Getting Dressed: 39 Weeks

pregnant comparisonI’m basically at the end of my pregnancy (we can only hope) and I thought I might share a little bit about getting dressed during pregnancy. I’m no expert on either pregnancy style, nor style in general, but I though I’d share what worked for me.

I’m doing it in numbered bullet points for fun:

1. The week I found out I was pregnant (which btw was super duper early because I had been using an ovulation predictor, so I was checking at like 11 days post ovulation or something crazy) Motherhood Maternity was having a buy one get one free sale on pants, and I bought 4 pairs, two jeans, one cargo and one legging. I am so freaking happy I bought them early, and so happy with the jeans I bought. I got these jeans  these jeans. They are FULL PANEL, I’m not sure what the point of a demi-panel (only half way up your stomach) is, but I’m a gal who appreciates some spanx, and having the panel come all the way up is nice and slimming, and it stays up ALL THE WAY TILL THE END! Which is my point on this, I started wearing these pants at like 12 weeks (mostly because I was so horribly bloated and uncomfortable with morning sickness, and these felt like pajama pants) and am still wearing them multiple times a week at 39 weeks! I love them! The best purchase I ever made in jeans.

mat jeans

2. Like I said above FULL-PANEL 4 LIFE! I never liked any of the other options of waist band. I also was not interested in wearing my pre-pregnancy pants at all! I’m all about comfort when getting dressed, so no way in hell was I going to try to squeeze into my old pants and use the old rubber band method, or the elastic piece of fabric method either. To each their own for sure.

maternity waist

3. Despite my constant desire to me comfortable, I definitely chose fitted clothing over the loose blousey styles. I was nervous before I got pregnant, that I would be losing my one redeeming asset, my waist. My waist has always been the smallest thing on my body, it helps even out my huge hips/thighs and arms. I don’t have big boobs, so I have nothing to work with there. So I assumed when I got pregnant that I would just blow up like a balloon, get horrible fat face, and even bigger ass, and lose my waist. Welp, surprise surprise, that really didn’t happen (gained less than 30lbs). And from the amount of people who say (almost in shock) that they think I look amazing in late pregnancy, goes to show y’all thought I would be huge too! lol. Needless to say, pregnancy has not made me feel awful about my appearance. YES in the beginning before you start showing, you feel and look awkward as hell, but once I hit 26 weeks or so, I’ve felt pretty good about my appearance. I also feel like by keeping my clothes fitted, it showed off what curves I did still have, instead of tenting myself and looking awful. If you’re a slender girl with thin arms and legs, I think baby-doll/blousey shirts are super duper cute on pregnant women. For curvy bigger girls, I think fitted can be better. Although NOT Kim Kardashian style, not cool girl, not cool. No one should wear leather during pregnancy. No tuna, no crack, no leather.


4. I also wore a ton of my old clothes. In fact I bought very very few maternity items. NM (non maternity) big sweaters, NM Yoga pants, NM jersey or knit dresses, NM tank tops, NM Cardigans, all work great. I even had some jersey dresses that were a little too clingy before I got pregnant, and once I had a huge stomach, they looked adorable! I wasn’t that concerned with them getting stretched out, and I really don’t think they will be. So don’t immediately throw all your NM clothes in a  bin (except anything that doesn’t stretch) because you can wear a lot of it still!

5. I did buy or receive a few maternity things that I think are important, like pants, duh. I also owned a couple 3/4 length black shirts that were maternity. These are great staples when you feel you have nothing to wear. At the end, shirts all become short, even maternity ones, but they tend to be a little longer. I also bought 2 maternity dressy-dresses, which I wore to weddings and my high school reunion, and baby shower. These were nice because they are super comfy, and I didn’t have to wear leggings under them, because they are designed to be longer in the front for belly.  I also had one pair of maternity yoga pants that I like for birth class, or any outside of the house physical fitness activity. They have a panel so they cover the stomach if you have to bend over or stretch or whatever. At home regular old yoga pants were fine because I didn’t care if my stomach showed. Last, I would have also bought a maternity swim suit (had I still lived somewhere where I would swim regularly) and a coat (had it gotten cold enough to need one.) Neither of these item stretch well enough to fit a big belly under.

6. Best maternity cami is NOT maternity. Like I have said before Costco’s Kirkland Brand 2 pack cami’s are a gift from god! I wear one every single day. I have grey, white and black, and they are far more comfortable than any maternity tank I own. Way longer too. Seriously folks, if you like a long cami GO BUY THEM!


7. Leggings galore folks. I wear leggings with a jersey or knit dress 3-4 times a week. I like a mid calf legging, but you can do knee or ankle length too. I have thin pairs for summer and thicker for fall, and I love them. I also MIGHT continue to wear maternity leggings forever, its like having spanx built into your leggings! I love them. Buy 10 pairs. Seriously.

8. Shoes. Welp folks, I haven’t purchased a single pair of shoes since I got pregnant EXCEPT flip flops. I already have wide feet, but pregnancy made my feet swell, and I couldn’t find a single pair of shoes that would fit me this summer…not one. So yeah Ive been wearing flip flops (EVEN TO WEDDINGS!!) for 7 months straight. Oh well, it’s a good excuse to get regular pedicures. I’m really hoping my feet go back to normal once this babe comes out.

9. ALWAYS GET DRESSED. This was my #1 rule every day. Get dressed, do your hair, put on makeup. Do not live in yoga pants, do not wear your husbands clothes, do not become a bum. The only exception is if you’re throwing up or laying on the couch all day. Otherwise, seriously get dressed. You will feel so so so much better about yourself if you do. I think I have left the house in “comfy” clothes (yoga pants, oversize t shirt) less than 5 times in my entire pregnancy. Part of this is because I make sure my regular clothes are cute but comfortable already, so no excuse. Also don’t assume your boobs will get bigger. Mine did not grow even a tiny tiny bit.

10. Maternity pics! Ha ha ha. I leave you with some shots from our maternity session. Some of them were a little too goofy (no fault to my photographer, Mr. Gaunt and I are just awkward people I guess) but some were cute. I’m glad our daughter will have some photos of me when I was pregnant, even if I cringe a little. Obviously Hula is amazing.










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