Must Keep Eating

With work being all wonky and wedding planning taking up my spare time eating regularly is going by the way side. I mean Im still eating, but things like fiber one bars and fruit, not actual meals…who has time to cook?!!! anyways this week I work at 2:15-9:45 so I have to eat a meal before work so I dont come home starving.

So Im going to post my lunch every day this week. Here is lunch today:




5 thoughts on “Must Keep Eating

  1. Sorry for blowing up your blog with so many comments, but I have a lot to say darn it! Ok – just wanted to tell you about my latest “thing”. I take a can of black beans, drain them, put them in a tupperware container and add pico de gallo, cilantro, and any other accoutrements that sound like they would fit in the mix, and it is a delicious snack, cold or heated in the microwave (I personally prefer heated) and its very portable. If you’re eating dairy you could melt some mozzarella on it, or you could melt vegan cheese as well. Its delicious, fiberous and protein packed.

  2. Since your schedule is wonky, what if you ate your big meal of the day before going to work? You could leave the leftovers for J to eat when he gets off – dang, it sucks that you miss each other by an hour!!!

  3. You should see my stack of foods for the day each morning! I have to pack lunch, and two in between snacks plus make sure each has protein and complex carbs. But the more good food I eat the less I understand how I got away with toast and coffee until lunch every day!

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