Groomsmen Attire

Well Mr. Gaunt and I sucked it up and headed to the mall today with one mission: Find Groom/smen Attire.

It was kind of a hellish trip, with me throwing a mild fit in a mens dressing rooms, and feeling beyond frustrated with the sizing of mens clothing! Apparently Mr. Gaunts arms are too long for his width…uhhh…lame.

In the end though we pretty much completed our task. We got 1 piece of Mr. Gaunt’s outfit, but figured out how to order the rest. Then we picked out what the groomsmen (there are 6 of them) will be wearing, and emailed them all links (they live in 4 different states) so they can buy their stuff.

Mr. Gaunt’s ensemble will remain a pseudo secret (like my dress) but I wanted to share what our Groomsmen will be wearing.



This is a square skinny Gray knit tie....I'm in love!


Feeling relieved and accomplished!

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