips.

Turkey and mustard.

My go-to winter outfit.

Then for dinner we had Goji Asian Fusian.

Followed by a glass of Pear Cider and in bed by 1 am…lol. Let the weekend begin.

Oh and a reminder to myself and anyone else being forced to watch football this weekend. DONT EAT CHIPS. DONT EAT DIP. DONT EAT HOT WINGS. DONT EAT CARBS. DONT EAT SWEETS. DONT GRAZE. DONT FORGET TO FOCUS ON THE PRIZE.

Weigh in on Sunday! Who feels good about this week?

A Wedding Shoe match Made in Heaven

You know, maybe if I was a Kardashian, finding the perfect wedding shoes wouldn’t have been so challenging. Alas I am not a Kardashian (don’t look so surprised) and I just can not pull off stripper heels and still keep it classy. Oh don’t act like you don’t realize EVERY high heel on the market right now is just one acrylic light up sole away from these bad boys…



Even stores like Target and H&M were selling only TOWERING spiked Bordello heels. Now don’t get me wrong, maybe if I was 5’4″ and weighed 125 pounds these would be great for me. I’m 5’7″ and just a hair over 125…or 150…0r…never mind. So these were OUT! Here’s what I was looking for:

-3″ or Taller

-Thicker heel for walking in grass for photos AND for walking down a flight of stairs (that comes before the aisle).

-Grey or Mustard (although I already bought mustard flats for the reception) or Maybe peach/pink if I got desperate.

-Something unique? Special? Bridal?

-More vintage/elegant than sex kitten.

-COMFORTABLE (but in a high-heel realistic sort of way…not a Dansko sort of way)

-No peep, no straps (that makes sausage toes squeezing out of them within 20 minutes)

I looked online a LOT, but in the end couldn’t decide on any that I LOVED. Then I found a really sweet pink pair at Mi Shoes but the 10 was too big and the 9 was too small and the company didn’t do 1/2 sizes. So I passed on these…

Then I finally went shoe shopping with my Maid Of Honor Mallory last weekend. We ended up going to Nordstrom Rack (greatest place on earth to find shoes, especially if you are an odd size like Mr. Gaunt who wears a FOURTEEN! We got his wedding shoes there too!) and there amongst the messes of hooker heels and straps and peeps was $49.99 worth of PURE WEDDING SHOE LOVE…

Can you believe that! They are grey suede leather with a hairline pink/peach stripe all around them and a big fat 3 3/4″cork-like heel! Amazing! I just can’t get over my love for them! They are Seychelles brand (sense of humor…cute), which I have never heard of, but I like what they got going on!  No matter, I’m in love and I cant freaking wait to STRUT down the aisle in these!

Oh and um…can I get a bridesmaid to buy these…sooo cute!


Summer Wardrobe!

I have no money at all, so I also am not buying any summer clothing. However if someone gave me $200 right now, you bet your ass I would run to the mall and SHOP! Oh glorious shopping, how I miss thee, with your clearance racks and dressing room mirrors (for blog photo shoots) and your new patio decorations…droool. NO! no shopping for me.

So I’m doing a little virtual shopping today, for things I would buy if I had money to blow. Click on any picture to go the site.

LOFT - $39.50

LOFT - $79.50

LOFT - $39.50

GAP - $34.95

GAP - $22.99

J.CREW - $88.00

J.CREW - $34.50

J.CREW - $65.00

Seems like all Capris this season are skinny. In my opinion only black capris should be allowed to be skinny…

I am in desperate need of some casual cotton or jersey dresses. All of mine are bit more formal. Moving from Colorado to here I definitely feel like my wardrobe needs to be a bit more casual. I havent pulled out my heals since my first week here. Poor heels, I promise to wear you again soon! I also think I hate all of the sandals this season. They aren’t quite as awful as the Gladiator look, but still a bit too much strap for me. Although I’m a simple sandal kind of girl.

I also need a big sun hat….like BIG!

Priorities now will be 1 or 2 cheap cotton stretch dresses and bras (regular and sport). The rest can be a just a dream…..