Holiday Wrap Up

Just so I don’t start the New Year with a backlog of things to post on, here is my December photo dump. Enjoy! Hope your holidays were merry! I will have a few new house photos/posts once all the holiday stuff comes down tomorrow. Also MEALS! I promise.

xmas 31

xmas 30


xmas 28

xmas 29

xmas 27

xmas 26

xmas 25

xmas 24

xmas 22

xmas 21

xmas 20

xmas 19

xmas 18

xmas 17

xmas 16

xmas 15

xmas 14

xmas 13

xmas 12

xmas 12 1

xmas 11

xmas 10

xmas 9

xmas 8

xmas 7

xmas 6

xmas 5

xmas 2

x,as 23


2 thoughts on “Holiday Wrap Up

  1. It’s so fun to see the pictures from the Xmas morning that I “shared” with you three. I do like that fuzzy black one. Your tree was so cute! And the puff pancake looks amazing – you have found the way to Mr. Gaunt’s heart.

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