Making Pesto in Bulk

So summer is nearly gone which means basil wont be pouring out everyone’s ears, which mean I had to stalk up and make pesto! We love having pesto around (especially the good WW kind) for pizza sauce, pasta sauce, dips, marinades, the list goes on.




Yesterday I got out all the ingredients and made a huge batch of this pesto (using my new Hand Blender) then I poured it into iced cube trays and froze my little pesto cubes! Now I can pull these out any time this winter and saute it or let it melt in the fridge…perferct! I wont have to make this for months!


What’s something you like to make in bulk?

3 thoughts on “Making Pesto in Bulk

  1. AWESOME idea for freezing the pesto! Genius! I made my daughters baby food from scratch, and froze the portions in ice cube trays, too. So I can’t believe I didn’t think of the pesto trick myself.

    Tomorrow I go shear all of my basil plants and get busy!

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