Wedding Aisle (with mock-ups!)

Don’t act like you aren’t super excited to see some sweet mock-ups of my wedding aisle, becasue you know you are! Part of the reason for this is to A. To show ya’ll how fun this shit is…lol. And B. We only have a few short hours to actually set everything up the day of, so this helps me plan and focus.

So this is our Wedding Aisle (remove ugly fake plants, add 100 white chairs)…

And in case you have a hard time visualizing how that will look, I made this GORGEOUS little picture for you…

Awesome, right? Ha! So as you can see that yellow square is the “aisle” and Mr. Gaunt and I will actually be standing up on that stage thing with our HUGE wedding party standing below off to the sides. Then there will be rows of chairs all the way back.

This next photo is if you were standing at the alter and looking back towards the entrance of the venue. There is a large stairway on the right that goes upstairs to the Ballroom. Its all glassed in with windows, and I will be walking down it onto the aisle.

The next two photos are from the venues website. They show the stairs a little better…

The Stairs are to the left there

a bride walking down the stairs

Anyway so you can see basically how that works, it’s not brain surgery.

So for the aisle I wanted to make it kind of fun/funky/colorful, because why not? In the Mock-up photo you can see there are 7 black arrows. 6 are pointing to the poles, and then 1 is pointing to the center light. I decided these would make a great swooping decoration over the aisle. So over the last few months I purchased 8 rolls of yarn in our colors (grey, mustard, peach) and one of these fun Pom Pom makers  (mine came with a big and small, but there was very little difference when they were actually made that I just used the large one) and made 400 Pom Poms! All while watching episode after episode of Greys Anatomy…thank you Netfilx instant watch!

In the beginning I thought I would make 1 swag of pom-poms to come from each pole (so 6 all together at 11 feet long each) then after I made a few I realized they looked cuter in pairs, so I made twelve 11 foot pom pom lengths. I ended up stringing them on yarn using a big fat embroidery needle. I didn’t even have to tie them onto the yarn, the inner knot was tight enough that they stay in place. I’m still thinking I may make some sort of velcro device that makes it so they can quickly be hung up, to reduce tangling and confusion.

Overall I’m so excited for them! They are sooooo cute I’m in love!

Other than that I plan on doing candles and some other branches/florals or something. Tough to say right now, one can only take on so many projects.  There is also that area behind the stage (those funny white window panels) that will need some decorations too, I have some ideas.

3 thoughts on “Wedding Aisle (with mock-ups!)

  1. Those look even cuter strung together! And let me know if you need help decorating before the wedding- I can come early to help you decorate (I take direction and bossiness very well).

  2. I would love to help as well!! Chris will be working and I was planning on going with Hil to the wedding anyways. 🙂

    P.S. Is that Hula or did you guys get another cat?

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