Oh Well Hello Mr. Plateau.

Yes its true, I do believe I have finally after 4.5 months and almost 45lbs met Mr. Plateau. Ugg. Now I know that plateaus arent just some crazy disease you catch that makes it near impossible to loose weight. I know they are usually tied to motivation and other mental blocks. I’m not exactly sure which is mine, but the following have popped into my head:


1. OVER WORKED OUT – Ive completely stopped working out (no gym, no pool, no wii fit) because my job feels like its kicking my ass, which it is, but that shouldn’t mean I can do nothing but sit on the couch while Im home. I need to get back into something I enjoy, like swimming laps. Ill need to find an indoor pool because ours will be closing soon.

2. BECAUSE I DESERVE IT – Lately my job has been killing me and then that huge wedding really wiped me out. So I end up eating things I shouldn’t (a huge buttery salmon fillet and cupcake) (fish and chips) (mozzarella bread) because I feel so tired that I somehow deserve these things. Not true. I need to reward myself with things that don’t involve food, and get back to being a hell of a lot stricter about what I put in my mouth (no butter!)

3. WONKY SCHEDUAL – this speak for itself, in the last few weeks my schedual went from having all the time in the world to focus on me, to ahveing no time to even make a meal (or see my lovely Pro)!

4. LOOKIN AND FEELIN FINE – I wont lie, I feel pretty ok with how I look right now. Now Im sure there are a ton of people out there who think “god she thinks that looks good?” but I’m pretty happy with myself right now, my clothes are smaller and fit better, pictures look better. I kind of knew this would happen, Im not someone who needs to be a size two, Im pretty happy right here. Although I know I want to loose at least 50 more pounds, that was the original goal and I will continue to work my butt off until I get there.

5. WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE – Well give or take 15 lbs I am almost exactly the size I was in high school, which was by no means skinny, but I look at pictures and thought I looked pretty cute. The thing is, I never got down to the size below this. No matter what I ate or how much I worked out, I was perpetually stuck at this weight. I worry that this is where my body wants to be and that I may never go down that one size and experience a whole new me.

So those are my big reasons for my sudden plateau. Now I had set my 50lbs by Halloween goal back in May, but I was really hoping to reach it a little early. So this week I’m going to do the following to make sure the weight keeps falling off:


2. MORE PROTEIN! (Greek yogurt, soy, etc)

3. SWIM! (Ive only got a little time left to use our pool)


5. TRACK MY POINTS (on ww.com)


I also need to put my scale away for a few days. Im feeling a little haunted by it. So I think Im going to go for my weigh in on Wednesday so I wont pull it out until then. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Oh Well Hello Mr. Plateau.

  1. Hitting a plateau is totally normal! I hit one about, oh almost 7 weeks ago and my weight has read the same every since. But the thing is I keep shrinking. I blame it on muscle gain and that I have never been smaller then this either. You have to shock your body, this is where diligent eating and higher intensity workouts come in because you have done all you can with your food. Either way, you look amazing and have come far quite quickly!

  2. Hey lovey.

    I know it’s been hard and you will get back into the swing of things…you’re too motivated and you want this too bad NOT to. It’s just going to take some adjusting to the new schedule and recovering from the wedding – but you’ll get there. Track everything…EVERYTHING. We’ll go to weigh-in tomorrow maybe? I’m so excited to see you today!

    ~ Pro

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