Tanning and Other Such Things

I got a spray tan a few weeks ago with my Maid Of Honor Mallory. I’m 80% sure I liked it. I think I would do it for the wedding like 3 days before, so it wasn’t as dark (it really only lasted about 7 days). I also may try out an airbrush tan, supposedly they are more even, although I didn’t have any streaking problems.  This photo is 24 hours after I did it.

It was  bit extreme at this time, but a few days later it was more subtle. I got a lot of compliments and a lot of “No i doesnt look orange at all” so maybe it didnt? Either way I dont want to look majorly tan on my wedding day, just a little tan.

In other vain news, I joined the gym. Its a small local gym on my way home from work that is always empty, and always has a fan propped in front of an elliptical with my name on it….love. Its also only $30 a month.  I do 45 minutes every day on the elliptical after work. I usually do about 4.5 miles and burn about 500 calories in that time. My goal is to got 6 days a week until the wedding.

Right now I’m dealing with a SERIOUS case of self esteem problems. I dont plan on getting into on here, as I know its a mixture of stress and anxiety and depression, all probably based around the wedding. It’s a daily journey only I can talk myself through.

Other than that, work is busy, paintings keep coming in, and wedding plans are in full swing. tonight we are making a silhouette cake topper, super cute. I also made two loaves of Zucchini bread and managed to give almost all of it away in 24 hours…score.

One thought on “Tanning and Other Such Things

  1. Hey Skinny Girl!

    I recently found your blog while doing a search for DIY Tie Dye Cupcakes…. and boy am I glad I found your blog!
    Amazing how therapeutic it has been to read through your progress – amazing how much in common I find us to be as I continue reading. Congrats on the engagement, beautiful little house, and all of your hard work! You are inspiring and are truly helping me to understand what is is I am out here ‘looking for’.

    Best wishes 🙂

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