37 Weeks: Full Tizzzerm

37 Weeks = FULL TERM

pumpkin colThe time has come where I can post one of these tacky eviction notices on my Instagram account, and start chugging Raspberry Leaf Tea and shoving Evening Primrose Oil up my “business” to “ripen my cervix” as my midwife says. I can start obsessing about when she will come out, and creating labor playlists filled with “Push It,” by Salt-N-Pepa,  and “Hold On,” by Wilson Phillips. I can turn my hormonal crazy up to full blast and do nothing but eat pears (my current pregnancy craving) and sob on the couch while watching Step Mom. BRING-IT-ON!

Just kidding. The rumor on the street is that the average mother goes 41 wks 1 day in her pregnancy. This article seems to dispel that rumor and claims its more accurate that first time moms deliver naturally at 39 wks 5 days. I’ve had a LOT of friends go early, like 36-38 weeks….and YES by “friends” I do in fact mean Kim Kardashian….duh. So who knows. I do know the EXACT day I conceived (creepy right) because I was using ovulation strips, because I’m a planner like that. So I know I conceived within 24 hours (before or after) of February 14th. This puts my due date on November 7th 2013. When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound, they said I measured a week ahead and was due on October 31st. Throughout my whole pregnancy I have said “I’m due around Halloween” which is sort-of true, and sort of not. Mostly I said Halloween because it gave people a good time-visual for when our baby would be coming. And who knows, maybe she will be here on Halloween. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. The birth center I am planning to deliver at allows me to birth between 37 and 42 weeks. At 42 weeks I would have to transfer to the hospital. The goal here is to NOT transfer to the hospital, so if 41.5 weeks rolls around, BRING ON THE CASTOR OIL!  But let me remind you, that could be on November 22nd! which is a loooong ways away. So lets not get too antsy.

35 weeks

(I only had a belly shot from 2 weeks ago, but I’m still about this big…ok bigger.)


1. People have asked me throughout my pregnancy if I’ve had any major food cravings or aversions. Between weeks 8-18, I threw up….a lot, so everything was an aversion. I did like potatoes and spa water a fair amount, but nothing specifically grossed me out. Oh wait, coffee, I didn’t have any coffee until almost 23 weeks because the smell made me want to gag! Thank god that’s done with…bring on the lattes! Other than that, I would say nope, no weird cravings. I really like fruit, especially pears and grapefruit right now, but that’s not that weird for me. I do have one MAJOR craving that I really hope goes away when the baby comes, I’m so ashamed: DIET PEPSI. Lame. As someone who hadn’t drunk pop/soda in over 3 years, I feel so sad about this. I didn’t even LIKE soda, especially not diet soda before I got pregnant, and now I could literally drink a gallon of diet Pepsi every day. I DONT! But I could. I have absolutely given in to this craving many times….don’t judge me!!!! (: The plan is to drop major lb’s after this baby pops out, and all soda will once again be out the window.


2. I had my Group B Step test last week. I’ll get the results at my appointment this afternoon. Hopefully its negative, as I hate the idea of having an IV during labor, but it wont be the end of the world. I’m all done with tests until 40 weeks when we do some sort of non-stress test….sounds stressful. My midwife did highly suggest I start doing Perineal Massage twice a day from here on out. LORDY, look it up if you dare! I also got a free pre-natal (no perineal involved) massage at the local massage school. It was actually really nice.

3. I caved and did some maternity photos. I know, I know, I swore I wouldn’t do them. In my defense they are more family (yes Hula was in many of them) photos where I happen to be pregnant. I vetoed any and all

-hearts on the stomach

-bare bellies

-kissing belly

-ribbon tied around belly with tag

-ultrasound belly photos

-“coming soon” photos

-little shoes/toys/clothes over the belly (this is a lie, as Mr. Gaunt DID hold a broncos jersey over my stomach while I rolled my eyes…it doesn’t count)

So yeah, all those things are NOT my style. I understand that they are very popular things to do during a maternity photo, just not for me. Mostly Mr. Gaunt thought it would be important to our baby that she one day see photos of me pregnant. Since I didn’t have or take many photos this summer, I agreed that it would be nice for her. I don’t have any photos of my mom when she was pregnant and it would have been nice to know if genetically I was going to blow up like a balloon when I got pregnant. Anyway, hopefully they are cute-ish. I snagged my tights that I was planning on wearing so my legs are VERY WHITE and not that cute. And I can not fit my feet into any shoes at all, so I’m wearing flip flops in all the photos. I’m cute. I’ll post the good ones when they arrive.


(We are doing cloth, but I picked up one pack of Earth Best disposable for her first week, both so her Meconium wont stain our diapers, and in case the cloth are too big or its just too stressful. They are sooo tiny!)

3. I developed Prenatal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome this month. Do I get some sort of prize for having the most unpleasant yet perfectly healthy pregnancy? Seriously! My wrists, knuckles and shoulders are in serious pain all the time, and I have a hard time opening things, hoisting myself off the bed or couch, and even driving a car. Apparently it all goes away after birth, but still, WHY ME!

4. Most of my shirts aren’t long enough anymore. Let me repeat my previous statement of THANK GOD FOR JERSEY DRESSES AND LEGGINGS! People are also saying “you’re huge” a lot to me. I don’t care how old you are, or how cute you think you are being, this is 100% always a rude thing to say…always. The other day I went to Wal-Mart (which I rarely shop at!!) to get some granny panties for these last few weeks and post birth. While I’m staring at the underwear this older foreign woman walks by, stops dead in her tracks and says “ooooh my!” at me. I smile politely as she says “you’re so big! When is the baby coming” I tell her a few weeks, and she holds up two fingers and say “TWO!”  like I’m pregnant with twins (this is the 2nd most rude thing you can say to a pregnant person) and I say no, just one. She then asks me “Boy or girl” and then exclaims loudly after I tell her it’s a girl “BIG PRINCESS, SHE A BIG PRINCESS BECAUSE YOU SO BIG!” then she walks to the next aisle, and leaves me there, holding high-cut comfort waist band panties, two sizes larger than I normally buy, with the horrible words “big princess” burned into my brain. I 100% know that this is my karma for shopping at Wal-Mart that day. Lesson learned. Me and my Big Princess will stick to Target from now on. Also if you see me in real life, resist the urge to call my unborn baby Big Princess…I”M TALKING TO YOU MOM!

5. This weekend’s chores involve:

-Installing the carseat

-Packing our labor bags, and getting snacks and bottled water and re-charge for the birth.

-Making a contact list for people to text when the baby comes.

-Charge and pack our video camera and our digital camera (no I wont be filming my birth, it’s for afterwards)

I already designed our birth announcement, and entered all our mailing addresses. Just gotta pop in a photo of the girl, and have Shutterfly send them off!

6. I think I may be coming down with a slight case of Prenatal Depression. Mostly I’m just sad and anxious and a little stressed. I have a lot of irrational guilt about taking time off from work when the baby comes. I also have guilt/stress about people wanting to see her right away, about family coming, about holidays. I really know that the best thing for our family is to relax and not worry about other people, but I can’t help it. I cried the other day thinking about how much she is going to cry, and then thinking how annoying I must be that I am always crying. This all lead to more crying. It’s insanity, and I know it’s all hormones and such. I don’t plan on working past my due date, I plan on getting a pedicure and watching movies and doing nothing. I just hope I can relax a little. The pain in late pregnancy is hard, my hips hurt so bad sometimes I feel like I’m splitting down the middle. I hate how whiny I am, how weak I feel, how I snap at people. I’m just so not myself these days, and its taking its toll. I also HATE HATE HATE the negative talk about newborns. I do not care at all if you want to tell me how awful newborns are, how awful breastfeeding is at first. I don’t want to hear your negative comments, even  if they are followed by “but it’s all worth it!” unless you want to tell me nice happy positive newborn stories I don’t want to hear it. I hate pregnancy, I’m looking forward to not being pregnant so much that I don’t care about anything except that I have my body back and that it will only get better, not worse. So yeah…HAPPY THOUGHTS FOR THIS LOON OVER HERE PLEASE!

babywearing7. We finally decided to get the Boba 3G carrier over the Ergo Performance. My mother in law bought it for us (THANK YOU!), and it arrived yesterday. I absolutely love it!! Hula hung out in it for like 15 minutes outside while Mr. Gaunt changed his car battery, she was even comfy sitting on top of my big belly. I am most excited to put the baby in this!

Alright I’m done being crazy for the day. I’m going to shower and then go to my midwife appointment and then go to work, and try to have a nice afternoon. Thanks to all my friends and family for tolerating me in this final month. xoxo

3 thoughts on “37 Weeks: Full Tizzzerm

  1. I love newborns, why do you think I have 3 kids and one on the way? Haha, I absolutely adore newborns, They smell wonderful, they are squishy and tiny, and sleepy and cuddly and I just love the newborn stage. Call me crazy! Also I love breastfeeding, I exclusively breastfed both E and J and plan to do the same with baby A. Don’t let people scare you or make you think things HAVE to be terrible, because that’s not true.

  2. Newborns are awesome – they’re all cuddly and sleepy and they LOVE being held. Oh and babies who are breastfed smell so so sweet! It’s a short phase followed by other short phases that are all awesome in their own way. Enjoy!!

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