Dear Caramel Apple Pops,

At 60 calories you’re a delish little treat…unless I eat 5 a day for a week. Halloween candy is obviously NOT allowed in this house.


Tonight’s Biggest loser was a good one, except for crazy bug-eyed Tracy who needs to take about ten chill pills…gross! SPOILER: She totally should have gone home instead of the red team! None the less Biggest Loser is such great inspiration and I went to the gym right after and worked my butt off, Jillian screaming in my head. Good times! I’m hoping to lose 3lbs this week, which is actually next week because I didn’t do my weigh in until Monday so I cant re weigh in until next Monday, which is ok because I have a craft fair on Saturday. I’m kind of having anxiety about my job thing because the whole driving record STILL hasn’t been resolved..ugg…so poor, hopefully fingers crossed all gets taken care of by the end of the week (or sooner) and my weight loss goes well and the craft fair is awesome! An exciting busy week!

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