Because I’m an Expert: Newborn Faves

That’s a joke. I’m obviously NOT an expert on anything, especially not Newborns! However I am the closest thing to an expert on my own newborn, so I thought I’d share what keeps her HAPPY/ALIVE. Basically things that have made my life easier. When I was pregnant I scoured the internet for months for posts like these, building my baby registry, so I figured I’d pay it forward in the blogging world and do one too. Again these are only thing that have worked for VADA, not for every baby. I’ll also note that due to Vada’s size (currently 12.5 and 24′ long at 6 weeks) some things seem to work better for her that may not work for a tiny newborn.

faves 1

1. Piyo Piyo Nail scissors: These are the, and so easy to use. Vada scratched her face a bunch her first few weeks of life, and her nails grew so fast! These nail scissors are safe and super easy to use. I keep them on my nightstand and cut her nails every couple of days. Also the reviews on Amazon really speak for themselves.

2. HALO Fleece Sleep Sack: Vada has now grown out of hers, sad, but she slept in this every night since birth. It’s NOT a swaddle, just a sack, and it kept her warm so we didn’t need to use blankets at night. Vada isn’t a swaddle fan.

3. Cloth Wipes: We have about 75 of these, and we use them ALL! Because we cloth diaper, it only make sense to use cloth wipes, as it all goes in the hamper. I also use them for spit up, nose wiping and just wiping down the changing station. We just spray them with water and wipe away.

4. Boba 3G Carrier: If I had to pick one item to be my absolute favorite it would be this carrier. I wish I could afford to give one to every single expectant mom I know. I use this every single day. I use it at the grocery store, at home, at work, on walks, in the post office, in the bathroom (uh yeah totally pee wearing my baby), at events, at weddings…EVERYWHERE! We put her in it at 4 days old and she fit perfectly, she falls asleep almost immediately in it. Shes safe and protected from strangers. It leaves my hands free to do anything I want. Seriously its a godsend! It’s also easy enough for me to put on alone. I never bring my carseat in anywhere, it’s too heavy. Also Mr. Gaunt fits in this too (and he’s a BIG guy!). Lastly if you do buy a baby carrier, really educate yourself on which kinds to get. It’s important for your comfort and for baby’s comfort. They are worth the money!

5. SIMPLY RAIN App: All night, every night.

6. Cloth Diapers: We have a number of styles, mostly Bitti Tutu One Size, but also Bum Genius, and a few others. I could do a huge post on cloth diapering, but I’ll spare you. They are so easy, so efficient and so worth it. Mr. Gaunt loves them, I love them, Vada loves them. We are saving so much money, not to mention I never have to remember to buy more. Sigh I have so much love for cloth diapering and would happily answer anyone’s questions!

7. Boba Wrap: This is also very similar to the more popular Moby Wrap. This is the carrier we more often than not use at home. Its comfy to wear snuggling on the couch, unlike the Boba 3G which isn’t comfy for laying down or sitting much. Vada likes this too, but I can tell she’s already getting a bit big for it. I think it’s suggested for 7-35lbs, but that seems a little crazy. I could see using it a lot more when they are tiny and still curl up a lot. Once they start to stretch out I think it seems a little unsafe. It’s also not something you can do without hands, you almost always want to have a hand on their back for support. That being said Vada falls asleep in this a lot, and we will continue to use it as our home carrier.

8. Zutano Booties: I will be buying these for everyone I know who gets pregnant. Again the reviews speak for themselves. Vada has 2 pair, grey and green, and she wears them all day every day. We NEVER put socks on her. I will be donating all of her socks. Socks fall off, Z Booties have never once fallen off. A tip: buy the 6 month size, because they run a little small, but the ankle snap gets small enough for a little ankle. Vada also gets tons of compliment on these, seriously so worth the money, do not buy baby socks!

9. Nose Frida: Say what you will about this being gross, but wait until your baby gets their first cold, and you will be happy to use it! Vada has her first nose cold, and we use this 10 times a day. HAPPY BABY! Also look at the reviews…seriously!


10. Gripe Water: This might be a total placebo thing, but we still love it. Vada gets gripe water 2-4 times a day, whenever I worry that she seems fussy over gas or hiccups, or anything. She acts like its yummy, and it seems to really help. It’s also all natural and safe, so why not?

11. Boppy: We have two that I drag from room to room. They aren’t perfect, and at first I thought they seemed too thin, but alas they seem to be about as good as it gets in nursing pillows. When your nursing a million times a day, anything that makes it a little more comfortable helps.

12. GAP Bear Hat: Vada has a big head, and this is the only hat that stayed on her head. We love it.

13. LA BABY Changing Pad: A lot of websites told me to not bother with a changing table/pad, and for our family it’s the best baby distraction ever. She loves it. It’s the only place she will happily lay and kick and bable to herself. We often strap her to the changing pad and do laundry, dishes, whatever. It’s a guaranteed 10 minutes of happiness, which might not seem like much, but that’s enough time to put in a load of dirty diapers AND blow-dry your hair!

14. Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper bag: It’s fab, I love it, and couldn’t ask for more in a diaper bag.

15 & 15.5. Pacifiers: We were gifted a lot of the Avent Soothie Pacifiers, which work great, and she likes them, but a friend gave me a bunch of the MAM Silicone Pacifiers, and they are the BEST! They actually stay in her mouth, they are definitely her favorite ones. I think pacifiers are one of those things where you think you wont use them, but then you break down and do. I had multiple moms tell me to not stress and just give in and use it, aint no shame. We stick to mostly evenings and night-time use, when she’s really fussy. We don’t let her have it if she’s perfectly happy.

16. Seventh Generation Diapers & Wipes: We love the cloth wipes, but sometimes a nice wet wipe is good for dried on poop, or bigger messes. I use them on occasion, and Mr. Gaunt likes to do a wet wipe and a cloth wipe at each change. We buy Seventh Generation because the Huggies Naturals totally gave her a rash. 

faves 3

17. Art Books: These are the only thing Vada likes to look at. If it was a choice between looking at my face or the pages of this book, she would pick the book.

18. Carseat Canopy: I’m sure carseat techs will say these are somehow dangerous, but I really can’t imagine why. We love ours. It keeps her warmer, protects her from the elements and it makes it dark for naps.  Plus they are cheap!

19. GroVia Magic Stick: Its like giant chapstick for your butt. So far we have had no rash problems at all, and I think this is to thank. Also its cloth diaper approved!

20. Braun Thermoscan Thermometer: We check Vada’s temp regularly. If she’s hot, fussy, rashy, runny nose, drooly, anything really. A quick temp check makes me feel better. Plus we have both used it on our selves since getting it.

21. Disposable Nursing Pads: I went through a million of these in the first month.

Also the greatest thing on earth:



4 thoughts on “Because I’m an Expert: Newborn Faves

  1. I second the zutano booties, never used socks for our last baby or this one. Arlo lives in his zutano booties. We have 4 pairs and he wears them all! I tell everyone the same thing, do not buy socks! All you need is zutano booties. I need to get me that nose frida thing though!!!

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