WEIGH IN: we are so close!

Well being sick has really helped me this week, although I was still on track to lose at least a pound. Sleeping most of the day yesterday helped bring me to todays weight loss of….

-2.4 lbs!

Nice! That puts me at SIXTY NINE pounds total! So close to seventy I can taste it! It also means on my scale I am only about 3lbs aways from reaching 75lbs lost. That is sweet.

Today I went to the 12:00 meeting so I didn’t feel compelled to fast until 5:30 (god that sounds awful) so the leader was different. I mentioned  a few weeks ago that they gave us new weight tracker books, so today when New Leader goes to put my weight sticker in my book this happens:

Leader “oh week four, let’s get you your Week Four booklet”

Me: “Oh no this is not my week four

Leader: “Oh what week are you on?”

Me: “Umm Week Thirty-Something”

Leader: (glances at my weight sticker) “oh my…wow!”

Me: (smiles awkwardly) “Ha, yeah, not week four”

Leader: “Oh my you must feel like a totally new person! Thats so great that you have stayed motivated this long!”

SIDE NOTE: Based on the fact that new WW leaders always seemed shocked by my loss, I’m assuming my *results aren’t typical.

Me: (get this whole “you must feel like a whole new person” thing a lot, and no I don’t really feel like a whole new person) “oh yeah, its great, I’ve been doing this since May 4th, I’m really hoping to lose 100lbs by my 1 year mark”

Leader: (scans me up and down) “Really? you think you need to lose another thirty pounds???”

Me: (actually bitch I need to lose another 45lbs, but thirty would make me happy!) “oh yeah I do”

Leader: “Well congrats!”

I walk away and find my seat. I feel like she is winking at me through the whole meeting. Weird-o.

Anyways the meeting was mildly boring, talking about how we need to get out there and move. Some scary statistic about how people who actually maintain their weight loss work out an average of ninety minutes a day (please note this could mean walking through a  parking lot, not working out in a gym). One day maybe I’ll get my working out together. Today I am sick, today is not that day.

Oh and so I leave you with my 69 (70)lb loss pic, along with an old shot for dramatic effect. Enjoy!

69lbs lost!

like 10lbs lost.

17 thoughts on “WEIGH IN: we are so close!

  1. you look fantastic! i can’t wait until my face isn’t deformed from my wisdom teeth extraction so i can get back into the swing of things 🙂

  2. Morgan- You look amazing! I’ve been trying to get back into eating healthier and working out and reading this just helps me to achieve my goal even more… You give such great food ideas and tips on eating healthier. Hope I get to see you when you come out in March, I miss you lots! Maybe when you come to visit you can talk to Chris about the benefits of eating healther things, because he won’t listen to me about it! 🙂 I was going through some pics from August of 2008 and there was a picture of us and I barely recognized you in it. You are doing great and looking great! And your boobs do look good. 🙂

    • ha, yeah it took J a little while to get it down, but now he is sooo good an making healthy choices. He is all about whole wheat and vegetables and reads all nutrition labels. Im so proud of him! Its hard to do it if your partner isnt on board.

      I definitely want to dinner with you and hil when I come to town. I miss you both so much!

  3. I want to say that your waist is getting so defined these days. And whether you feel like it or not, you are totally looking like a whole new person.

  4. Wow Morgan, WOW WOW WOW.

    You look in-cred-ible. And I know its not all “about looks”, but if the way you look on the outside is indicative of your overall health, then Bravo!

    Ps. You LOOK fabulous!



    Amazing…simply amazing and I’m so proud of you. And why yes, your boobs do look stunning (you were right, they don’t really change in size – they haven’t changed a LOT anyway…but in proportion, they look quite large…and fantastic!).

    You’re doing so well…I hope these last 30 pounds aren’t too hard…I’m still struggling. It’s an f’n battle, for REAL. Good luck and I KNOW you can do it!

    Love you, lady.

    PS – does this mean you’re at your BIG GOAL yet (Obvi not GOAL GOAL…but you know, the OTHER one)? If not, you’re SO CLOOOOOSE!

    • I know, I thought my boobs would shrink a little, and I have had to change bra size, but only around. And now I feel like in comparison to my body they look so big! I love it! Im like Heid Montag! HAAAAAAAA!

      No not a big goal. 2.5 more pounds on my scale, 6lbs on their scale. So close though!


    Holy guacamole, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! Where’d you get those little thighs from? All those squats and lifting you do at work?!?!

    And geez, many of us would kill for for that waist and those boobs! Pretty sure my tiny B’s shrank to tiny A’s… GRR!!! Wish we could just pick and choose how our bodies carried weight.

    Well, keep up the good work! I agree with Pro, the last 20-30 pounds are one huge friggin’ mountain to climb… it’s more work and more discipline. But you are a pro at this, haha and so is Pro, oh I’m funny… ANYWAY… YOU GOT THIS IN THE BAG!


    • You know I have always thought I would have fat legs, but Im pleased that they too are shrinking. And yes if nothing else I am thankful for my waist. You too look AMAZING my dear, I would kill for your jaw line and and lack of ANY double chin….still cant get rid of mine…grrrrrr!

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