Because I’m an Expert: Summer Toddler Supplies

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Obviously I’m joking about being an expert, here are my other posts: SUMMER BABY SUPPLIES, BABY FAVORITES, and NEWBORN FAVORITES. I’m not paid to share my thoughts on any of this stuff…unless you wanna give me something (;

It’s so funny how fast they grow out of their baby stuff. You think all the swaddles and gadget and nipples are sooooo important, and then you blink and they are a big kid and you can put all that stuff away. I will say there are a few items that we STILL use from last year, like our SPACE SAVER HIGH CHAIR which is so fantastic and we take it everywhere we go because Vada eats best in a high chair. We also of course still use our crib, and we still use our changing table/pad, and I still rock the same diaper bag. Other than that, we’ve upgraded or grown out of so much stuff. Some things that were pricey or our favorites we have kept for a future baby, but so much of it I have passed on to friends babies. We got so much stuff handed down to us, and I think it’s such a nice way to keep the giving going. I know when we have another we will be given more stuff. Like the swing we used for maybe a few months, we just borrowed it from a friend, then gave it back to her when she had another baby, it’s so much less wasteful.

Anyway I wanted to share some of our current favorite items as we move into summer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.56.04 PM

1. TODDLER TULA: We just bought this used from a friend and I am SO happy we did. We had a Boba 3G when Vada was born, and I really loved it, and we used it sooo much. It says the Boba can carry up to 45lbs on the back, but Vada is 31lbs and it was so uncomfortable and UN-suportive for her weight. I talked to a few friends about getting a Toddler Tula, and everyone questioned whether I would actually use it to make it worth the price. I ended up borrowing one for  a month from my local babywearers lending library, and was pretty sold on how comfortable it was. When a friend offered me a great deal I went for it, and I am so glad! We have used it so much in the last month. I’ve even started wearing her in places that I had stopped (like grocery shopping) because she is usually way more content in the Tula than on the ground or in a cart. Last weekend we went to a festival and she even took an hour-long nap in it. I know toddler-wearing isn’t for everyone, but we love it! Vada is super independent, and likes to walk (we really aren’t stroller people although I do LOVE our BOB) but sometimes mama needs two hands and to not have to chase after a crazy kid. I can’t recommend a Toddler Tula enough!

2. RADIO FLYER PATHFINDER WAGON: We were given this wagon, and ours has kind of a bum wheel from an adult sitting in it, but it still works great and Vada is obsessed with it. Mr. Gaunt takes her all over the neighborhood with it, to parks, the school, we took it to a parade, and the other day my mom and I used it to grocery shop at Cash N Carry! It has two seats, cup holders and seat belts so Vada and a friend can ride in it (way easier than a double stroller! It fits in the back of my minivan, it’s totally outdoor safe, and Vada has spent many an hour playing solo in it. I HIGHLY encourage this wagon for a toddler!

3. HONEST COMPANY DETANGLER & BRAIDING BANDS: Vada’s hair is finally long enough to put in piggie tails! I had been using some crappy pony tail holders from Clair’s, but when those ran out I bought these Braiding Bands from Amazon and they are soooo much better! I can often use them more than once if they don’t get lost, Even Mr.Gaunt can use them with his big fingers, a major win. The other thing I bought a while ago is The Honest Company Detangler spray. It smells like a creamsicle, and is the best to spritz on crazy bed head, or to dampen hair to get it easily into nice tight piggies. She actually likes me brushing her hair now, no pulling or rats, I love this stuff even for my hair.

4. HELLO HIGHLIGHTS FIRST MAGAZINE: Vada’s Nana subscribed us to these, and they are so cute and always perfect for what she is into. Lots of pictures of kitties and balls and blankets and sippy cups. There are fun little activities and songs. She often thinks the baby on the cover is her, it’s very cute. They are also durable so we can keep all of them. I think it’s the perfect gift for a first birthday!


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.14.56 PM

SWIMZIP & SUNSCREEN & SUN HATS: I’m so crazy about sun protection. Sunburns freak me out! My baby has skin like me, pale and pink, a bad combo for sun. I wont lie, I generally thing rash-guards are dorky. BUT I’m soooo paranoid about sunburns that I love this thing. I originally saw Swim Zip on Shark Tank (HELLO I LOVE SHARK TANK!) and it seemed really smart to have a full zipper on a rash-guard rather than struggle to pull them over their heads! I ordered mine Amazon Prime (FREE FAST SHIPPING) and we have used it a lot. I even throw it on her as a little light coat. It dries super fast too. I got a 2T and it fits Vada perfect (shes a 2/3t). This year we upgraded our sun hat to this Columbia Packable Sun Hat, and I love it. Its got UPF 50, and a good Velcro clasp and its wide-brimmed. We have always done sun hats, and we put it back on if she takes it off so she is use to it. I also think these are so dorky but so freaking fantastic. I don’t worry about her face, neck and scalp now. Lastly we have switched from Badger to Honest Co sunscreen. Partially because its cheaper and I get it in my Essential bundle, and partly because the Badger sunscreen is so thick it makes her look all white and greasy for hours! I much prefer the way the Honest Sunscreen goes on. So overall we are all sun-protected around here!

WATER BALLOONS: Toddlers LOVE water balloons! They aren’t quite old enough to realize they pop if you throw them, so it takes them forever to go through a bowl of them. They are cheap and so fun in summer weather! We bought a tub of 500 and I break them out any time kids come over.

SIPSSNAP LIDS: These are really fun and so easy to use. I ordered the three pack, and now I keep one in my bag, one at the restaurant and one at home. They are a stretch sleeve that pulls over any cup that creates a spill proof (not leak proof as they could shake water out the straw hole) lid for a straw to go in. Vada is really hit or miss on the sippy cup front, she MUCH prefers a straw or real cup, but she can’t be trusted. Plus now I don’t always have to worry about bringing a sippy cup everywhere. I’ve been really pleased with these.

SUMMER SHOES: We like shoes that can get wet, be washed and dry quick. Our go to shoes are our Natives, Salt Water Sandals, and Nock-off Natives from Old Navy (currently not available). They are all easy to get on, The Salt Water Sandals are so cute and can easily be dressed up with a cute dress. Keep in mind there are two kid styles of Salt Water Sandals, we got the ones with the thicker textured sole for traction. I hear crocs are great, but I don’t love the look as much.

That’s all for now. I battled my toddler for at least have of this post so I’m shocked I actually finished it.

One thought on “Because I’m an Expert: Summer Toddler Supplies

  1. I love your expert posts! The detangler is on it’s way right now 🙂 I swear by the PiyoPiyo nail scissors and have endorsed the Zutano booties so much I could be their national spokeswoman. All thanks to you!

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