The Finishing Touches

This week (or next) I have to have my sister and her friend come over to do a makeup and hair run through for the wedding. I’m really unsure about both hair and makeup. I have never liked my hair, nor have I ever thought I looked especially good with makeup on. HOWEVER I want to look very “Made up” on my wedding day. My dress is casual enough, I want the hair and the make-up to be VaVaVoom!

My sister (as I have mentioned before) is just a few weeks shy of graduating from Toni & Guy Hair Academy. I am having her and a few class mates (who also specialize in make-up) do the hair for me and my bitches Bridesmaids…(:

So I have been looking around a bit for what I want to do. First off I mentioned Spray Tanning in my previous post. I’m also thinking I need to get a hair piece. I can’t afford extensions, but sometimes just a clip in (non mall-trashy) hair piece can add volume. Have you seen Jessica Simpsons Hair-Do? WANT! They can do some pretty cute stuff with some faux hair…

So I’m going to hit up Sephora to see if I can find one that matches my hair. I also am on the hunt for the PERFECT lipstick. I never ever wear lipstick, and I think it will be the stand out feature that says “I’m done-up” yah know? However I have no idea what shade I am, I’m more of a clear gloss kinda gal. So I’m going to go to Mac or Sephora, or Macys and make them figure it out for me. Oh and I need some big fake eyelashes too!

So hopefully all of this will get figured out in the next few weeks. I leave you with some photos of maybe the look I’m going for.

I bought a bling bling headband off Etsy that would look kind of like these


8 thoughts on “The Finishing Touches

  1. That picture of Michelle Williams is the picture I’m showing MY hair lady (whoever that may be- still trying to work that out)!!!

    • that is crazy! That has been my #1 wedding hair pic since before I got engaged! However I think I have decided to not do the side thing, as I fear it will make one side of my head look bald…lol!

  2. I get all teary just THINKING about you on your wedding day, so be forewarned: I might just kiss you! And I better start practicing my toast now cause I don’t know how I’ll get through it unless I’m on autopilot!!

    • as long as you dont talk about me wearing green shpants or being breezy then Im sure it will just wonderful and I will cry a river too!

      • Hahahaha… Very true Mal, listen to Hil!! Rehearse a lot, and maybe in front of people or you dog if you can! Otherwise you will be telling Morgan to pinch you a lot to stop you from crying.

  3. MAC red viva glam!!! Best lipstick ever! PS: you would look fierce with that first adele picture. However, your hair down would look great as well!!! You will be amazing regardless!!! xoxo

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