2013 Goals

If you know me, you know I love to make a goal. As a small child I wrote in the back of every journal things I wanted, and then as the years passed by I added items or crossed them off as I accomplished them. I truly believe that if you write down a goal it will eventually happen. Something about “putting it out into the world” that makes this happen. Past goals can be seen Here, Here, Here, Here, Here,  Here,  Here. So yeah, lots and lots of goals and lists. Most of them health or weight loss related, becasue well, its kind of my thing.  No real resolutions this year, just goals. So without further ado, here are 2013’s goals.

1. Do 25 weddings this year.

2. Lose 50 pounds each. This is always a goal, but we do need to nip our weight in the bud.

3. Focus on eating for fertility. (this is something I may discuss later on, but there are foods and healthy diets that supposedly help with fertility)

4. Have a baby. (say what? Yup it’s a goal this year, but because of our wedding business we have a pretty strict time frame, so it’s not right away. Ideally we would loose 50 pounds and then get pregnant….we can dream right?)

5. Build a larger patio. Remove the old paint from the front steps, and landscape the side yard. Plant bamboo against neighbors house.

6. Fix/replace the back fence (this is a far stretch and would involve our landlords too)

7. Develop a routine for meals (planning, shopping, cooking)

8. Go to New York for our 2 year anniversary, or Christmas.

9. Buy a Cannon Rebel

10. Go on more local hikes. Seriously this is one of our huge New Years resolutions to research and start doing these on the weekends!

11. Expand my business a little, or at least jot down some goals for expansion. I wish I had a ton of money to just do it.

12. Support my mom and any plans we can make to get me self employed!

13. Do a needlepoint. I’m a grandma like this.

14. Visit my out of town friends more.

(The following are Goals Mr. Gaunt came up with. Some of them are my goals too, some of them aren’t.)

15. Fix/replace the bathroom sink

16. Finish organizing my DVD collection

17. Keep a log of all the movies I watch

18. Open Amazon shop again.

19. Hold my employees more accountable.

20. Do a board game night.

21. Go to a Mariners game

22. Go to Colorado twice

23. Go to Ocean Shores.

24. Go tanning on occasion to fight the winter blues.

25. Go golfing more.

25. Ride Mountain bikes with Jace.

26. Buy a new Xbox

27. Upgrade to an iPhone 5

28. Grill/Fire pit more in the summer

29. Host a BBQ at my house for my employees.

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