The Busiest September of all time

Our only “un-eventful” September weekend is officially over. I’m glad it was 3 days, I needed some extra chill out time. The next few weekend are going to be a blur of awesomeness! We did buy a fancy-pants lawn mower today. Also my brother and I picked a ton of blackberries and I made two cobblers. I also cleaned a lot of my house, washed all our “goodwill” wedding dishes (100 plates). We also found a dead tree to cut up for our centerpieces, and got some free patio furniture.

They are crazy metallic fabric, not real metal.

Next weekend is my “Birthday Weekend” (my birthday is Monday the 12th), as well as my sisters Graduation Party (her graduation is tomorrow, party on Sunday) and J’s best man Jake comes into town and we will be picking him up in Seattle.

The following weekend is my bachelorette Party (Saturday)! I’m so excited for this! Getting dressed up and drinking with all my bestfriends! Its so rare for all of us to get together, I’m so excited! Then on Sunday is my Bridal Shower, bring on the party games!

Then the next weekend is my wedding! I can’t even believe it’s in 18 days! That is crazy. looking at my list though, all the major things are done. We are going to be all completely paid up on our vendors this week. I pick my dress up on Wednesday! The things left to do re just little odds and ends that either are on J’s list or my “week of” list.

I also in a weird turn of events have started feeling less concerned about my looks/weight. I’m just excited to get married and be happy and have all these amazing people at our wedding, and who the hell cares if I have a little extra arm chub? Not me. I have better things to worry about. Being happy!

Crafting Towards October!

I have my first craft fair in October (3 rd from 9-4) and since I have been a total crafting slacker I decided I better get my horse in gear if I want to have anything to even sell! I also put my Etsy shop on vacation almost two months ago so I really need to get that opened again with some new merchandise (you can click on my sold items to see what kind of stuff I was selling).

Yesterday after hearing that I got a new job (YAY YAY YAY) I hit up Joann’s and stocked up on some much needed supplies. I then spent the evening creating a bunch of these tiny banners, perfect for birthdays or holidays or kids rooms. I have about 5 in mid production but this one I finished this morning and even drug it outside to do a little photshoot in the sun!






Moving on, in job news I did in fact get the position with Mr. Gaunts team (but not working directly with him) and I went in yesterday to drug test and sign some paper work. I have to give my current job notice tonight, and who knows whether they will want me to work next week or not, they may be one of those companies that just says “peace out” after you give notice. Which would be fine because New Job wants me to start asap, but no later than the 28th. Im really excited though becuase this new schedule will be amazing, Monday through Friday 6-2:30! That means I dont have to worry about calling out sick every time I need a day or weekend off! Woohoo!

In weight loss I think the week has gone pretty well (except last night taco salad which I attempted to run off at the gym last night) I go in for weigh in tomorrow at 9am, Ill keep you posted!

Stress up – Weight up

Mildly irritated right now. Last week went well in weight loss, I was down about 5lbs (didn’t do a weigh in this week) but in the last few days Ive gone up 3 of those lbs….uggg. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but Im guessing it has something to do with not eating regularly and then coming home after work and eating until midnight. Also not having time to really cook a meal after work so Im eating crap like crackers and almond cheese. And lastly my job physically kicks my butt so some of the gain may be muscle…I guess. None the less I’m NOT pleased! I want to blame my job and be angry that this is throwing off my whole eating plan, which it has completely but I also know that I have to learn to adjust to things going on in my life or the weight loss will never be permanent. 

In job news things have taken a urn for the worse. I am being asked (without any other choices) to move to the deli. At first I though ok the deli could be ok, I could make dips and pizza and sushi, maybe even work the morning shift. Mr. Gaunt in his usual fashion encouraged me to think positive about it until I had more information. Well yesterday they took me back there to just see what I will be doing (I will officially move over on Tuesday) and the girl tells me that I will be the closer who works strictly with the rotisserie chickens and cleaning. Umm yeah I’m not so sure about that. Basically my entire day would be cooking spering cleaning and re stocking the rotisserie chickens, followed by some heavy duty janitorial work that involves me wearing rubber boots. OH MY GOD! This sounds awful! I have NO desire to do this, I would never have taken this job if that was what was presented to me. So I officially applied for Mr. Gaunts team and I’m really hoping that I get it, we might even be in slightly different districts so we would have the same schedule but not even work at the same stores.  Fingers crossed.

In wedding news today is my last day of work for the week and then I head up tomorrow morning to Longmont to get the festivities started. Mr. Gaunts mom Deborah came over yesterday to help me make all the flowers which went really well. Now we just have to get some stuff at the party store and Costco and load up the car and we should be good to go. I’m actually very excited, this will be fun. Ok and I leave your with more pictures from making bouquets and boutonnieres:








Its the Final Countdown…

Well for those who don’t know, I was hired in April to be a wedding planner for an old co worker. Ive spent the last 5 months helping her and her fiance plan their wedding which is THIS weekend! Woah Nelly! SO we are under the gun trying to get all the lose ends tied up, flowers made, cupcakes ordered, the list goes on and on. I work this week Monday-Thursday 2:45 – 9:15 and then Friday I have to go down to Longmont to start the festivities! Its gonna be a mad crazy week and unfortunately I don’t think a lot of cooking, working out or WW meetings will be happening. Its just too much. 

In work news Im a little stressed over my schedule. Basically Im part time so I get anywhere between 24 to 40 hours a week (generally 30ish) but they spread my shifts out so I only have two days off (which ARENT in a row!) I also at this point in time will probably never have a weekend off. They also do not let you ask for single days off (or weekends) so September 12th, my birthday I will be working. Ugg! I also cant request time off in October for a craft show I signed up to do in May, nor Mr. Gaunts birthday in November. I had also really wanted to go home for Christmas this year, but they dont let anyone take time off from November 1st – January 1st! Oh my god! Sooooo lame. I also will pretty much be only scheduled for night shifts forever. Sigh. Im not gonna lie, this schedule is not ok with me. Had I known the wack-o restrictions and such I probably wouldn’t have taken the job. I mean yes I need to work, and this physical labor was really hard at first but Im getting use to it, I just think quality of life is so much more important. Why bother having a nice house and a boyfriend and hobbies if you cant even spend time with them?

Mr. Gaunt works mon-fri 6-2:30, so based on my current schedule I will be lucky to see him for a half hour when I get home before he goes to bed. I cant do that. I also am working on a life changing weight loss plan right now, and NO job is going to come between me and eating healthy! When I work 1-9 thats basically smack dab in the middle of Lunch and Dinner! I have no time to cook, my lunch is only 30 minutes so I often run to target next door and jsut eat fruit and hummus. Boooo! I have at least 4 meals I want to try (Cucumber rolls, Panko Shrimp and Tofu, Asian Lettuce Wraps) but have no time to even go to the store.

Anyways point of my rant is that I was talking last night to Mr. Gaunt about things and he mentioned that his job is hiring for November and that maybe I should think about that. We would be in the same building but not really working together, we would have the same shift and could carpool and have lunch together, and it would be a similar work in the physical aspect as now. I don’t know it sounds really nice, weekend off with him, time to cook meals. So I may look into that, I don’t want to cramp his style by working with him, but I also want to see him regularly and want a better schedule for us. I don’t know. We will see.

Ok now that I have rambled I leave you with a few sneak peeks at some wedding planning, and an adorable photo of Pro and I in denver last night. XOXOX