Mashed Sweet Potatos Made my Week!

My husband made the most amazing mashed sweet potatoes. We added a little cream cheese and maple syrup. They were so good, and have only added to my pretty awesome week!

February has a been a pretty crazy busy month so far. I feel like I check my email 100 times a day. Tonight though, as I was driving home from meeting with a bride, I realized that my life has taken a pleasant turn in a positive direction.

There were a few hard months there. Financially, emotionally, it was getting to me. I told Mr. Gaunt a few weeks ago that I all needed was a few positive things to happen, to keep my spirits up. I really feel like I FEED off of positive reinforcement. I like when things work out, turn out well, when people are happy with me and what I’ve done. I kind of think everyone feels this way, but I know I really strive for this.

I’ve been working really hard on a few projects, and I think I’m finally seeing results. Although our new business is not going to bring in enough money for me to quit my job, it has allowed me to go down to a 32 hour work week. I now spend my Fridays at home working on weddings and future projects, its awesome. Yesterday we also hosted our first Speed Dating, and it went shockingly well! At first I thought it was going to be a total bust, but it turned out great. I might even do another one, or more.

I’ve also booked a number of weddings this month, and I’m feeling more and more comfortable meeting with people and selling our service. I’m on top of my emails and finances, I’m scheduled and prepared, and I feel like it shows. Our website is pulled together, and every day our marketing gets a little more refined. All in all it’s feeling really good, now I’m just excited to actually work these weddings!

This month I also started a book club with some friends on Facebook. This is a really good step for me to socialize with other girls my age, and read…duh.Our first book is “Villages” by John Updike, I’m pretty excited.

I also got two new pairs of jeans at Target and I love them! This alone makes for a good month.

My job is also slightly more interesting these days. It’s not great, but I at least have more freedom and sometimes get to use my brain. I’m also planning to join the Whatcom Young Professionals this next month in hopes to socialize and network with young professionals in Whatcom County.

So I feel good. I feel good about my job, my business, my pants, my plans, my husband, my family, my yard. Everything feels good, which is rare for me, but I’m rolling with it.

I leave you with photos from our Valentines day. Unfortunately I was super busy, but Mr. Gaunt and I did get to have a nice dinner together, he made our traditional heart-shaped pizza. I love him.

The Busiest September of all time

Our only “un-eventful” September weekend is officially over. I’m glad it was 3 days, I needed some extra chill out time. The next few weekend are going to be a blur of awesomeness! We did buy a fancy-pants lawn mower today. Also my brother and I picked a ton of blackberries and I made two cobblers. I also cleaned a lot of my house, washed all our “goodwill” wedding dishes (100 plates). We also found a dead tree to cut up for our centerpieces, and got some free patio furniture.

They are crazy metallic fabric, not real metal.

Next weekend is my “Birthday Weekend” (my birthday is Monday the 12th), as well as my sisters Graduation Party (her graduation is tomorrow, party on Sunday) and J’s best man Jake comes into town and we will be picking him up in Seattle.

The following weekend is my bachelorette Party (Saturday)! I’m so excited for this! Getting dressed up and drinking with all my bestfriends! Its so rare for all of us to get together, I’m so excited! Then on Sunday is my Bridal Shower, bring on the party games!

Then the next weekend is my wedding! I can’t even believe it’s in 18 days! That is crazy. looking at my list though, all the major things are done. We are going to be all completely paid up on our vendors this week. I pick my dress up on Wednesday! The things left to do re just little odds and ends that either are on J’s list or my “week of” list.

I also in a weird turn of events have started feeling less concerned about my looks/weight. I’m just excited to get married and be happy and have all these amazing people at our wedding, and who the hell cares if I have a little extra arm chub? Not me. I have better things to worry about. Being happy!

Planting the Succulents

One of the wedding decor things I blogged about early on, I actually followed through on! I know, shocking! I knew right from the start the Milk Glass + Succulents = AWESOME CENTERPIECES. Over the last year my mom and I (with help from Mr. Gaunt’s mom too) collected about 35 pieces of milk glass. Most of them came from thrift stores or garage sales, and a few people owned and gave to me. They are a wide range of shapes and sizes, which I love.

When we moved up here we slowly began planting succulents in large and small pots around the house. I was shocked how quickly they began to breed! Crazy baby succulents popped up all around the big ones. Also a few weeks ago my grandma gave me a GIANT pot of succulents she had grown, so we had a ton.

This past weekend my mom and one of my bridesmaids Rita came over and we transplanted succulents into all the Milk Glass. To do this, you just sort of use a butter knife to pull them gently apart (they have very little roots) and then planted them in potting soil. We mixed different styles of succulents and the little vines together to get a cute terrarium look.  We did this early on in hopes that they will settle a bit and maybe even fill in/breed more before the wedding. I could not be happier with how stinkin cute they are!


Life and Walking

Mr. Gaunt and I talked about our life plans while on our 5k this morning.

He’s hoping to start nursing school in the fall/winter, but its a big step and we are working through it.

We talked a lot about sacrafice. About how much you have to give up to get what you want. How although we have givent up a lot, and we may FEEL like we want more, we really cant pin point what that would even be? Life is just different than it use to be. We have a completely different thing going on these days. Such different plans and goals than we ever have had. And we are happy, we really are. None the less change is always a bit un-settling, yah know? So we walked and talked and it was good. These walks are quickly becoming the best part of my day…gasp!

I think we are going to shower and then drive up to Birch Bay and maybe have lunch. Working the same schedule really is quite nice.  Have a great Thursday (thursday’s workout here) Also I have added 50 crunches to every days workout. Id like to work up to 100 a day.  Abs…lol…funny.

Goldilocks and The Three Pants

I was sick of all my pants not fitting so I went a couple of weeks ago to find some new ones. My mom suggested Levi 512 so we went to Sears to find some. Sears’ website said they carried Levis, however when we got to the store they told us they only sold them online…lame-o. While at Sears I noticed they have a whole line of Lands End clothing, which is super cute! So I tried on their Jeans. I actually finally sucked it up and tried on a size bigger than I had been wearing, thinking they would just be more comfortable…

So I tried the size down…

At this point I tried on a few others and had the same results. Too small or too big. nothing fit! Plus they were all like $50, and I’m sorry I don’t spend $50 on ill-fitting jeans. So I went to Old Navy to find CHEAP Ill fitting Jeans…success! $9!

These jeans were on clearance, and are by no means prefect. They are a bit too flared for me, and they give me horrible Bucket Butt (where it gaps really bad in the lower back area). But the (front) waist fit, and they were dark enough to hide the unflatteringly tight-ish thigh area. Gag. Oh well. They are actually very comfortable so they will work.

Mr. Gaunt and I have kind of let ourselves eat whatever we want this past month, and I am refusing to step on the scale until after we move. I needed a break from the weight loss obsession.  We have made a pact though to each loose 10 pounds in the month we are away from each other. I’m seeing a strict Water, Veggies, Lean Protein and Brown rice in my future. Plus I found a great deal on a gym in Wa that I’m going to join on day 1!  I can feel how unhappy my body is with all the eating out and snacking I have been doing. I am so very much looking forward to getting back in gear and cleansing all this toxic crap out! Wish me luck!


-13 February

When we woke up for work (5am) it was -13 with a -30 windchill. It said you could get frost bite within 10 minutes. No thanks. We stayed in bed a snuggled Hula and were warm.

Today is the first day of February! I must say that January and February are my two least favorite months. They are cold and boring, and I am usually waiting for something coming up like a vacation, or spring break, or this year…a move.

February marks only 1 month left to pack for me. I gave myself a goal to be DONE with packing by March 1st so that I have about 12 days to do cleaning and painting and repairs. I don’t want to bring it down to the wire. Now. Mr. Gaunt will still be here through the end of March, but I want him to relax and enjoy his last few weeks and not have to worry about any of that stuff. So I have 4 weekends to get in gear.

February also marks 8 months until our wedding! I feel like we are on track financially and planning wise.  Most of the big things have been booked or are going to be booked in March (we want to meet our DJ before booking him). I’m excited to do menu planning and decoration purchasing when we finally get to Washington.

I plan to make Chili today, and I plan to venture out for coffee and a muffin, as I REALLY want a muffin.

Ok that’s it.