Wedding Dessert Bar

Instead of doing the traditional large wedding cake as our dessert (we will have a small wedding cake), we have decided to do a dessert buffet table. This will also double as our Wedding Favors, as opposed to some silly little trinket that no one takes home. We plan on giving out little dessert gift boxes with our initials on them that guests can fill with an array of sweets to take home…yummy!

I plan on doing tiny cupcakes, mini personal pies, color coordinating candies, macaroons, and other fun sweets. I want to them to bright colored and special, nothing boring. I’m having my dad make some wooden cake stands, and I plan on getting clear vases from Goodwill to fill with colorful candy.

I hope this is fun and well received, who doesn’t like sweets? Here are some AMAZING desert bars to drool over!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Dessert Bar

  1. You are so right about no one taking the little ‘take home’ trinkets. Your idea is much better – we all love sweets!

  2. Very true! We had almost everyone of our gift boxes left over half of them got rained on, And they took us hours to put together… I love your idea Morgan so cute and tasty!

  3. Talk about eye candy!! I wish I’d known about this concept when I planned my wedding. Even better: wish I’d had a wedding planner who pulled this concept together for me.

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