Friday Randoms

-I walked 12 of the last 14 days in a row. I’m trying to do at least an hour walk with as much running mixed in.

-I have been using my little 3lb dumbbells on my walks too, so even if I’m not walking very fast I keep my heart rate up by doing different arm workouts.

-I was doing really good and was only 1 pound away from my weekly goal of losing 2 pounds, but then I ate Pho and I think the sodium and liquid really bloated me. However I have been really on top of it the last two days, so here’s hoping tomorrow looks good!

-All the sunshine in the afternoons on my walks has brought out all my freckles.

-We have a huge wedding to do list that we are working on this weekend. First up finding groomsmen attire, which is proving to be hard.

-We found an awesome deal on Bare by Solo Disposable cups for the wedding. we got 150 cups for like $6.

-I ordered feathers and some ribbon off Etsy this week too. Next up is plates. Oh and my mom bought us 25 yards of burlap for our table runners!

-I stole Tank tonight, he is on my lap sleeping as I type.

-I love Diva Cup TIMES A MILLION! The fact that it took me 13 years to discover makes me sad.

-So many babies are being born these days it makes me all giddy! I want to buy all of the mommas this book!

-Speaking of babies, Liam’s little sister (my flower girl) is due to be born in a month! Mr. Gaunt and I have a project we need to get started on ASAP! Wish so bad we could afford to fly out there to meet her before the wedding!

-I planted my succulent pots today. My Bok Choy is doing amazing, my lettuce….not so much.

-Our wedding invitation design is like 50% done!

-Mr. Gaunt has lost like 12 pounds since moving here. He looks so good…love him!

-We are going Garage Sailing tomorrow…be jealous

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