let ME eat cake

This post is mostly for Mr. Gaunt’s mom, who will be making our wedding cake.

Like I have said in the past we are doing a big desert bar as our “wedding Favors” so we really do not need a big cake. however a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without one!

I’m not super picky about what the cake looks like, but like most of my wedding, I’d prefer not too traditional. No flowers, no hearts, no white.

I really like the look of one color (I’m thinking a light peachy/pink) with a major texture (ruffle, dots, lines…whatever) on it. Size wise I want a two tier (the kind of tall tier) but small in diameter. There are a number of examples of the size I like below.

To give her an idea I’m posting a bunch of pictures of cakes that all rock my world, and giving her free rein to do whatever.

As for flavor I’m being 100% selfish and picky what kind of cake I want!



Beautiful flowers, but a bit too bridal, white, and big for me.

Perfect Size, cute color

I really like the lower texture, but hate the color and the dip-dye thing

Too small, but love the color and the texture

ADORABLE! Perfect size and texture. Color is a little too girly pink, I like it a little more peach.

Too big, but love the texture

I die! Love the colors and the pattern. A smidge big


I like the size and the pattern, but it looks like Fondant, and I veto that.

Love it!

Cute for a pretty basic texture

1 tier too big, but love it

I prefer 1 color, but I really like the subtle scallops

Complete side note, but I LOVE the lace! The bottom ones are all great texture

Cute color and pattern

Love the color and the texture

Again a little different, but that left on is amazing

PERFECT SIZE! And texture, minus the flower and the white

Well I hope that does more explanation and not just confusion. I’m so looking forward to this part of the wedding, I just have to figure out a cute cake topper!

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