On The Wagon To Fit Town


You know when you see a photo of yourself and you go “nope! not how I want to look” well I saw like 20 of them, from our trip to the beach last week, and man would I REALLY prefer to look a little different.

I’m going to address something right now though, I do NOT hate my body, I do not hate how I look, or the extra weight I have on. I think I dress nice, I think I am a strong, attractive person who is doing the best I can, and who feels proud of herself. I do not have self esteem issues. I like women of all body types, big or skinny, I really could care less as long as you feel good about yourself, than Hoorah! for you! This post is not about me hating my weight (which for a long time I did), its just that right now it’s not working for me, so Id like to change it.

Clothing is hard to find at this size, and my legs rub together in skirts, my body doesn’t bend and stretch the way I would like, all those things that make a bigger body less desirable. So I’m going to change some things. I’d like to check in weekly, or every other week on where I’m at in my fitness goals. I joined a gym, I’m starting out slow, but I have the perfect time to go, after Vada goes to bed. I’m going to do cardio and maybe some strength training too. Lots of stretching. I’m trying to get out a lot with Vada and just MOVE my body.

I’m also doing MyFitness Pal to track my food and workouts. If I put it in my phone I’m so much more accountable for what I eat, what I weigh, etc. I’m not doing a specific food diet, just low carb/sugar, high protein and veggies. Lots of water, gotta drink more water.

So that is where I’m at. BODY POSITIVE but working to make my body fit my lifestyle more. Keep me accountable! (:

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