Two Achy Steps Back

I put on a couple pounds in the last two weeks. Ugh.

Does anyone else have such a hard time with routine change? I’m FINALLY falling asleep at a reasonable hour most nights, although not every night, but I’m feeling way off these days. My month and a half of funemployment gave me the freedom to maintain my house and eat right, as well as regularly exercise with my mom. I missssss it! Plus its so dark so early right now. I miss summer. I miss working weddings. I miss my free time. <—-whiny tonight.

My new job requires that I stand on concrete for 7 hours straight. My feet are dying right now. Every day I come home and rub them, and rest them on a heating pad, and still they ache. The slower the day, the more they ache. I know it’s just my feet getting use to standing on a hard surface for a long time, and that they WILL get use to it, but right now I’m sad. It also makes me not want to come home and clean my house. Laundry, dishes, they’re all piling up. Sigh. I’m sure everyone feels like they can’t catch up, but I am definitely feeling it this week.  Also I’m going to invest in some Danskos, hopefully soon.

My new weight watchers meeting time is going to be Saturday at 8am. Its the easiest time for me to get there, and it gives me a few days to hopefully shed the couple of pounds I put on. Lets just say there has been a lot of cupcakes in my life recently. Work, baby shower, elections.

Tonight I was not feeling like cheese or carbs at all, so Mr. Gaunt and I went to the grocery store and got salad bar. It was expensive, but it was the vegetables I was craving. Maybe tomorrow Ill actually make dinner (:

So I should stop whining and go do the dishes. Also I need some new blogs to read. I wish some of my friends would regularly keep up with their blogs, I’m bored. (:

I leave you with an iPhone photo dump. (click to make it larger) And plans to have a happier second half of the week.

Wedding Walking

Yesterday we did a wedding (I own a wedding clean up business), and I hadn’t worn my pedometer all day long, so I put it on right before we left to the venue. From 8pm-11:45, so less than 4 hours, I walked 11,455 steps. Today I also weighed 1 pound less. MANUAL LABOR IS AWESOME FOR WEIGHT LOSS!

I have only ever hit 10,000 steps 1 other day since I bought my pedometer, and that was over a 8 hour span. No wonder my feet always ache after a wedding! Not to mention its such a small area, maybe 200 square feet that I’m walking around in. It was kind of cool to see.

Speaking of my wedding business, lately I’ve been having these day dreams about turning my tiny company into a huge corporation. An umbrella company of all things weddings (think Martha Stewart in Homemaking). I just feel it in my bones, that this business NEEDS to be bigger and better, that I NEED to bigger and better. I want to have a fleet of small wedding business all under my name, and to run them all. I want to be a one stop shop for brides and grooms.  Needless to say, this dream is obviously in the very early stages of coming to fruition. It will take years to grow and become something bigger, but my sister use to really be into The Secret, and they talk a lot about putting your dreams out into the world, that it helps them become a reality. So here it is world! My wedding business Industry dreams! Maybe I’ll make a dream board?

Today I’m going to finish painting my moms kitchen cabinets, and maybe if we finish early Mr. Gaunt and I might go out Bellewood Acres and get apples to make applesauce! When you don’t work on Mondays, Sundays really aren’t so bad. GO BRONCOS!

(this post brought to you by this amazing song…its MY song)

Daily Eats – Day 9

Grapefruit. Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Cascade Ice. Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt with Low Fat Granola.

Dinner was a small sip left in that big bottle, and a Mexican mish-mash meal. So good! I really tried to use portion control restraint because there was tons and it was so good. I only had a small bowl. Go me!

Again I ate 3 pieces of Roast Beef lunch meat in a post-gym hunger rage and my phone was all the way across the room in my purse. Not worth getting it. (:

Speaking of Gym, I pretty much kicked my own ass today! Like die-hard-sweating-breathing-insanity! I did my first 5k in 30 minutes! Look proof…

it was blurry because I was still moving!

It’s hard to tell but it say 3.24 miles and 430 calories burned! At the bottom it also said 30 minutes, but I missed it in the photo. I’m awesome. Then I did 20 minutes “arms” strength training.

So a pretty great day. I’ve been really busy doing lots of business stuff today, trying to catch up and keep the momentum going. I’m taking Friday off (not by choice) but I’m thinking I may try to talk with my boss about taking all Fridays off, so I can focus that day on Business. We will see.



Stale almonds

I’m sitting at work eating stale almonds and debating which is worse: being homeless, or working this job. It’s a tough call right now. With 30 minutes left in my shift I’m pretty much about to lose my mind. I thought a two week vacation might make me feel rejuvenated and motivated, but it hasn’t. It’s made me angry and disgusted by the amount I get paid an hour to waste my life away.

So I make lists and I ponder what I need to do to get outta here. If nothing else at least I’m not someone who bitches about my job but does nothing to change it. I SWEAR IM WORKING HARD! But things take time and money and chances, and we are only given so much of each, so things don’t always move as fast and efficiently as we would like.

I’m extra pushy and bossy these days, and I think it’s out of fear and desperation. I know I can only accomplish so much on my own, and I expect others to care as much about stuff as I do. I get let down and then I get mean. I can say I’m working on it, but I’m not. Not until I can turn in my swipe card at this job and start the life I know I should have.

In food news I’m eating the same stuff every day lol. But there is chili at home in the crock pot that I am very much looking forward to. With a big dallop of fat free sour cream! Delish!

Now let me count the minutes until I can go to the gym and go home! 22..21..20

when people at work force you to eat cake.

I try so very very hard, but it seems every other week at work someone is having some work celebration. Which is fine, lets celebrate ’till the cows come home, but don’t MAKE me eat cake.

Seriously folks.

I’m trying to get back to my pre-wedding healthy lifestyle (and weight), which involves saying “no thanks” to baked goods.

Today I was forced to take a piece of Tiramisu, which I nibbled on and threw in the trash. The day before I said no to Birthday Cake and to Chocolate Donut holes, despite being accosted by my coworkers and them finally leaving the stupid donut on my desk for me to throw away.

Why do people do this? It’s so rude.

Why in the world do you try to force someone to eat something they are saying no to? ESPECIALLY if they are overweight AND saying no to sweets. Like soooo rude! Obviously it is hard enough to say no all on my own, why do people need to make me feel bad?

I should say ” No! Can’t you see I’m fat and I’m trying really hard to not get fatter!”

But I don’t, obviously. I just throw it away once they walk away.

What I don’t understand though, is why people do this? Why do they get so offended? Do they think it’s because I think their dessert is gross? Do they want to feel better about eating it themselves? Are they really that desperate to get rid of all the leftovers?

Needless to say, if you have, or currently guilt people into eating your holiday treats, STOP RIGHT NOW!

All you have to say is “ok” or “good for you” or “no problem” and leave it at that.

Today I counted Calories, which kinda sucks, but is also very enlightening. I’m at 1100 Calories and I feel like I’ve hardly eaten anything today. You could snack your way past 2000 calories EASY! So I have about 350 Calories to play around with for dinner. Fingers crossed.

We walked 3 miles last night, in the dark, to the library. Tonight I’m doing some strength training at home and making a HEALTHY vegetable for tomorrows work Thanksgiving Potluck. Maybe Ill guilt some people into eating it. (:


My Secret List

I’ve been such a slacker with this blog lately.

I’d say its a mix of feeling super slugish, and being busy with other things.

I stepped on the scale this week….eek. Might be the wake up call I need.

The dark evenings are SUCH A BUMMER. I kind of hate that about fall/winter.

Thankfully the weather has been a very mild temperature, and that is awesome, I like mild.

I wish I had more energy. I know that eating good and working out are what give me more energy, but I’m so tired and my back hurts and WAHHH WAAAHH WAAH. (:

I also feel like I only eat carbs, lol. Halloween was such a gut bomb.

The harder (ie: BORING) my job gets, the harder I want to work on our new business. I’m just taking huge leaps, spending money, signing up for things, ordering this, making that. I feel like if I push hard enough its engine will get going!

I watched The Secret the other night.

These are my goals (in writing for the universe to see)



3. RUN A 5k


Alright, I’m off to work. Happy Happy thoughts. Hope everyone has a spectacular day!