Tanning and Other Such Things

I got a spray tan a few weeks ago with my Maid Of Honor Mallory. I’m 80% sure I liked it. I think I would do it for the wedding like 3 days before, so it wasn’t as dark (it really only lasted about 7 days). I also may try out an airbrush tan, supposedly they are more even, although I didn’t have any streaking problems.  This photo is 24 hours after I did it.

It was  bit extreme at this time, but a few days later it was more subtle. I got a lot of compliments and a lot of “No i doesnt look orange at all” so maybe it didnt? Either way I dont want to look majorly tan on my wedding day, just a little tan.

In other vain news, I joined the gym. Its a small local gym on my way home from work that is always empty, and always has a fan propped in front of an elliptical with my name on it….love. Its also only $30 a month.  I do 45 minutes every day on the elliptical after work. I usually do about 4.5 miles and burn about 500 calories in that time. My goal is to got 6 days a week until the wedding.

Right now I’m dealing with a SERIOUS case of self esteem problems. I dont plan on getting into on here, as I know its a mixture of stress and anxiety and depression, all probably based around the wedding. It’s a daily journey only I can talk myself through.

Other than that, work is busy, paintings keep coming in, and wedding plans are in full swing. tonight we are making a silhouette cake topper, super cute. I also made two loaves of Zucchini bread and managed to give almost all of it away in 24 hours…score.