A Fresh Start


Well first off I would like to give a hugely fantasticly excited warm welcome to….SEPTEMBER! Me and September go waaaay back, in fact September was the first month that I ever got to see in person, September 12th to be exact. And September has always just been a good exciting month of changes! Back in the day September was a new school year, homecomings, football games, reconnecting with friends. As Ive gotten older September has consistently been the month I move to a new place, sign a new lease, start fresh.

This year September brings less change than usually. Mr. Gaunt and I will be renewing our lease in our current place (please note in the 6 years I have lived away from home, I have NEVER lived in a place longer than a year) because its a pretty sweet pad and we feel like the only upgrade we would do would be buying a house, and that may be awhile. 


I also will be turning 24 on the 12th. This is exciting because 24 was the first year I was declaring “mid twenties” (24-26) and because come on people I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Its a smidge sad this year that I will be forced to work (raise your hand if you think I should call out sick?) because I would love nothing more than to bake these Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting! and wear a cute dress and spend the day painting pottery with Mr. Gaunt (I know this would be torture for most men, but he really does like it). Birthdays are fun and beautiful and special and only come once a year and they are just yours…sigh…I ❤ BIRTHDAYS. 

September also means a change in the weather, and for those of you who dont know I LOVE FALL! I love fall the most! And I love HOT HOT summer the least. So I am sooooo looking forward to fall where I can wear sweaters and scarves and flip flops (seriously) and we can go get pumpkins and do a haunted corn maze and bake galore! I get a little excited on this topic. So yeah fall and me are friends.

This year is also pretty sweet because I weigh almost 45 lbs less than I did a year ago. GOOD FREAKING JOB TO ME! That my friend is excellent! Im also planning my first wedding to be put on this weekend. This will be fun and crazy and scary and stressfull. Im going to take a million pictures for you all to see! It will be a fun weekend. 

Ok now Im off to make lunch (post to come) and to finish some wedding shopping before work. Oh and no weigh in this week, it just didn’t fit into the schedule, come next week though and Ill get some real numbers. XOXO

One thought on “A Fresh Start

  1. I really like everything about this post. Will be making the cupcakes, but will attempt a “sugar free” version. Will let you know how that turns out :-s

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