70 Pounds Lost…Officially.

Well I did it! I hit 70lbs lost on Monday night at my Weight Watchers meeting. That means I’m really only about 1.5lbs away on my home scale to hitting 75, this is pleasing. Last week went fine, I managed to avoid all Super Bowl garbage by going to see a movie (I don’t even care about sports, I only attend Super Bowl parties FOR the FOOD!) so that was good.

The weather here is still pretty crap-tastic. Snow upon freezing wind followed by sun, oh Colorado you are so crazy. The days have DEFINITELY gotten longer which Thrills me! I saw this Post Secret last week and I just feel like it was calling to me:

My meeting actually went really well, there are a lot of new members right now so every week I see people I have never seen before. When I weighed in there was a new woman at the desk, and of course as soon as she saw my achievement of 70lbs she got all excited and said…can you guess…”OH MY GOD YOU MUST FEEL LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON!” Yeah I get this a LOT. That night though I just smiled and said “you know, not really” which my WW leader over heard and she came over to chat. We started talking about how it takes a while for you brain to catch up with your body. She told me about some study they did with like 100 woman of varying sizes that they put in a room and told them to stand in a long line from biggest to smallest. The women had to silently without help from each other find their spot in the line. In the end only a very small percentage of the women actually understood what size they were, some guessed too small, some to large. The women that were the most off were the ones who had lost a  significant amount of weight, these women were blind to their own size. I feel like that right now.

This week we talked about “Putting Yourself First” which is something I have mastered! LOL! Seriously though I have 100% made me (and Mr. Gaunt)’s health my main priority, and I’m cool with that! I could never have gotten this far if I hadn’t put ME first! Anyways, after we talked about that we did “Celebrations” which I was pretty excited about because I had a new number! When my leader announced my accomplishment everyone clapped for me, and then my leader asked me to talk about what was my key to success. This is always kind of a hard one, but I told them about how I have learned to cook healthy meals, and how I have made this my life style and how I put myself first. I’ve thought about sharing about my blog (which I do attribute a lot of my success too) but I havent yet. After that we all started getting ready to go and this little old man (who comes with his wife, I bet they are in their late 70’s) came up to me and shook my hand and said “I am just so proud of you.” It melted my heart, he doesn’t even know me and he is proud of me. It made me think how much I am looking forward to seeing my own grandparent this summer so they can say the same thing. As I was leaving a few other people came up and asked me questions and said sweet things about my weight loss, I really felt on top of the world. If nothing else, it’s THAT community that keeps me going back to Weight Watchers.

So I dont have a 70lb picture because I took one not too long ago, but I will leave you with this…it made me laugh.

WEIGH IN: we are so close!

Well being sick has really helped me this week, although I was still on track to lose at least a pound. Sleeping most of the day yesterday helped bring me to todays weight loss of….

-2.4 lbs!

Nice! That puts me at SIXTY NINE pounds total! So close to seventy I can taste it! It also means on my scale I am only about 3lbs aways from reaching 75lbs lost. That is sweet.

Today I went to the 12:00 meeting so I didn’t feel compelled to fast until 5:30 (god that sounds awful) so the leader was different. I mentioned  a few weeks ago that they gave us new weight tracker books, so today when New Leader goes to put my weight sticker in my book this happens:

Leader “oh week four, let’s get you your Week Four booklet”

Me: “Oh no this is not my week four

Leader: “Oh what week are you on?”

Me: “Umm Week Thirty-Something”

Leader: (glances at my weight sticker) “oh my…wow!”

Me: (smiles awkwardly) “Ha, yeah, not week four”

Leader: “Oh my you must feel like a totally new person! Thats so great that you have stayed motivated this long!”

SIDE NOTE: Based on the fact that new WW leaders always seemed shocked by my loss, I’m assuming my *results aren’t typical.

Me: (get this whole “you must feel like a whole new person” thing a lot, and no I don’t really feel like a whole new person) “oh yeah, its great, I’ve been doing this since May 4th, I’m really hoping to lose 100lbs by my 1 year mark”

Leader: (scans me up and down) “Really? you think you need to lose another thirty pounds???”

Me: (actually bitch I need to lose another 45lbs, but thirty would make me happy!) “oh yeah I do”

Leader: “Well congrats!”

I walk away and find my seat. I feel like she is winking at me through the whole meeting. Weird-o.

Anyways the meeting was mildly boring, talking about how we need to get out there and move. Some scary statistic about how people who actually maintain their weight loss work out an average of ninety minutes a day (please note this could mean walking through a  parking lot, not working out in a gym). One day maybe I’ll get my working out together. Today I am sick, today is not that day.

Oh and so I leave you with my 69 (70)lb loss pic, along with an old shot for dramatic effect. Enjoy!

69lbs lost!

like 10lbs lost.

Take THAT Holiday Parties!

In case you missed reading it I had THREE parties this weekend, all of which had copious amounts of food or alcohol, or both! But since I am so determined NOT to let the Christmas season hurt my weight loss, I came up with a game plan. I let myself eat the cookies and drink the cocktails, but skipped out on large meals. Yeah, it’s probably not the healthiest plan, but its only for a few weeks and its better than eating the cookies AND huge home cooked meals! I mean by no means am I starving..ha! Far from it, I just chose to eat small amounts all day long and not actually eat meals. None the less it paid off and my weigh-in tonight went a little something like this…




SEES -2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay! I lost 2.4 pounds this week! Holla! that puts me at 65.8 pounds lost! And only 8.2 pounds away from my goal on the Weight Watchers scale, and 6.2 pounds away on my scale! That means I have to lose 6.2 pounds in 11 days…hmm. I don’t know about that. We will see. Mr. Gaunt says I should actually just haul my ass to the gym and I could probably drop those 6 pounds easy. I may have to buckle down and do this. If I can lose 2.4lbs in a week NOT going to the gym, then I might be able to do 3 pounds in a week working out. Ok I have to get ready for bed, just wanted to share the good news.

Me (in purple) at my friend Kristin's going away party!

I Guess Thanksgiving was Hard on Everyone

So I sucked it up and went to my meeting. I definitely had to restrict myself this weekend after my gluttonous week! The day after Thanksgiving my weight was up 3lbs from two weeks ago! Anyways things worked out pretty well, but first let me tell you in my meeting of FOURTEEN people as a group we lost a TOTAL of FIVE POUNDS! Yeah that is baaaaaaad. I personally lost….


Not too shaby! I lost almost half the weight of the whole group! Ha! But in better news that put me at 61 total! YAY 60 POUNDS LOST!

Now I have to lose 14lbs (on the WW scale) and 10.5 (naked on my scale) for the month of december to hit my 75lbs lost by January 1st. I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN!

Almost 60 baby!

Weigh in went splendid! Except that I was starving (oh come on like you dont hold off eating until after your weigh-ins!) and its “Holiday Talk” time so all we did was talk about Holiday food traditions…drool. Anyways I felt like I had a pretty good week, but it was nice to step on the scale and see…


Holla! That puts me 57.8 lbs lost! That my friend is most definitely 60lbs naked! Im very pleased with this.

In other news I really think I might wanna do the Denver Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. Its a 4 mile walk at 10:30 am and I think it would be the perfect pre-meal activity so I dont feel bad about all the yummy food I will be having! Who else wants to do this with me?

Picture 2




Weigh In: Week Twenty Four


So first off incase you are at all delusional and think that I eat perfect I would like to slap your face prove to you that I eat like shit sometimes and its ok. For Halloween weekend the following items may have been consumed:

-Pancakes (ok they were whole wheat)

-3 Grocery store Halloween Cupcakes (over two days)

-BBQ potato Chips (at least 3 handfulls)

-5-6 Jello shots (I doubt they were sugar free jello)

-Starbucks (always worth it)

-2 Fun Size Kit Kats (whats fun about that?)

-1/2 a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup

-5 Bud Light Limes

See all that is pretty much crap. But its ok because I made up for it by eating good with pretty much everything else, and watching my portions! That my friend is key! Anyways I missed my Saturday weigh in because I was in a Jello Shot Coma spent the night at a friends, so I went tonight. Wanna know how it went?

3.8lbs LOST!!!!!!!!

That is post Halloween and mid period! And the best part is that it brings me to….

55lbs TOTAL LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holla Holla! So pleasing! Except that I again have no pants, I feel like that last size lasted me about 2 months, oh well, still very happy. And it makes up for my lame .6 loss from last week! Anyways I have a few food pics to show you, but right now Im tired and am going to finish dinner and go swim, so you will have to wait till tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good week!