So I mentioned yesterday that we are doing cloth diapers for this baby. A few things to note about said cloth diapering experience/plan:

-We are planning to give it a good try, but by no means do I plan to continue if I hate it and its ruining our lives. In fact this might be my parenting motto in general. Breastfeeding, sleeping, eating, bathing, if our method sucks super bad we will find a new method. No sense in torturing yourself. There isn’t an award for moms who torture themselves and bitch a lot on Facebook. And I’m sorry, but a happy baby and a sad momma do not equal success, EVERYONE should be happy.

-We are not doing a diaper service because they are uber pricey and you have to use prefold diapers, not fancy diapers like I would prefer.

-We are buying mostly used, if we can find the brand, style and quality I want. If not, I will supplement new. A new set (about 30) of the kind of diapers I want run about $550, where used I could probably get them for $200-$300. Not including wipes, detergent, wet bags, etc.

-We also plan to use cloth wipes, although this one might be a little of both (cloth and disposable). I’d like to make some but I don’t have a serger.

-We have decided to mostly use One Size (meaning they are adjustable from 7-35lbs), Pocket diapers. Preferably snaps (Velcro wears out and isnt baby proof, despite the “Easy” benefit) There are a number of brands that meet these requirements, and I’m ok with getting some of each. I’m  also ok with buying a lot (a grouping of diapers for sale) of used diapers that may come with a few random other styles. I’d like to try them all, with a focus on the One Size Pocket Snap Diaper.

-Videos I found helpful:

CLOTH DIAPERING 101 (watch all 7 videos)

All of Mama Natural’s cloth diaper videos

Affording Cloth Diapers (and any of her CD videos)

Diaper Dirt with Dana

-I also asked pretty much every friend I have that CD about her preference. In Bellingham I would say its waaay common to cloth diaper, so that’s a lot of friends. Asking friends was hit and miss, and sometimes frustrating. I got a lot of “it depends on your baby” which isn’t that helpful since my baby is currently the size of an avocado, and probably drinks its own pee. I also had lots of people tell me to try lots of kinds, which I really don’t want to do, because if I end up with 30 different diapers, and I find I LOVE one of them a ton, then I’m stuck with all these other kinds. It might sound stupid, but I rather narrow the field a little and stick with one or two styles/brands, so that I wont know what I’m missing. This is also my feeling about doing all snaps and no Velcro, if I don’t have it, I wont know how much I might have loved its convenience. Lastly some people LOVE their Prefolds, some people LOVE their All In Ones, and some people LOVE their Flips, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with you and your baby, so why bother asking?  They all have good reasons, they are all good diapers, its simply a matter of opinion. Does that sound bitchy? Cloth diapers have been a little bit overwhelming for me, but I’m feeling good about my choices so far.

-We are a little bit concerned about our super shitty Washer and Dryer (I’m mostly looking at YOU Mr. Dryer!) and are debating getting new ones. Nothing super fancy, but something new. We have no money to spend on these so it might be something we buy on store credit? Not really sure, we don’t really due credit, but we HATE our dryer. I did buy a retractable clothes line last week, so I do plan to hang dry, but if you do this inside (remember our baby is coming in NOVEMBER) it can take over night, and I’m not sure we will have that kind of time.

-Lastly Mr. Gaunt is 100% on board with all this, because he is the #1 Stunna Big-Papa and never disappoints when it comes to helping me make parenting decisions.

Onto the fun stuff:

Today I purchased a LOT (aka a grouping of items) of Cloth diapers from a woman on the Bellingham Mammas FB group. She gave me a roaring deal IMO, and I’m so freaking excited!

cloth diapers 3

Six (2 month old) BumGenius 4.0 Diapers. One Bummis Wet Bag. One Roll (100) Bummis Bio-Soft Liners. One Bag of Rockin’ Green Detergent.

cloth diapers 1

Twelve (2 month old) Mix Brand One Size Pocket Diapers. Weirdly NONE of these have tags on them so I don’t know the brand, but they are VERY similar to the BumGenious, only they have slightly different snap locations and different outer cover materials. Also 4 cloth wipes. The NB inserts came with the BG diapers.

cloth diapers 2

Five Dippee Dypees Covers. I’m not really sure what the deal is with these, I think you put a prefold inside them. They are a local company so I might contact her to ask. I’m not opposed to trying prefolds, some folks love em! The reason I got these is because its way cheaper to buy a whole lot (and everything that comes with it) than pick and choose which item you want. Plus you can always sell or giveaway the extras you don’t want.

Ok now for the EXCITING PART!

After doing some Amazon searching (and a little estimating) the value of this lot NEW would run me $462.

I spent $120.

BAZINGA! That’s $342 in savings!

Exciting, I know. (:

Anyway that’s my little dip into cloth diapers. I still want to get at least 12-15 more diapers, so the hunt will continue!

5 thoughts on “Diapes

  1. What a deal! Yes, you put a prefold inside of the covers. Covers are awesome in the sense that you can reuse them a few times only changing out the prefolds but pockets are definitely easier when you have a squirmy kiddo. I am sure you could find a good deal on a new dryer on Craigslist. We got our set for $150 and it was only used for two years. I will keep an eye out for you!

  2. Your laid back attitude is great! Giving yourself permission to change your mind if something’s not working, is a healthy way to approach things. You’ll be such a good mom!

  3. I deal with a ton of different cloth diapers for my seventeen toddlers and the bum genius ones are definitely one of my favorites.

  4. I followed your blog up until just after your wedding. Then got a full time job with a 2 1/2 hour commute. I never got to check in. Now I’m unemployed and decided to see what you are up to and YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!!! I’m thrilled for you both and delighted to have a new phase in your life to follow and cheer me up. And boy are cloth nappies fancy these days. I feel positively Victorian having used squares and pins!

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