Warm BBQ Chicken Salad

We are LOVING our BBQ! It’s so nice that I can just throw some chicken in some marinade before bed and Mr. Gaunt can grill it in the morning. Then I have yummy BBQ Chicken to do whatever I want with. Pleasing.

This BBQ Chicken Salad is super easy, healthy and delicious. I had Mr. Gaunt BBQ two LARGE chicken breasts that had marinated in BBQ sauce all night. Then I cut up a zucchini into slices, sprayed with some olive oil and had him grill that up too.

When it was done I cut up half a breast and chopped up the zucchini. Tossed them both in a bowl of Spinach and Romaine, topped with a little Olive Oil/Balsamic/Honey homemade dressing…done!

I love warm chicken in a salad.

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