Trip, Sick, Self

I woke up on February 2nd and I cautiously rolled over, and rolled over again. I breathed in deep, from my nose, from my mouth. I waited for my stomach to rumble, for the nausea, for the snot, the aches, for it all to come back, but it didn’t. I opened my eyes and it was sunny, and I felt healthy for the first time in 7 days.

My mom and I went to Portland last weekend. It was an awesome trip. We ate at cool places, and shopped at cool stores, and hung out with VERY cool people (hi Kelli!). We were chill and relaxed and vacationed just the way my mom and I like to vacation. There are very few people in life that make a good vacation match. My number one vacation buddy is obviously Mr. Gaunt, we like to travel almost exactly the same, although he likes to do little nature-y adventures, which I might not do on my own, which is good. My mom and I travel very similarly, only she likes to do slightly nicer things, have cocktails more often, pay for parking, that sort of thing. Both of them make me so happy to “travel” with. Spending this past weekend with my mom, just the two of us, to shop and gossip without any interruptions, was really awesome. I love her so.


portland 2

portland 3

portland 4

portland 5

portland 6

portland 8

portland 9

portland 10

portland 11

portland 12

Portland 13

portland 14

If it looks like all we did in Portland was eat and drink and haaaaang out, that’s because that is all we did. Best vacations.

Downside of the trip was that I got sick on Saturday afternoon. I managed to drug myself for two days and still thoroughly enjoy the trip/food/fun, but when I got back into town on Monday night, things took a turn for the worst. My swollen glands and sore throat turned into a full-blown major head cold. I called out sick on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I finally crawled out of bed for a short shift at work, got home at 7pm, ate, went to bed, and woke up at midnight throw my guts up. Apparently the cold warped into the flu. I went to bed for 48 hours, and slept until February 2nd. Healthy at last.

I still have a bit of the sniffles, but that is NOTHING compared to being sick as a dog for 7 days straight. Ugh.

Since then though, I have taken a new outlook on my health. I have not had any coffee or alcohol since Portland. I am currently steering clear of 95% of all dairy (rice pudding is all that makes me happy when I’m ill!) and am even reducing my gluten intake (although don’t sign me up for that bandwagon, I’m just reducing it). So yeah, from sickness comes health, and maybe some lessons on what I put in my body and the respect I should have for feeling good.

I might have more to say on this tomorrow! Off to bed!

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