Pesto: Weight Watchers Style!



I love love love love Pesto. Seriously I could just eat it out of a jar and be a very happy camper. I haven’t had any Pesto in a long time because its pretty crappy for you, on average 2 tbs of Pesto are 3-4 points! Yikes! So last week when I saw this post by Bitch Cakes I just about jumped for joy! A Weight Watchers friendly Pesto? Who woulda thought? Not to mention I bought a huge tub of Basil a week ago and had eaten my fair share of Caprese Salad and really needed to use the rest of it up before it went bad. Anyways the recipe is here, and let me tell you, it is the MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH! Holy freaking cow its so easy and soooo good. We decided to use it as a pizza sauce for dinner tonight (which I will post on later tonight) but I could drink this stuff, or dip Salt and Vinegar PoP Chips in it (which I did).


3 thoughts on “Pesto: Weight Watchers Style!

  1. Do you have a food processor? I just ordered a mini processor on amazon, it was cheap but got really good reviews… The full sized ones are so expensive!

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