Tree and Cookies

I wont lie, the day has been less than perfect. Just a number of dumb things, and both of us being in crappy moods. We had made plans earlier this week to get our tree tonight and go see a movie, the movie didnt happen but the tree did. As a kid growing up in Washington and having multiple Christmas Tree farms within 5 minutes of our house we always went and cut out own. I remember they would always have the blue tin cookies and hot apple cider. Tonight we just went to The Home Depot to get our tree, but I insisted we stop and get both cookies and cider! Of course in real life they are not “blue tin cookies” they are Danish Butter Cookies, and yeah Im sure they are AWFUL for you…yum!

Mr. Gaunt picked a movie to watch while we decorated the tree.

Hula is ready for her first Christmas!