Baby Gaunt

I’ll skip a big announcement because I’m pretty sure the only people who will still read this are friends and family on Facebook, who already know, but for those who don’t, Mr. Gaunt and I are expecting our first baby this fall. *cue fireworks and tears, etc*

I don’t necessarily plan to blog a ton about this, blogging in general is taking a back seat to just my regular life. I feel no serious obligation to blogging, but alas, sometimes its nice to get things down on “paper” and hear a little feedback. It’s also nice for making lists and keeping track of things I need to do, or things I’ve done.

A couple of little factoids, aka Shit people ask me about a lot:

1. We are due November 7th (but assume we may be late because my mom was super late with all her babies)

2. I am 16 weeks along tomorrow. (that’s 4 months for you non-pregnant folks)

3. We are using a midwife and going through a birth center. (we are undecided about home vs BC birth, but have lots of time to decide)

4. We will be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. (we got the paperwork to schedule our US yesterday, and we are hoping to schedule the week of the 19th)

5. I am pretty much over my morning sickness. I spent about 10 weeks throwing up every day, plus any and all other awful early pregnancy discomforts. At about 13 weeks they all faded, and now I just throw up once or twice a week out of hunger in the AM.

6.. We plan to cloth diaper. (I’m buying my first used lot of cloth diapers tomorrow, so excited!)

7. I do not feel the baby move, but we have heard the heartbeat twice now.

8. I do not feel mush-gushy and sappy in love with this whole experience yet, so yeah…minimal-to-no-glow.

9. I am not planning to do weekly belly shots. (not my thang)

10. Obviously I am concerned about my weight and how much is safe to gain (pretty much none) but I am not obsessing about it.

11. We have names 90% picked out, but will not be sharing them with anyone until the baby is born (because people are judgey about names….I am too!)


Anyway so those are the basic facts so far. I also wanted to create a large  list that I can add to and cross things off as time goes on. Obviously first time mom behavior, but still fun. There is lots to do! Luckily we still have 5+ more months!


– Schedule our ultrasound to find out if we are having a B/G

– Find 30-50 gently used cloth diapers

-Take a Cloth Diaper class (already scheduled for Wednesday June 12th, 6:00-7:15 p.m.)

-Research and interview Doulas

-Sign up for a prenatal fitness class

-Take a prenatal yoga class

-Research cord clamping

-research vacinations

-research hypnobirthing

-Sign up for a birth class

-Sign up for a breastfeeding class

-Make cloth wipes

-Make a wipe solution

-Wash all new things

-Prep all baby clothes

-Research Elimination Communication

-Research placenta encapsulation etc

-Install a diaper sprayer

-Find a pediatrician

-Prepare a freezer full of meals for postpartum

-Make a birth packing list

-Try on diaper bags

-Plan a Babymoon for July

-Paint and decorate Nursery

-Pull together all baby areas of the household

-Create an Amazon Registry  Ive been researching baby items I love for a long time.

-Create a new household budget (pre and post baby)

-Decide on maternity leave plan

-Research sleep training

-Research baby health insurance

-Write a birth plan

-Pre make tons of thank you cards

-Pre design a birth announcement

-Download a contraction timing app.

-Install roll down black out curtains for the nursery

-Buy postpartum items (bras, nursing clothes, etc)

-Decided if we want/need a baby monitor

-Install carseat and have inspected (once purchased)

-Download a Breastfeeding app

-Make a baby trip to Ikea (specifically to buy this dresser)

-Buy a crib We bought this one off CL for $100

-Research cloth diapers We watched videos 1-7, plus some of Mama Naturals videos too! Also lots of “this brand vs this brand videos.

-Buy a stroller We bought this one (in green) off CL for $20





9 thoughts on “Baby Gaunt

  1. You are too cute! You and J will have the cutest baby to go along with your cute cat and your cute home! Baby Gaunt is already so loved, I can tell. Btw, we have the cheaper Angelcare monitor $86.99 via Target online and it has saved our sanity having the movement monitor. A great Craigslist item if you could find one! We love Eli’s pediatrician Dr. Mahal at Peace Health. She is very supportive of all parenting styles even non-traditional vaccination plans. Dr. Sears book on vaccines is a great non-biased resource.

  2. What is #9-Belly Shots? I just learned about Elimination communication. Interesting concept. That is dedication! You may want to research the Bradley Method of Child birth. He was a doctor who researched the way animals gave birth and noticed that they don’t freak out like us American humans do. It is based on being calm, rested, and nourished and being able to walk and move to help labor progress. It sounds like it will fit well with the rest of your plan.

    I agree with #11 FULLY!
    Best wishes! COngrats, etc!

    • I really want to take The Bradely Method birth class! Also we do not actually plan to do elimination communication, but I have read a fair amount about things (along those same lines) that you can do that will help your child potty train sooner and easier, and THAT stuff I’m super interested in!

  3. I was picturing body shots and had to go to google to figure it out. That never did appeal to me either but I did take one picture right before delivery, just because my body looked so alien to me by that point. I do love a good list and yours are fabulous!

  4. Congrats to both of you. Hope keeps going better the entire pregnancy. My hubby and me are TTC for almost 5 months now. Having a little bit of a challenge getting preggers but hope of being soon. Take care.

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