Trip, Sick, Self

I woke up on February 2nd and I cautiously rolled over, and rolled over again. I breathed in deep, from my nose, from my mouth. I waited for my stomach to rumble, for the nausea, for the snot, the aches, for it all to come back, but it didn’t. I opened my eyes and it was sunny, and I felt healthy for the first time in 7 days.

My mom and I went to Portland last weekend. It was an awesome trip. We ate at cool places, and shopped at cool stores, and hung out with VERY cool people (hi Kelli!). We were chill and relaxed and vacationed just the way my mom and I like to vacation. There are very few people in life that make a good vacation match. My number one vacation buddy is obviously Mr. Gaunt, we like to travel almost exactly the same, although he likes to do little nature-y adventures, which I might not do on my own, which is good. My mom and I travel very similarly, only she likes to do slightly nicer things, have cocktails more often, pay for parking, that sort of thing. Both of them make me so happy to “travel” with. Spending this past weekend with my mom, just the two of us, to shop and gossip without any interruptions, was really awesome. I love her so.


portland 2

portland 3

portland 4

portland 5

portland 6

portland 8

portland 9

portland 10

portland 11

portland 12

Portland 13

portland 14

If it looks like all we did in Portland was eat and drink and haaaaang out, that’s because that is all we did. Best vacations.

Downside of the trip was that I got sick on Saturday afternoon. I managed to drug myself for two days and still thoroughly enjoy the trip/food/fun, but when I got back into town on Monday night, things took a turn for the worst. My swollen glands and sore throat turned into a full-blown major head cold. I called out sick on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I finally crawled out of bed for a short shift at work, got home at 7pm, ate, went to bed, and woke up at midnight throw my guts up. Apparently the cold warped into the flu. I went to bed for 48 hours, and slept until February 2nd. Healthy at last.

I still have a bit of the sniffles, but that is NOTHING compared to being sick as a dog for 7 days straight. Ugh.

Since then though, I have taken a new outlook on my health. I have not had any coffee or alcohol since Portland. I am currently steering clear of 95% of all dairy (rice pudding is all that makes me happy when I’m ill!) and am even reducing my gluten intake (although don’t sign me up for that bandwagon, I’m just reducing it). So yeah, from sickness comes health, and maybe some lessons on what I put in my body and the respect I should have for feeling good.

I might have more to say on this tomorrow! Off to bed!

Back from Death

Yesterday I got a horrible stomach bug that put me down for the entire day. I actually had to call out sick for my FIRST DAY OF WORK! Can you believe that? Awful. I had just taken my food handlers permit test, and it talked about if you are having flu symptoms, that you should NOT go to work and cook food for children…duh. So I called out, hoping my job doesn’t now hate me (I swear I was trying to save the children!!!). Today I feel 80% better. My stomach is still making queezy sounds, but I’m hoping by 1:30 I will be fine.

Plans for this weekend:

-We have a Halloween party on Saturday night, and a wedding (that we are working) on Sunday night.

-I also would like to do one last sweep of the yard. Put away patio furniture (soooo sad!) and the fire pit. Mow the yard (if it stops raining), and clean out the gardens. Then of course we will ignore the yard for 6 months…booo.

-Lastly I have to finish up some baby shower crafts, for the baby shower I’m throwing the following weekend.

Lets hope this was simply a little food poisoning and that I will be good to go for the next few weeks!


First Time in 5 Years

Today, is the first time in almost exactly 5 years that I have thrown up.


Gross huh.


I have been headachey and nauseous the last few days, and then this morning at 5:30 am while putting on mascara, I threw up. It’s a good thing I was leaning over the toilet while applying makeup.  I feel 75% better. Its weird though, I am obviously not a barfer, it grosses me out, and I find it difficult. I always cry a bit. Not nice.

click for recipe. Mine was Jello Pudding Brand, but homemade looks amazing!

So I’m at home laying on the couch. Mr. Gaunt bought me Rice pudding (so good) and Whole Grain English Muffins (also so good) and Ginger Ale (disgusting, I hate anything Ginger) so I’m doing well.

For anyone who worries that I could be pregnant, this is absolutely not the case, and I would like to note that it is super annoying that once you are in your twenties any time you throw up people think you are pregnant.

I’m hoping I feel better this afternoon as I need to go get jeans, and we have dinner plans with an old coworker.


I hate being sick.

Weekly Meals

Well Mr. Gaunt and I are still (if not more) sick than we were yesterday. We have major head colds, full of snot. I havent had a cold this bad in a while. In fact I’m not sure I even got a cold last year, I know I had a major stomach flu twice, but no colds. So this sucks. When I was a senior in high school I got Strept Throat like 5 times in a three month period and ended up in the hospital, so colds scare the shit out of me, especially when my throat hurts. I’m also allergic to Penicillin and Amoxicillin (I get hives) so if a cold gets bad enough that I need antibiotics things get complicated. Anyways we both called out sick for tomorrow, partly for ourselves and also so we don’t contaminate our co-workers.

For the most part all we have eaten this weekend is Orange Juice and Special K Italian Tomato Herb Crackers (90 cal for 17) and a little soup. This afternoon when I stepped on the scale I was only 2.5 lbs away from hitting my 75lb goal loss. Thats pretty freaking crazy. If I can hit my 65lb loss on the WW scale tomorrow I will be very happy! Tomorrow we plan on doing a little grocery shopping (and fridge cleaning!) so I need to make a shopping list, and the best way to do that is to make a meal plan. Now I don’t always stick to my meal plans perfectly, but it’s still a good way to find new recipes and stock the fridge with good ingredients.

And so without further ado…

Spicy Garlic Shrimp and Kale over Quinoa

Black Bean Soup

Orzo Stuffed Zucchini

Chicken Masala

Well thats what I’ve got so far. The Masala is something I REALLY want to make, but it might not happen. The list below is just for me, stuff I don’t have yet. Im really gonna try to make at least some of these recipes this week.



-Organic Tomato Sauce


-White Onion

-1 Jallepeno

-Red and Green Pepper

-2 Zucchini

-Stewed Tomatoes

-Chicken Breast

-Garam Masala seasoning

-Cream of Chicken soup

As a Dog.

Umm we woke up sick. We went to bed completely fine and woke up sick. This sucks. I really thought we were going to make it through the winter sans colds, apparently I was wrong. Mr. Gaunt seems to have it worse than me (unless he’s just a bigger baby) but the throats are sore and the nasal’s are a drippin’. Yuck!

We had plans today to go to the Stock Show after work (baby animals!) but instead we took a long nap. I’m bummed. We also have Liam’s 1st Birthday party tomorrow that we cant go to if were sick.  I also have plans to do a drop in hip-hop dance class with my friend Casey tomorrow that Im hoping Im up to. 

For diner we ordered soup from the chinese restaurant next door. Sweet and Sour for Mr. Gaunt and Egg Drop for me. vegetable Egg Rolls may have also been consumed. Yum.

Hello Weekend!


I have LOTS of fun things planned for this weekend. NONE of which involve talking or thinking about work…grr. My Friday the thirteenth ended badly with some major time clock issues that are STILL unresolved…grr! But it is officially the weekend and Im going to forget about all of that until Monday!

Mr. Gaunt took a little weekend trip to New Mexico to visit a friend so I am a single gal for a few days! My lovely Pro is coming over tonight and we are gonna use this sweet coupon and check out some coats at the Old Navy. Last night Mr. Gaunt and I went through our clothes (yes AGAIN) to see what fit and what doesnt. He got rid of at least three pairs of pants (44’s he’s now down to a 38/40) and me a TON of shirts and capris and tanks that are long gone. I must say as exciting as shrinking out of all of your clothing is, its also expensive and frustrating. Especially if your losing quickly like I have and your in a  new size every 2 months. Anyways I still have about 4 cute dresses that I am not willing to part with, last night I emailed a local Tailor on pricing to have dresses taken in. Ill let you know what they say when I hear back. If it’s under $25 per dress then I may do it, over that and I may just toss and buy new.

Tomorrow Pro and I and Mr. Gaunt’s mom are going to the Highlands Ranch community garage sale (WHAT WHAT! I LOVE A GARAGE SALE!) and then Pro and I are having a late lunch in Boulder with an old friend. Should be a good time!

Health wise Im feeling pretty damn lucky that the flu and colds have skipped us! KNOCKS ON WOOD! I do however have a slight post nasal drip that seems to be causing my right ear to be in a constant state of plugged. No amount of popping, Q-tip-ing or wiggling seems to release the air. I can hear myself breathing in my ear. SUPER OBNOXIOUS! Anyone have any tips on getting rid of this?

Ok so Im off to do a bit of laundry before Pro gets here and then my weekend shall start! Im sure Ill have pics by Sunday! Oh and weight loss wise the week has been a bit slow, I wont cry if I dont lose anything on Monday the last two weeks were stellar and I really couldnt ask for more.