Because I’m an Expert: Summer Baby Supplies

See my lists for BABY FAVES, and NEWBORN FAVES.

Summer is upon us! I’ve been dreaming about summer with Vada since the day she was born, at the very start of a long winter. I just think summer is the making of childhood memories. There are so many fun things to do, and see and experience. Mr. Gaunt and I always try to do lots of stuff in the summer, go outside, hit up happy hour, go to festivals. With kids, there are even MORE things to do. It’s our priority in life, we are people who like to spend time together doing stuff.

So before I get into items that you can purchase, I want to note a few other things that we are loving this summer!

-BABY SWIM LESSONS: We are on round 2 of baby swim lessons, we love it so much. We go at 5:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s a half hour class, and focuses on floating, blowing bubbles, kicking, splashing, chasing toys, and all things getting comfortable with the water. Vada LOVES it! Usually Mr. Gaunt goes with her, I have gone a couple of times, but I tend to be a distraction for her, and she can become fussy and obsessed with me. So I sit on the side and make videos of her (: We plan to continue lessons through the winter. We don’t have a pool available to us outside of lessons, and we really want her to be water comfortable.

-FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES: We do a local Organic Delivery Box,  as well as keeping the fridge stocked with lots of good stuff for the whole family, especially Vada. At home she still nurses/formula at least 5/6 times a day, plus breakfast and sometimes dinner of solids. Lots of organic scrambled eggs, fresh raspberries from the yard, yams, blueberries, zucchini, she loves it all. When we go out to eat we try to offer her little bits of whatever we are having too.

-FAMILY TIME: Lots and lots! We read books together, sit in the front yard in the evenings drinking wine and watching people stroll by. We hit up (baby friendly) breweries with friends, the park for playdates with other moms, garage sales, park concerts, and sunday mornings in bed. We are soaking up this sweet stage of baby curiosity and filling our days with all the family time we can. Sometimes we are too busy, sometimes we are frustrated with each other, sometimes we are poor, but we focus on spending time together and making the little joys in life a priority.

-CAMERA: We continue to love our Canon Rebel t3i, as well as our iPhones, to capture all the memories!

On to my Summer Must Have Items:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.01.37 PM





1. SWIMSUITS: Vada has swim lessons twice a week, and we play in the baby pool in the back yard too. For a swimsuit I wanted something that was modest, simple (minimal ruffles, and flowers as these distract her), had good shoulder straps that stay on, and was affordable. The geometric shape suit is Marimekko ‘Polsku’ One-Piece Swimsuit (was around $50) which I LOVED but just couldn’t spend the money on. So we went with this cute bow suit from GYBOREE ($14.97), and I really love it! It fits so well, and although the teal has faded slightly from the chlorine, I think it will last a while. To be honest if you swim a lot, a suit really only lasts about one summer anyway.

2. REUSABLE SWIM DIAPER: We have an iPlay Swim Diaper  (from Target), and a The Honest Co. swim diaper. I don’t really know why people pay so much for the disposable ones? I can attest that a proper fitting reusable swim diaper will hold in the poop. Then just hose em out, toss em in the wash. So easy.

3. SUN HAT: We bought the Flap Happy Infant UV 50+ Floppy Hat in Eyelet, and LOVE IT! We got it at Kids Northwest (which we also love!!!). This has been such a  great purchase. It stays on (even if it comes untied) it folds up nicely to stick in a pocket, the brim ALWAYS stays up, and its way cute, and not dorky. It also WORKS so well. We have sat in the sun for 3+ hour with no sunscreen on the top of her head (it’s so hard with the wispy hair) and no burn. I LOVE this hat and wish it came in my size. Only downside would be that she does put the strings in her mouth so they are a little dingy. I kind of wish it maybe was velcro? but really I love it.

4. BABY ROMPERS: When the weather gets warm, these stretchy adorable rompers are our go-to outfit. They are cool, easy and don’t require me finding top/bottoms that match. Plus I find that they are roomier than just shorts for fatty-cloth diaper booties. I really like Baby Gap, Target and Old Navy’s styles, but honestly I do 90% of my clothes shopping at Value Village, so they cost me less than $5 a piece.

5. BABY ZIP UP HOODIE: Vada has a couple zip up hoodies and they are perfect for Washington summers. In the evening I throw one on over her romper, or tank top or swimsuit. They are easy and so cute. I definitely prefer a solid/adult style zip up over a really cutesy one with animals or flowers. A few of my faves are: American Apparel $18 (pictured) Old Navy $15, Andy & Evan $28.99, GAP $24.99.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.14.00 PM



1. SNACKS Happy Puffs are our go to Organic fast-easy-mess-free baby snack. Plus I can get them almost anywhere, Target, Grocery Store, online, wherever. They are also really safe, Vada has crammed a bunch in her mouth and not choked (we always watch her though).  (from them): HAPPYBABY Puffs are nutritious and delicious organic finger foods that melt in baby’s mouth. Always organic, never any artificial flavorings. Our puffs are made with organic whole grains, fruits and vegetables. We support sustainable agriculture. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our Sweet Potato and Strawberry puffs do not contain diary, corn, gluten or soy.

2. BIBS: I made the mistake of buying cheap bibs from a grocery store, and regretted it with stained clothes. That’s the whole purpose of a bid, right? Keep them from staining their clothes. Welp don’t buy cheap bibs. So far I really like the Skip Hop (love everything they make!!) Zoo Tuck Away Bib in CAT (duh).  Its lightweight but stays down, the velcro stays on tight, they are machine washable, they don’t have any fabric on them to get nasty, and they fold up into a tiny pouch that I can clip onto things. WIN! I also really liked our Now Designs Laminated Bib (which we purchased locally at Greenhouse) but the fabric trim gets a little gross, but otherwise they stay down great and collect all the food droppings like a good bib should. Plus these ones spray off and air dry really nice. I will probably buy more of both of these.

3. MUM MUMS: if you’re a Mum, then you have probably bought Mum Mums. They are the absolute best first baby snack. They are somehow both safe, and mess free. It’s like it just vanishes in their tiny drooly mouthes, unlike most baby teething-cookies that get all nasty and soggy. Vada can’t get enough of these. We buy Banana and Vegetable, and Organic. I’m not stoked on the ingredients though. While mostly just powdered rice and vegetables, there is also sugar in them, bleh, and they are from China, double bleh. I like this post that Kath did on making some, or not making some, but the comments are interesting to read. I wish that the Happy Family company would sneak into the Mum Mum factory and steal their recipe, make it organic, healthy and GMO free, and sell em!  Alas, we try not to do too many of these, but damn the babies love em.

4. MESH FEEDERS: There are a few different brands, we have the Munchkin Mesh Feeders, but I like the look of the Baby Safe Feeder brand too. We put organic frozen fruit (mango, strawberries, blueberries) in her feeder and it’s like a tiny baby popsicle. They are kind of messy if they really suck on them for a long time (which my kid does) but they are safe and way fun. I’ve read reviews that they are a pain to clean, but I’m use to washing everything by hand (no dishwasher) and these really don’t seem bad. I just use the sprayer to spray off all the food inside out. I also feel comfortable sending these with her to her nannies with a ziplock of frozen fruit. She can feel like a big kid when they get frozen treats. I kind of wish they had a cap to go over the mesh so I could load it up on the go. Get on it Munchkin!

5. SNACK HOLDER: We have a few of these Munchkin Snack Catchers, and we like em. Vada usually manages to hold the inside flap down and shake out snacks, but they also mostly stay in. They don’t spill in a purse either, and its kind of a toy for her. I would assume when she gets bigger that we will upgrade to something like the Munchie Mug,  (watch review here) which has a lycra-type fabric that you reach your hand into to retrieve snacks, eliminating the ability to shake things out, or crumbs spill in your purse. It’s on my wish list. Snacks in summer are a must. We are on the go a lot, and they keep her busy, happy, and entertained. I always offer a toy first, but if that isnt doing the trick, then a few snacks really help.

6. ORGANIC PUREE POUCHES: Let it be known that my husband would eat these…or has eaten them. At home we do mostly solid foods, not purees. We are doing the Baby Led Weaning route, so no spoon-feeding. However 4 days a week Vada goes to a nanny for 3 hours, and I like to send her with some food. I just don’t have time to cook her a lunch, and I don’t want to have to worry about her nanny having to prep any food for her (know what size and how soft food should be, but her nanny doesnt, so it gives me piece of mind), so I send a pouch with her. There are so many great organic baby food pouches out there, and they really aren’t that pricey, under $1.50 usually on sale. I tend to pick ones that are veggie heavy, as oppose to fruit (Look at the ingredients and make sure that APPLE/PEAR isn’t the first listed ingredient). So far I havent done any meat, grains or dairy ones, Id prefer we do solids for those items. I’ve read a lot about these pouches too, searching out negative reviews and articles so I have a rounded idea of what I’m giving Vada. My opinion is that these should NOT be used as the majority of babies food. Even thought they are organic and vegetables, they are convenience food. Not REAL food. I think it is so important that babies learn all about what REAL food looks like, how to handle it, chew it, squish it, everything. REAL food is not pureed, and although I know many parents start babies with purees, it’s completely unnecessary to continue purees once a baby is 9+ months. I especially think toddlers and bigger kids should not be eating these pouches very often, definitely not full-grown husbands. But like I said, we like them on occasion for trips to the beach or when she is being watched by someone else. They are very handy.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.08.13 PM



1. BEACH BLANKET: We have an awesome quilt that came from Target a few years back. Its durable, washes well, is heavy enough that it stays down on the corners, it doesn’t really stain, and its large enough that all of us can lay on it, but light enough that I can fold it up and carry it while carrying Vada. It’s perfection. However I can’t seem to find a link to the one I have. This Skip Hop one looks pretty great too though! And it folds into a little pouch. It’s a bit small for our large folked-family, but would work great for kids. We drag ours in the front yard, lay it in the back of the car, at the park, the beach, anywhere. It’s a must have for summer.

2. HOODED TOWELS: We were gifted 2 of these adorable Pottery Barn Hooded Towels, and love them. Id skip any towel sized just for a baby, and do a kid size one. I’ve heard the baby ones are too little, and its nice to have a lot of towel to wrap them up in after pool/bath.

3. BABY SUNSCREEN: I’m paranoid about Vada getting a bad sunburn, so we do lots of sun protection. That being said, we also love to play in the sun. I read a lot about sunscreens and love this cheat sheet from SafeMama on which ones she recommends. We went with BADGER, and although its expensive $15 for 2.69oz, I LOVE the way it smells! It’s a little greasy but not too bad. I will say that you need to reapply it every 1.5-2 hours. The other day we were out for 3+ hours and Vada got a slight burn on her arms (I nearly cried) overall though I really like it. As for the price of safer-baby sunscreens, I think its worth it. I’ve blown $15 on all kinds of stupid things, and your baby’s skin is so important. I also think I have so rarely gone through a whole tube of sunscreen before it expires, so I HOPE I run out of this stuff! I will say thought that when my sister asked if she could use some I cringed….”sure…sparingly…its liquid gold!”

4. FOAM BATH WALL APPLIQUE: This was a fluke favorite toy. I bought a big bag of Circo Brand Jungle themed foam wall bath toys a while ago, and then one day I opened them and gave one to Vada. She’s obsessed, and I love that they are waterproof, safe, chew-friendly, washable, cheap, and there are a million of them in a pack! I think I might get these Boon Dive ones (also love this brand!). They are great in the tub, pool, car seat, anywhere.

5. BUCKET: We got this bucket at a birthday party as a favor bag (thanks Jen!), and its been an awesome summer toy receptical! I fill it with small toys to take outside, to the park, beach wherever. I can clip the handle of the bucket onto my diaper bag, and it becomes an easy toy travel case from car to park. It’s also safe, easy to wash and fun. Sometimes its the easy cheap things in life.


Well there yah have it! I’m sure we will discover more fun summer things, and we are working our way through BellingFAM’s awesome summer Bucket List.

Kicking Our Way Into the 3rd Trimester

It’s the final countdown folks. 84 days until our original due date of November 7th, and we are officially out of the “honeymoon second trimester” which if that’s as good as pregnancy gets, I want my money back. Sure sure I stopped throwing up at 20 weeks, and my indigestion went away completely, but I wouldn’t call it a honeymoon….seriously folks, raise your standards!

Here’s whats rolling around in this pregnancy brain of mind:

– I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually had “Pregnancy Brain” I blame my current overwhelming life. I don’t have time to be clumsy or forgetful! Other symptoms I have missed out on: Hemorrhoids (you’re welcome butt), bigger boobs (sorry Mr. Gaunt), Extra nice hair and nails (I’m almost sure my hair is falling out MORE than it ever has), Acne (holla! Good skin trumps again), Linea Nigra (look it up, it’s weird).

-I would say my ass pain is just about as bad as it was at 10 weeks when it showed up. I’m looking into buying a big fitness ball to sit on at home, and during labor, and when the baby comes to bounce her on. In general I’ve gotten use to my butt hurting all the time, but it’s still super annoying.

-I’m the lamest mom-to-be when it comes to reading! I have a stack of 10 or more books, and the only thing I have read is the first 2 chapters of Belly Laughs (really informative if you need Jenny McCarthy to tell you to stop wearing thong underwear when you get pregnant). I had lots of intentions of reading all these books, buuuuut I’m really busy, and Dexter, Breaking Bad and Pretty Little Liars take up my spare relaxing time. Sorry baby, I don’t know how to nurse you, but I do not how to make crystal meth! (also all you BB fans should watch the Myth Busters Breaking Bad special!). I do kind of plan on reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, but I’m having a really hard time getting past the awful title. I’m that vain. Other books I’m hoping to skim read: The Birth Partner, The Bradley Method, Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth, The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Birthing From Within. The sad thing is, I OWN ALL THESE BOOKS! I havent even cracked open any of them. I did get Bringing Up Bebe audio book that Mr. Gaunt and I are gonna listen to on our trip to CO in a few weeks. I’m hoping it teaches us how to raise a worldly baby that is more adult than child…god I’m an awful mother, but I’d really like her to eat things other than grilled cheese, and to sit at a table without having to be the center of attention all the time.

-I’m currently sitting here debating dropping $135 for the technical colleges Birth Class and Breast Feeding class. I mean I want to go, but is it worth it? Or is it gonna be another one of those classes I could have learned everything on youtube for free? Is it wrong that I mostly want to go to met other women who are due around the same time as me? If I make a friend and learn nothing, did I just buy friendship?

-An interesting thing I noticed last week. Once you hit the third trimester people start saying dumb shit like “You must be due soon!” I’m taking this as a sign that they haven’t seen many pregnant women who are in fact “due soon” because those ladies look like they will explode. I went from people offering me beer, to exclaiming I might have a baby any day. I’ll take that beer now please.  Weirdly though the bigger I’ve gotten the easier it is to get dressed. Your bump is big enough that you can just rock it, the 2nd trimester bump felt pudgy and awkward to me. Bring on the Jessica Simpson Maxi Dresses!

-I’m finding pregnancy has too many decisions, and not enough choices. I’m getting hung up things like hiring a Doula, taking the Gestational Diabetes test, writing out a birth plan. It’s like I care, but I don’t like my options, or the cost, or the way it’s done in the birth world. The Doula for instance makes me nervous. EVERYONE says you should get one, but they aren’t cheap, and since at this point we are paying for our birth out-of-pocket, another $500-$600 makes a difference. I also worry that she would be too hippie, too lovely, too touchy. I’m pretty into the natural childbirth thing, and I have a lot “hippie” ideas of what I want for my birth, but I am a lot more…abrassive than the average Doula. I don’t want calming words about opening my vagina up to nature. I don’t want you to tell me how beautiful my cervix looks, and I really don’t want you rubbing my back. I have been known to scream “DONT TOUCH ME” at Mr. Gaunt when he is trying to comfort me. I’m just a little…uptight about stuff like touchy-feely shit. So yeah I haven’t interviewed any Doulas, I’m also crazy uncomfortable with the whole Gestational Diabetes test. I’m not digging the scare-tactics that I feel like everyone wants to throw at me. The whole thing makes me uneasy. However I’m inclined to just not deal with any of it and hope it goes away….this is a bad plan.

-Last weekend I had my Washington Baby Shower! It was super cute and fun, despite the fact that I don’t LOVE to be the center of attention. Also every single photo of me opening gifts was god awful unflattering….no need to post those. But the theme was buttons! Which I love! Here are just a few cute shots from the day.

baby shower 1

baby shower 2

baby shower 3

baby shower 4

baby shower 5

baby shower 6

baby shower 7

baby shower 8

baby shower 9

baby shower 10

baby shower 11

baby shower 12

baby shower 13

baby shower 14

baby shower 16

-Mr Gaunt and I also managed to go to the Fair this week! I don’t know how, because by the end of the work day my ankles are all swollen, and I’m grumpy. But we love the Fair, and since opening the restaurant we haven’t been able to do any of the fun stuff you do in the summer. seriously my backyard looks like an un-kept wasteland. I did burn out at about 9:15pm with an ice cream sandwich tummy ache, I sobbed in the car for at least 10 minutes, but then I was fine. Pregnancy is kinda like that, sometimes you just have to sob for 10 minutes and move one.

-My 10 year High School reunion is on Saturday! <– didn’t necessarily think I’d be pregnant at that.

I’m probably going to be blogging more in the coming weeks. I want to share photos of our nursery and talk about some stuff we got for the baby. Speaking of STUFF, we did a parenting questionnaire for my shower, and one of the questions was “What are you most afraid of about parenting” Mr. Gaunt said “Puberty” I said “my house being overrun by tacky toys” Sigh…I’m beginning to realize there may be hope. I’m off to clean this shit hole of a house of mine.



So I mentioned yesterday that we are doing cloth diapers for this baby. A few things to note about said cloth diapering experience/plan:

-We are planning to give it a good try, but by no means do I plan to continue if I hate it and its ruining our lives. In fact this might be my parenting motto in general. Breastfeeding, sleeping, eating, bathing, if our method sucks super bad we will find a new method. No sense in torturing yourself. There isn’t an award for moms who torture themselves and bitch a lot on Facebook. And I’m sorry, but a happy baby and a sad momma do not equal success, EVERYONE should be happy.

-We are not doing a diaper service because they are uber pricey and you have to use prefold diapers, not fancy diapers like I would prefer.

-We are buying mostly used, if we can find the brand, style and quality I want. If not, I will supplement new. A new set (about 30) of the kind of diapers I want run about $550, where used I could probably get them for $200-$300. Not including wipes, detergent, wet bags, etc.

-We also plan to use cloth wipes, although this one might be a little of both (cloth and disposable). I’d like to make some but I don’t have a serger.

-We have decided to mostly use One Size (meaning they are adjustable from 7-35lbs), Pocket diapers. Preferably snaps (Velcro wears out and isnt baby proof, despite the “Easy” benefit) There are a number of brands that meet these requirements, and I’m ok with getting some of each. I’m  also ok with buying a lot (a grouping of diapers for sale) of used diapers that may come with a few random other styles. I’d like to try them all, with a focus on the One Size Pocket Snap Diaper.

-Videos I found helpful:

CLOTH DIAPERING 101 (watch all 7 videos)

All of Mama Natural’s cloth diaper videos

Affording Cloth Diapers (and any of her CD videos)

Diaper Dirt with Dana

-I also asked pretty much every friend I have that CD about her preference. In Bellingham I would say its waaay common to cloth diaper, so that’s a lot of friends. Asking friends was hit and miss, and sometimes frustrating. I got a lot of “it depends on your baby” which isn’t that helpful since my baby is currently the size of an avocado, and probably drinks its own pee. I also had lots of people tell me to try lots of kinds, which I really don’t want to do, because if I end up with 30 different diapers, and I find I LOVE one of them a ton, then I’m stuck with all these other kinds. It might sound stupid, but I rather narrow the field a little and stick with one or two styles/brands, so that I wont know what I’m missing. This is also my feeling about doing all snaps and no Velcro, if I don’t have it, I wont know how much I might have loved its convenience. Lastly some people LOVE their Prefolds, some people LOVE their All In Ones, and some people LOVE their Flips, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with you and your baby, so why bother asking?  They all have good reasons, they are all good diapers, its simply a matter of opinion. Does that sound bitchy? Cloth diapers have been a little bit overwhelming for me, but I’m feeling good about my choices so far.

-We are a little bit concerned about our super shitty Washer and Dryer (I’m mostly looking at YOU Mr. Dryer!) and are debating getting new ones. Nothing super fancy, but something new. We have no money to spend on these so it might be something we buy on store credit? Not really sure, we don’t really due credit, but we HATE our dryer. I did buy a retractable clothes line last week, so I do plan to hang dry, but if you do this inside (remember our baby is coming in NOVEMBER) it can take over night, and I’m not sure we will have that kind of time.

-Lastly Mr. Gaunt is 100% on board with all this, because he is the #1 Stunna Big-Papa and never disappoints when it comes to helping me make parenting decisions.

Onto the fun stuff:

Today I purchased a LOT (aka a grouping of items) of Cloth diapers from a woman on the Bellingham Mammas FB group. She gave me a roaring deal IMO, and I’m so freaking excited!

cloth diapers 3

Six (2 month old) BumGenius 4.0 Diapers. One Bummis Wet Bag. One Roll (100) Bummis Bio-Soft Liners. One Bag of Rockin’ Green Detergent.

cloth diapers 1

Twelve (2 month old) Mix Brand One Size Pocket Diapers. Weirdly NONE of these have tags on them so I don’t know the brand, but they are VERY similar to the BumGenious, only they have slightly different snap locations and different outer cover materials. Also 4 cloth wipes. The NB inserts came with the BG diapers.

cloth diapers 2

Five Dippee Dypees Covers. I’m not really sure what the deal is with these, I think you put a prefold inside them. They are a local company so I might contact her to ask. I’m not opposed to trying prefolds, some folks love em! The reason I got these is because its way cheaper to buy a whole lot (and everything that comes with it) than pick and choose which item you want. Plus you can always sell or giveaway the extras you don’t want.

Ok now for the EXCITING PART!

After doing some Amazon searching (and a little estimating) the value of this lot NEW would run me $462.

I spent $120.

BAZINGA! That’s $342 in savings!

Exciting, I know. (:

Anyway that’s my little dip into cloth diapers. I still want to get at least 12-15 more diapers, so the hunt will continue!

Baby Gaunt

I’ll skip a big announcement because I’m pretty sure the only people who will still read this are friends and family on Facebook, who already know, but for those who don’t, Mr. Gaunt and I are expecting our first baby this fall. *cue fireworks and tears, etc*

I don’t necessarily plan to blog a ton about this, blogging in general is taking a back seat to just my regular life. I feel no serious obligation to blogging, but alas, sometimes its nice to get things down on “paper” and hear a little feedback. It’s also nice for making lists and keeping track of things I need to do, or things I’ve done.

A couple of little factoids, aka Shit people ask me about a lot:

1. We are due November 7th (but assume we may be late because my mom was super late with all her babies)

2. I am 16 weeks along tomorrow. (that’s 4 months for you non-pregnant folks)

3. We are using a midwife and going through a birth center. (we are undecided about home vs BC birth, but have lots of time to decide)

4. We will be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. (we got the paperwork to schedule our US yesterday, and we are hoping to schedule the week of the 19th)

5. I am pretty much over my morning sickness. I spent about 10 weeks throwing up every day, plus any and all other awful early pregnancy discomforts. At about 13 weeks they all faded, and now I just throw up once or twice a week out of hunger in the AM.

6.. We plan to cloth diaper. (I’m buying my first used lot of cloth diapers tomorrow, so excited!)

7. I do not feel the baby move, but we have heard the heartbeat twice now.

8. I do not feel mush-gushy and sappy in love with this whole experience yet, so yeah…minimal-to-no-glow.

9. I am not planning to do weekly belly shots. (not my thang)

10. Obviously I am concerned about my weight and how much is safe to gain (pretty much none) but I am not obsessing about it.

11. We have names 90% picked out, but will not be sharing them with anyone until the baby is born (because people are judgey about names….I am too!)


Anyway so those are the basic facts so far. I also wanted to create a large  list that I can add to and cross things off as time goes on. Obviously first time mom behavior, but still fun. There is lots to do! Luckily we still have 5+ more months!


– Schedule our ultrasound to find out if we are having a B/G

– Find 30-50 gently used cloth diapers

-Take a Cloth Diaper class (already scheduled for Wednesday June 12th, 6:00-7:15 p.m.)

-Research and interview Doulas

-Sign up for a prenatal fitness class

-Take a prenatal yoga class

-Research cord clamping

-research vacinations

-research hypnobirthing

-Sign up for a birth class

-Sign up for a breastfeeding class

-Make cloth wipes

-Make a wipe solution

-Wash all new things

-Prep all baby clothes

-Research Elimination Communication

-Research placenta encapsulation etc

-Install a diaper sprayer

-Find a pediatrician

-Prepare a freezer full of meals for postpartum

-Make a birth packing list

-Try on diaper bags

-Plan a Babymoon for July

-Paint and decorate Nursery

-Pull together all baby areas of the household

-Create an Amazon Registry  Ive been researching baby items I love for a long time.

-Create a new household budget (pre and post baby)

-Decide on maternity leave plan

-Research sleep training

-Research baby health insurance

-Write a birth plan

-Pre make tons of thank you cards

-Pre design a birth announcement

-Download a contraction timing app.

-Install roll down black out curtains for the nursery

-Buy postpartum items (bras, nursing clothes, etc)

-Decided if we want/need a baby monitor

-Install carseat and have inspected (once purchased)

-Download a Breastfeeding app

-Make a baby trip to Ikea (specifically to buy this dresser)

-Buy a crib We bought this one off CL for $100

-Research cloth diapers We watched videos 1-7, plus some of Mama Naturals videos too! Also lots of “this brand vs this brand videos.

-Buy a stroller We bought this one (in green) off CL for $20





And the only cure is..

Mr. Gaunt and I have a bad case of baby Fever. Seriously. When we see a toddler walking down the sidewalk we both can’t resist cooing at it and saying hi. We talk baby names…a lot “do you like the name ___?”  We even both noted that our spare room is already kind of baby room colors.

No baby yet….but DAMN ARE WE READY!

That is all.

Oh wait, no here are some adroabel things from my baby section on Pinterest (I know, Im crazy):

anyone else Baby Crazy?