Breakfast Heat Wave

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We’re having a  Washington heat wave. This is probably a joke to the rest of the country, but here in the good old Pacific Northwest we tend to stick to high 60s low 70s. So anywhere in the 80’s pretty much sends everyone into a tizzy of buying fans and swimming in the lake. Mind you the humidity is in the 70’s so that adds to the hot factor. 85 degrees here with 70% humidity feels like 90-95 degrees, which is HOT and SWEATY. Luckily I’m not horribly pregnant, so although I’m hot, I’m not really complaining. My clothing options sorta suck, and I probably look dumpy all the time, but oh well.  It’s a good excuse to lay low in the shade and drink lots of sparkling water. Current obsession Lacroix Water, I can’t get enough of it. Anyway we are on crunch time for our restaurant opening, so my days are filled with running errands, painting and sewing. The sewing has actually been kinda fun and has made me all excited to sew some fun stuff for the baby.

Mr. Gaunt and I are also on a health kick. I finally feel well enough to eat almost anything, and cook! Hoorah! Plus I’m not working right now, and although I’m crazy busy with restaurant stuff, I’m able to schedule my time around making healthy food for us. That’s the joy of self employment right? You’re a little over worked, but its on your own schedule.

Mr. Gaunt is in desperate need to shed some weight, and I need to not really gain anymore. I’m up about 12 pounds so far I think (although I’m NOT weighing myself at home). Mr. Gaunt’s weight drastically effects his health, and he is battling sleep apnea, heartburn, and fatigue really bad right now. All of these things go away when he is at a lower weight, so I’m trying really hard to support him in making healthier choices.

Things that are currently ripe in our garden: Sugar Snap Peas, Red Kale, and Raspberries!For breakfast I used some of our kale and sauteed it up in a little coconut oil with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Mr. Gaunt does not love Kale as much as I do, he probably doesn’t really like it at all, but he ALWAYS eats it. He knows its good for him, and a few bites of Kale wont make him barf. I hate picky eaters. I also made us each 2 eggs on a piece of un-buttered wheat toast with half a slice of cheese each, and half a plum. Yum! We ate in the sweltering sun in our backyard, then watered the gardens, and figured that’s enough sun for us lol!




Fall Breakfast: Pumpkin Apple Oat Bake

I made this on a whim this morning. I planed to have Mr.Gaunt make Kodiak Cakes, but I had a couple of apples that I wanted to use, and anytime is a good time for pumpkin! I based it off this recipe, and followed it exactly except no Wheat Germ (what is that?), and no cranberries (as I’m not a huge fan of raisins or cranberries). It was really easy, it baked perfectly, and was one of the most delicious breakfast foods I’ve ever made. It’s also pretty healthy and very hearty. It makes 6 servings (at 6-7 weight watcher P+ each). I plan to try other fruits in baked oats this winter, its awesome.


Oatmeal for one

I recently (well maybe a couple of months ago) took up eating oatmeal almost every morning.  I use to be a fan of instant oatmeal packets (of the fruit and cream variety…eek! Totally crappy for you) but I gave it up when I couldn’t find one that was both good for you an yummy. I tried an organic brand and thought it was AWFUL! Then for a solid 9 months I ate nothing but Greek yogurt with honey or granola.

In early spring I was sooo cold at work. I felt like I needed something both nourishing and warm to eat at my desk at 6 am. My coworker brought plain old oats every day and microwaved them with cream. It looked really good, so I started bringing a big tube of Quaker Quick Oats, and using our instant hot water dispenser to make a bowl full every morning. Then I add frozen blueberries or raspberries, or home-made raspberry jam, or honey. So good!

Now I eat it 5 days a week. Sometimes I put a little peanut butter in it, or brown sugar for dessert. I eat it at home sometimes too if I want a warm snack, but the instant hot water is way easier than boiling or microwaving it.

Breakfast Same

I eat the same thing EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I do not change it at all.

-2 Scoops of Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt

-1 light squirt of Honey

-1/4 Cup Trader Joe’s Low Fat Granola Cereal with Almonds (It is shockingly better for you than any other granola AND it tastes amazing!)

Thats it!

Ok I lie, there have been an occasion that instead of Honey I add diced fresh strawberries, but I rarely have them.

It’s actually weird because I use to HATE Greek Yogurt, a bunch. Now I love it! I have also never really been a big fan of eating the same thing all the time, but the more I try to focus on food as fuel, the less I care about taste and stuff.

Anyways its a good breakfast.

232 Calories

32 Carbs

4 Grams of Fat

18 Grams of protein

It’s also light enough that I can work out 20 minutes after I eat with no heartburn or too full feeling. And it keeps me full until 1 o’clock or so (I usually eat at 8am).

Oh and if you are wondering what kind of Yogurt I use. The BEST is the Fage Total 0% from Costco. Its like $5 for the big tub, most grocery stores charge $5 for the medium size tub.  I go through about 1 tub every 7 or 8 days. It’s also super thick so it’s not all liquidy and gross like most yogurt. I’m a big fan.

Alright now I need to way Mr. Gaunt up and go workout!


TJ Breakfast


-Fat Free Vanilla Greek Yogurt

-Low Fat Vanilla Almond Granola


-Organic Honey

Mr. Gaunt and I walked to The Farmers Market and got BreadFarm Samish River Potato Bread, and walked back home (3.2 Miles). It was super windy, but felt great to get some exercise in. Then we drove down to Seattle to go wedding dress shopping for my friend Mallory, and lastly Ikea. Mr. Gaunt bought an entertainment center because our old one we had to leave with the house. All in all a lovely day.

Sweet Potato Waffles

I have a bit of an obsession with Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Low Fat Waffles. Seriosuly…amazing, well if you love original Eggos. I suppose if you thought the original waffle were gross than you would feel similarly about these ones. Mr Gaunt and I love these though, plus they are always on sale for super cheap.

We rarely do them up in traditional Syrup and Butter. Mr. Gaunt likes PB&J on his. In the fall when I was on my Pumpkin kick I put Pumpkin Butter on them. Sometimes I do honey, sometimes fruit and yogurt. All very pleasing. The waffles themselves aren’t very clean or organic, but they are a yummy base for some healthy toppings.

Last year at the farmers market I bought this Sweet Potato Butter for Mr. Gaunt because he loves all things Sweet Potato (especially fries), but hadn’t used it.  In our attempt to eat everything in the house before we move I finally popped it open and spread it on waffles with a little butter. Holy cow is it good! It’s totaly sweet and yummy! I think the reason I had put off opening it is that I was worried I wouldn’t like, but its soooo good!

I got mine from a local seller, but you can make your own, here is a recipe. I swear kids will love it too!