Stress up – Weight up

Mildly irritated right now. Last week went well in weight loss, I was down about 5lbs (didn’t do a weigh in this week) but in the last few days Ive gone up 3 of those lbs….uggg. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but Im guessing it has something to do with not eating regularly and then coming home after work and eating until midnight. Also not having time to really cook a meal after work so Im eating crap like crackers and almond cheese. And lastly my job physically kicks my butt so some of the gain may be muscle…I guess. None the less I’m NOT pleased! I want to blame my job and be angry that this is throwing off my whole eating plan, which it has completely but I also know that I have to learn to adjust to things going on in my life or the weight loss will never be permanent. 

In job news things have taken a urn for the worse. I am being asked (without any other choices) to move to the deli. At first I though ok the deli could be ok, I could make dips and pizza and sushi, maybe even work the morning shift. Mr. Gaunt in his usual fashion encouraged me to think positive about it until I had more information. Well yesterday they took me back there to just see what I will be doing (I will officially move over on Tuesday) and the girl tells me that I will be the closer who works strictly with the rotisserie chickens and cleaning. Umm yeah I’m not so sure about that. Basically my entire day would be cooking spering cleaning and re stocking the rotisserie chickens, followed by some heavy duty janitorial work that involves me wearing rubber boots. OH MY GOD! This sounds awful! I have NO desire to do this, I would never have taken this job if that was what was presented to me. So I officially applied for Mr. Gaunts team and I’m really hoping that I get it, we might even be in slightly different districts so we would have the same schedule but not even work at the same stores.  Fingers crossed.

In wedding news today is my last day of work for the week and then I head up tomorrow morning to Longmont to get the festivities started. Mr. Gaunts mom Deborah came over yesterday to help me make all the flowers which went really well. Now we just have to get some stuff at the party store and Costco and load up the car and we should be good to go. I’m actually very excited, this will be fun. Ok and I leave your with more pictures from making bouquets and boutonnieres:








6 thoughts on “Stress up – Weight up

  1. “I also know that I have to learn to adjust to things going on in my life or the weight loss will never be permanent.”

    Sage words, Morgan. Don’t worry, you can do it, and I think that trying to think positively will help, even if doesn’t do anything other than make you feel slightly better for the time being, it’s worth it to relieve some stress. I’m sorry about the deli, that sounds so “fowl” (hahaha…), I’ll be sending good vibes your way, and hoping you get that new job! Oh, the wedding stuff looks great! What a great friend/creative planner you are.

  2. Actually, I work in the deli of a grocery store. The deli isn’t that bad, but working in the “chicken shop” can be really stressful (at least where I work). But, I guess you should just give it a try and see what you think. While it may be hard now, you’ll learn to get in a routine that works for you, it just might take some time to figure it all out.

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