Weekly Meals

Well Mr. Gaunt and I are still (if not more) sick than we were yesterday. We have major head colds, full of snot. I havent had a cold this bad in a while. In fact I’m not sure I even got a cold last year, I know I had a major stomach flu twice, but no colds. So this sucks. When I was a senior in high school I got Strept Throat like 5 times in a three month period and ended up in the hospital, so colds scare the shit out of me, especially when my throat hurts. I’m also allergic to Penicillin and Amoxicillin (I get hives) so if a cold gets bad enough that I need antibiotics things get complicated. Anyways we both called out sick for tomorrow, partly for ourselves and also so we don’t contaminate our co-workers.

For the most part all we have eaten this weekend is Orange Juice and Special K Italian Tomato Herb Crackers (90 cal for 17) and a little soup. This afternoon when I stepped on the scale I was only 2.5 lbs away from hitting my 75lb goal loss. Thats pretty freaking crazy. If I can hit my 65lb loss on the WW scale tomorrow I will be very happy! Tomorrow we plan on doing a little grocery shopping (and fridge cleaning!) so I need to make a shopping list, and the best way to do that is to make a meal plan. Now I don’t always stick to my meal plans perfectly, but it’s still a good way to find new recipes and stock the fridge with good ingredients.

And so without further ado…

Spicy Garlic Shrimp and Kale over Quinoa

Black Bean Soup

Orzo Stuffed Zucchini

Chicken Masala

Well thats what I’ve got so far. The Masala is something I REALLY want to make, but it might not happen. The list below is just for me, stuff I don’t have yet. Im really gonna try to make at least some of these recipes this week.



-Organic Tomato Sauce


-White Onion

-1 Jallepeno

-Red and Green Pepper

-2 Zucchini

-Stewed Tomatoes

-Chicken Breast

-Garam Masala seasoning

-Cream of Chicken soup

2 thoughts on “Weekly Meals

  1. I hope you two are doing better and with all the healthy eating you have planned, it shouldn’t take long until you’re back in the pink again!

  2. Hey Morgan- Chris made this recipe a few months ago with Fat Free Yogurt and he left out the heavy cream somehow and it was really tasty.. a little salty so next time he’s not going to use as much or any of the salt it calls for. Just thought I’d share it with you since you were looking at making chicken masala.


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