Top 10 Honeymoon Moments

We did a ton of stuff on our 5 day Honeymoon! We were the ultimate tourists, so much so that more than once I had to say “No! I just want to lay in bed and watch TV (keep in mind we don’t have TV, so this was the ultimate treat!)”

I took like 600 pictures and 3 hours worth of video…lol! So I’m going to narrow them down to my to 10 favorite things we did in Newport Oregon.

We rented a cute little car for the 8 hour drive to Newport. We ate Puffy Cheetos and played Road Bingo. The weather was really rainy, and then scary foggy along the actual coast. Its a looooong drive.

We ate tons of seafood, Clam Chowder, Pumpkin flavored desserts and taffy! Plus a bunch of Cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

Most of these were in the historic part of Newport, but there were also some at the Yaquina Museum and the Newport Aquarium!

Mr. and Mrs Gaunt…snuggling…

One thing Mr. Gaunt and I have in common is our serious love of Giftshops. We even bought a “pressed penny passport” for all the smashed pennies we made at all the giftshops.

Mojitos and Bloody Marrys the whole time!

The beach was right out our hotel room. Amazing morning, noon, and night.

This is off our balcony….sigh.

The Yaquina Head is the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. We hit up the museum, the beach, and got a button for climbing all the way to the top! First lighthouse for both of us.

We were really into flashing our “bling”

Other things that were awesome but werent quite picture worthy:

-Art Galleries

-Hotel Room (ammmmmaaaaazing)

-Newport Aquarium

-Ripley’s Believe it or Not

-Waxworks museum

-Tillamook Cheese Factory

-Undersea Gardens

Wedding Thanks


We celebrated our Moons Over My Honey this past week, and now we are back and ready to settle down.

The wedding week, wedding, and Honeymoon were all a whirlwind of action, and I’m so very ready to just hang out and do normal stuff again, like eat meals and hang out with friends, and hug Hula.

I think the thing I’m having the hardest time with right now is finding a good way to say Thank You to everyone who helped us. It was such a great gift to have all of our friends and family in town and come together to help us put on (what many have told me was) the BEST WEDDING EVER (I may be biased). We are waiting on a few pics from our photographer (who by the way, rocked my socks off!) to make our THANK YOU cards, but until then, because the people closest to me know this is my favorite place to express myself, let me say

(Black Apple)

A few shout outs need to go to:

-Deborah Malone – For making all of my flowers AMAZING (my bouquet had Kale!)

-Grandma and Grandpa – For cooking the most delicious wedding food of all time!

-Aunt Jody- For making almost all the desserts for the dessert bar (people are still talking about the carrot cake Cake-pops!)

-Hilary Hall – Describe by many as “The perfect choice for your officiant” Graceful and professional to boot!

-Amanda DeRosa – For greeting all of our guests, and helping us with our guestbook/notes ( a project I will share soon)

-David Clausen, Ricardo Gil, Amanda DeRosa- For taking lots of pictures so we have something to entertain us before the real pictures get her. And for swamping Facebook with my wedding.

-Linda Melim (mom) for busting her ass to make sure everything went smoothly from start to bitter end finish.

Taylor Rae- For doing all of the hair and makeup for the bridesmaids, and looking damn good herself!

-Mallory Malone – For being the absolute best Maid of Honor anyone could ever ask for!

-Aaron Iwagoshi – For getting our Keg, hanging our fans, and digging through our house when we lost our marriage license. You helped more than we could imagine!

Deborah Gilbert & Mary Catania- For making two very special side dishes for Mr. Gaunt (and everyone)

And lastly all of the wedding party (Mat, Kelli, Drew, Rita, Dane, Taylor, Jake, Mallory, Dan, Danielle) and extended wedding party (Jenny, Jared, Dana, Arpita, Sarah) for helping us with the fastest and most efficient wedding set up ever!

And of course everyone who flew in from out of town, drove from far away, sent cards and well wishes via mail, text, and facebook, and everyone in town who all helped us celebrate! Mr. Gaunt and I are eternally grateful to share our day with all of you, and if anyone ever needs wedding help, or anything, we are your people!


Mr. & Mrs. Gaunt



Tonight we are sleeping on new sheets….SQUEEL!

I wont be posting much more about the wedding until our professional pictures come in a few weeks.

After a week of “SAYING YES” my body is in serious need of the gym and a healthy diet.


Ok Ok, I leave you with a few random shots from WEDDING WEEK:

Mr. Gaunt and I at our Rehearsal

Mr. Gaunt, Cecilia and me at Mr. Gaunt's Bechelor Taco Bar (women and babies allowed)

my own Bachelorette party wasnt so tame.

Me and Cecilia, setting up the morning of the wedding.

An AMZING overcast fall day



Four Days notes to Self

-You will look very nice. You will look like you. No one will be let down.

-The projects will come together, they will make sense, they will be quirky and beautiful.

-Mr. Gaunt will be there, and you trust him.

-You planned enough. Its well-organized.

-The food will be amazing, people will eat it.

-You have a great DJ who will help run the show.

-Your friends are all here. Never have you had so much support in one place.

-Its ok to let it go.

-Its ok that your house is a mess of boxes.

-Your appointments are booked.

-There is one more day of work.

-Rely on your friends.

-Your photographer is coming, he will be here, it will be ok.

-Your nails are long, for the first time ever. They will look nice.

-Everything you ordered arrived, on time too.

-Your hair will come together, just trust.

-Your skin is blemish free

-Your going on a Honeymoon with the man of your dreams in 6 days.

-Next week there is no more wedding. Enjoy this week.

-Kiss Mr. Gaunt a lot. Remember he is prize.

-Your shoes fit

-The rehersal dinner is booked and ordered and will not require much from you.

-The music will be lovely.

-Its ok that  you didn’t learn to dance, a rock back fourth is still sweet.

-Your yard is mowed

-Your cell phone was in the lost and found at the bar. It pays to have a ghetto phone that no one wants to steal.

-Mom seems way more sane than you, she’s on top of things.

-Mom got cute shoes, a first? (:

-Your bridesmaids are all unique, beautiful and have great dresses and style.

-You get to meet baby Cecilia, your…ahem…God Daughter. (sweet baby smells….sigh)

Now go get dressed, get some coffee, and enjoy your last day at work as an unmarried women. Then go buy Bridesmaids and watch it with your girls!

The Busiest September of all time

Our only “un-eventful” September weekend is officially over. I’m glad it was 3 days, I needed some extra chill out time. The next few weekend are going to be a blur of awesomeness! We did buy a fancy-pants lawn mower today. Also my brother and I picked a ton of blackberries and I made two cobblers. I also cleaned a lot of my house, washed all our “goodwill” wedding dishes (100 plates). We also found a dead tree to cut up for our centerpieces, and got some free patio furniture.

They are crazy metallic fabric, not real metal.

Next weekend is my “Birthday Weekend” (my birthday is Monday the 12th), as well as my sisters Graduation Party (her graduation is tomorrow, party on Sunday) and J’s best man Jake comes into town and we will be picking him up in Seattle.

The following weekend is my bachelorette Party (Saturday)! I’m so excited for this! Getting dressed up and drinking with all my bestfriends! Its so rare for all of us to get together, I’m so excited! Then on Sunday is my Bridal Shower, bring on the party games!

Then the next weekend is my wedding! I can’t even believe it’s in 18 days! That is crazy. looking at my list though, all the major things are done. We are going to be all completely paid up on our vendors this week. I pick my dress up on Wednesday! The things left to do re just little odds and ends that either are on J’s list or my “week of” list.

I also in a weird turn of events have started feeling less concerned about my looks/weight. I’m just excited to get married and be happy and have all these amazing people at our wedding, and who the hell cares if I have a little extra arm chub? Not me. I have better things to worry about. Being happy!

Planting the Succulents

One of the wedding decor things I blogged about early on, I actually followed through on! I know, shocking! I knew right from the start the Milk Glass + Succulents = AWESOME CENTERPIECES. Over the last year my mom and I (with help from Mr. Gaunt’s mom too) collected about 35 pieces of milk glass. Most of them came from thrift stores or garage sales, and a few people owned and gave to me. They are a wide range of shapes and sizes, which I love.

When we moved up here we slowly began planting succulents in large and small pots around the house. I was shocked how quickly they began to breed! Crazy baby succulents popped up all around the big ones. Also a few weeks ago my grandma gave me a GIANT pot of succulents she had grown, so we had a ton.

This past weekend my mom and one of my bridesmaids Rita came over and we transplanted succulents into all the Milk Glass. To do this, you just sort of use a butter knife to pull them gently apart (they have very little roots) and then planted them in potting soil. We mixed different styles of succulents and the little vines together to get a cute terrarium look.  We did this early on in hopes that they will settle a bit and maybe even fill in/breed more before the wedding. I could not be happier with how stinkin cute they are!


Curve Appeal

This is my new favorite blog/tumblr. It pretty much makes me feel fantastic. I am totally under the impression that I may not be able to lose a single pound before my wedding. I am doing my best to just be ok with this. I’m pretty sure all of my friends and family (although some may secretly deep down wish I would lose more weight) will still love me and think I look nice at this size.

Being this size does not mean I am lazy, or careless with my health. This is what I got to work with, and I’m a good person despite my physical flaws. I tell myself this every day, I’m trying to believe, every day.

And yes, I would look better 50 pounds thinner, but I have some serious self esteem healing that needs to happen before that.  I wish I could lose the weight on my heart and be someone who can just love themselves as they are. I wish it was easier to trust Mr. Gaunt when he says I look nice, or photos that make me look thinner, and not just assume they are both an illusion.

There is beauty in the breakdown.